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Nike LeBron 15 Low Performance Review

Usually  people think that the performance of  low type  of the NBA star signature shoe never better than the high type of  shoes? LeBron 15 Low continues the excellent Battleknit upper, changes the midsole, and fixes the shortcomings of the high type of shoes  , it is abandon the stereotype review this time.

So we will check it closely  as below:

Traction :

Traction on the Nike LeBron 15 Low isn’t too far from what was used on the original Nike LeBron 15, but it was tweaked enough to make a difference.The LeBron 15 Low outsole consists of a solid triangular unit, similar to the “shoe stud” texture. The high type shoes divides the outsole into 4 blocks due to the configuration of the midsole cushion; due to the change of the LeBron 15 Low midsole configuration, the outsole is also adjusted to  a nice circle along the outsole.


LeBron 15 Low’s “studs” concept is the same as the high version, but the texture is  different. Compared to the Lebron 15 high , the low-profile version is more obliquely oriented (laterally) . The grip performance in the lateral movement and the change direction will be better.

The two versions of traction of Lebron  not too bad .Overall, the LeBron 15 Low’s grip doesn’t have too many “impressive” performance . There is no bright eye but also the LeBron never sliding if you play, and I think the grip is more better than LeBron 15 high .There has been a slight improvement in the grip, especially in the forefoot area where the contact floor , the part of forefoot increases the grip and the grain arrangement changes, but there is still room for improvement in the impetuous performance.



Cushion from the original LeBron 15 wasn’t carried over in any way, which I find unfortunate because the rear Air Max unit could have been a Max Zoom unit. Had it been Max Zoom I think the LeBron 15 Low would have been a bit more amazing than it already is.

The LeBron 15 high version  used  Zoom with Max is a top-notch of cushioning , but it is not suitable for most players. Although the LeBron 15 Low is a fan-shaped Zoom Air with a front-mounted foot,but we can felt the zoom much. Zoom Air has the great responsive of performance.

This setup does sit a bit higher off the ground than most guard shoes, but this shoe isn’t really for guards — although it can be. If you’re a smaller player that prefers to have something more substantial under your feet without feeling like you’re unstable or about to tip over upon movements and changes of direction then I think you’ll enjoy the LeBron 15 Low quite a bit.

In addition, the Max Air area of the hind foot is also very large, the outer side air cushion extends to the middle of the shoe body, and the overall hardness of the Max Air is also adjusted, even the light weight of the shoe friends can still feel its existence.


Even though the LeBron 15 Low changed the midsole configuration, but there is the similarity the   high version of Lebron 15. the midsole of both is very thick. Although the LeBron 15 Low forefoot has been changed to the lower-mounted Zoom Air, the previous test experience should give a better grip, but the LeBron 15 Low’s Phylon midsole is too thick,so I can felt I can handle the cushioning, even I personally feel higher than the high version, which is not the first step of running.


Lockdown and Material :


The LeBron 15 Low upper is made of the same “Battleknit” as the  same as high version. It is the  Nike’s signature woven material Flyknit but thickened to provide strength, this kind of material have been not too stiff , In addition, the whole shoe adopts one pieces cover design, which the thick wire with the heel and the Flywire of the shoelace hole,I can felt no more extra spaces no matter the toes, insteps and heels.

Battleknit is still the primary build and there doesn’t seem to be any real difference between models other than less material being used at the collar — something I was more than fine with since the collar of the LeBron 15 mid just felt useless to me.





Since Nike began producing the the Enhanced Performance version, the LeBron series has a relatively small size compared to other signature shoes of the same brand.we  recommended you can choose the smaller a half size if you are  are normal and thinner.There is a overwhelming  feeling ,because of the material of Battleknit can felt pressing the instep .


Supporting :


The supporting of Lebron 15 is nice .The Battleknit upper has a good thickness,and most of supporting is from the Lebron 15. In addition, the LeBron 15 Low’s upper is slightly harder than the high version.It is assumed that the material underneath the Battleknit is slightly different, and the LeBron 15 Low upper support is slightly .

Traditional support features like a torsional midfoot shank and TPU heel counter are all in place and work well.this time around the new midsole tooling setup gave the shoe a much needed outrigger for lateral support. This small addition to the shoe gave it the stability the mids lacked which only makes me wish the LeBron 15 Low had Max Zoom Air in the heel





The LeBron 15 Low has a  great  support design for the midsole and outsole. The mid-bottom “V” shaped of  TPU stabilizer enhances the torsional support of the arch area and the Phylon extends upwards on both sides to stabilize the shoes. The most eye-catching part is the Outrigger with a small outer bottom area. Even though the LeBron 15 , this small design ensures that the feet have sufficient rollover prevention. Protection effect.


While the Nike LeBron 15 was a great shoe for those that didn’t require a lot of lateral support and stability, the Nike LeBron 15 Low changes all of that to become a shoe that anyone can enjoy on court.


Overall,Nike LeBron15 Low give me a  good feeling of performance. Traction was solid while and there was a great balance of cushion without the loss of any mobility — even for us smaller guys. And the supporting is actually great too .


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Air Jordan 11 Performance Review

I was excited that I bought Air Jordan 11 in the  first time .The Air Jordan 11 originally released in 1996 and is famous for its patent leather upper. The shoes were designed by Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan himself calls it his favorite Air Jordan sneaker.I will share this shoes with  you.


As we know ,Less than one percent of  athletes  who sign in with Nike have their own signature shoes, and the most classic of basketball shoe  is the first basketball signature shoe – the Air Jordan . Since the first pair of Air Jordan I released in 1984, and now Jordan 32, every pair of Air Jordan used the newest technology, which is a technical indicator of sneakers. One of the most legendary shoes is Michael Jordan, who returned to the NBA after his first retirement , after then , the Nike released  Air Jordan XI, Air Jordan XII and Air Jordan XIII . In the following, from a historical perspective and a practical perspective, explain why these three pairs of shoes have special meanings in the history of sneakers.


Michael Jordan, who decided to challenge the MLB baseball dream.When he returned to the NBA in 1995.Michael Jordan with the first Air Jordan XI white uppers with black patent leather and transparent outsole sneakers attracted the attention of fans around the world. Also the shoes did  a great job.This pair of shoes that have never been seen before is the classic of NIKE contemporary shoes – Air Jordan XI. Before the Air Jordan XI, there was never a basketball shoe made of patent leather. This amazing design comes from Michael Jordan’s

After three years of experimentation, designer Tinker Hatfield finally chose the patent leather as the main material for the Jordan XI upper. In addition to the shiny qualities, the patent leather is lighter and more supportive than previous leather materials. In addition, Jordan XI has another greater influence in the history of basketball shoes, which is the carbon fiber material that bears the stability of the sole. Inspired by football shoes and American football shoes, Tinker Hatfiled uses the high torsional properties of carbon fiber to add a high degree of midsole stability to the lightweight Air Jordan XI, avoiding excessively twisted shoes during exercise. Physical injury to the user. After Air Jordan XI, carbon fiber technology has an important role  in the Nike basketball shoes series, and even become a top-level indicator of a pair of shoes. Because of its unique style and excellent combat performance, with the Jordan and the Chicago Bulls set a record of 72 wins and 10 NBA history, the Air Jordan XI has become the NO.1 for many fans and fans.


However, in terms of supporting, Jordan XI only uses Ballistic Mesh material as the main support material, and there is no additional support design, which is a pity. In addition, the thicker setting of the tongue makes the dressing process have a fairly good covering, so that there is no sliding space in the shoe. Unfortunately, this design sacrifices breathability, so there is a noticeable sultry feeling when playing or summer.

For the traction : the traction is used the translucent rubber .

This kind of  traction was very solid with all things considered.  Also it has been not easy to keep clear .it is will collect the dust or debris is on the court but thankfully the Air Jordan XI have solid rubber traction pods located in the heel and forefoot.

In addition,the carbon fiber design used for the first time on basketball shoes helps Air Jordan XI give users better stability than before, while at the same time balancing lightweight and stability. In the reactive part, Air Jordan’s Air-Sole has a fairly good quick response. When providing rapid responsiveness, it is also able to balance buffering, which is another surprise for Jordan XI in terms of functionality.

There are the logo of Jordan shoes , the Jumpmen LOGO

For the material : The white upper has specially situated mesh lines that create a balance design, even as it functions as a breather for the feet. Unlike other Air Jordan shoes, you will not find the Jump Man logo on the heels, but the tongue design is already enough to identify this iconic model. The only other Jump Man icon is located at the bottom of the shoes.

Overall, I think Jordan XI is a pair of good shoes. It is a classic shoes in the sneaker world . The nice material and the great cushioning , making Air Jordan XI an absolute collection in the hearts of collectors.Also the performance is perfect.


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Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 –Is It updating ?

The new version seeks to take what people like from the LunarEpic mid, and LunarEpic Low and combine them into one shoe— The LunarEpic flyknit low 2. So is it updating ?

We will check for you.

For the box ,it is nothing special ,it is normal.There is the nothing special.

There are the informational of side .


It is like the Nike Lunarglide 8 for the design which high-density foam: Closed-cell foam supports and cushions the foot for long lasting comfort,odor-control coating: All natural coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria, but the Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 will be better , now we will check it as below :

For the weight ,it is only 251 grams, the  Nike Zoom Vomero 10 just about 303 grams for the size 43, Nike Air Max 2016 just about 364 grams. Although only 0.5 centimeters in length, it is 5 grams lighter than  Nike Lunarglide 8 in the same outsole and midsole design.


Flyknit weaving technology  development well after 4 years , just a simple layer of material which  give specific support for the upper area of the shoe, flexibility and breathability is a technique made of polyester , Flyknit is now available after several changes and upgrades .

Flyknit not only has the characteristics of light weight, elasticity and wear resistance, but also through the hole formed by the natural cross-line and line, increasing the permeability of the upper. This creates a seamless, integrated upper that is light and plump and conforms to the foot.

For the ventilation : Shoes with Flyknit face and large vents on the toe,so the ventilation is nice ,the air will be through ,so I can feel the ventilation nice.

Compared with the previous generation of shoes, this one adopts the design of the integral tongue, and no longer has to worry about the deviation of the tongue. It is similar to the design of PG1 and LeBron 14, but we have been not got  trouble for  playing. There is a layer of sponge for comfort in the tongue area and in the instep contact surface.

For the supporting , because of there have been not the  TPU or similar TPU support,  the support  just from the material,it is nor very well . but it does not take a lot of time in the wear off process




Insole with Ortholite insole, it is soft  and this one is more thinner. it is seems like the boost of Adidas  which more bounce , such as the adidas D Rose 7 and adidas RG3 Energy Boost . but the lunar also great.

Nike LunarEpic Flyknit disassemble picture from network.

We can see the construction clearly ,the LunarEpic 2 has the soft part down but as soon as your foot makes impact, any energy applied toward forward momentum it dampened.

It just feels like as soon as your foot makes impact the midsole absorbs that impact and stays compressed. also the rebound is nice .


There is the lunarlon


For the traction : it used the separate pods of rubber that include laser cut grooves resembling topography lines on a map.Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 used the midsole at the same time as the first generation of the same series, Nike LunarGalie 8, Jordan Eclipse, etc., and was cut into five areas similar to the annual ring-shaped outsole.

The construction picture  shows the color of the IP foam (this is blue)clearly. The Lunar material is deformed to bring the deformation closer to the ground, reducing the wearer’s weight and reducing the deformation when playing .

Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 and Nike Lunarglide 8 have the same sole “annual ring” module, but the number of rings are  more than Lunarglide 8. The “annual wheel” module that protrudes from the bottom of the shoe is deformed to bear the space around the filling module. The greater the feedback, the firmer; the light step on the foot is not stable, so when the road is a bit “floating”, but after the depression but more subdued after the ground, and with the outer layer of Pylon provide runners need stability.

The deep grooves are a pebble magnet, trapping all kinds of small debris during a run. So the  grip  is nice .The foam parts will offer  faster wear and tear than their rubber counterparts.

Above the midsole is a dual stack of an Ortholite insole and foam lasting, both of which provide instant cushioning even during low-impact activities such as walking.The pattern is wide but the grooves are fairly shallow, so dust collection did become an issue after a few trips down the court.

Overall,Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 is nice ,it a good shoe for someone who wants a nice, flashy looking sneaker to wear and also occasionally likes to run.Also the Flyknit design also great with great ventilation. though the support is not enough .