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Nike Zoom Flight 5 Performance Review

The Nike Air Zoom Flight Five (V) released IN 2008 year in the Blueman Group Pack.Maybe a lot of people already forgot it .

We will talking about it today

Jason Kidd 2 years off his co-rookie of the year was given his first shoe to bear his name.That same year,he was traded to the Phoenix suns to join Kevin Johnson and a rookie from Santa Clara, Steve Nash.The Suns battled back from an 0-13 start to make the playoffs behind a “small ball” starting back court of Kidd and Johnson with Nash backing up both guard spots.The Nike Zoom Flight 5 was inspired by a track spike and Jason Kidd’s ability to turn games into track meets.With a track spike inspired outsole and TPU “alien eye”,the shoe was built for speed.The shoe also features the continued evolution of zoom air from the previous Zoom Flight 95 and Zoom Flight 96.

From 1996 to 2001, Kidd played for the Phoenix Suns and later for the New Jersey Nets from 2001 to 2008. He led the Nets to two consecutive NBA Finals appearances in 2002 and 2003. In the middle of the 2007–08 season, Kidd was traded back to Dallas. At age 38, Kidd won his only NBA championship when Dallas defeated Miami in the 2011 NBA Finals. He finished his playing career in 2013 with the New York Knicks. Kidd’s ability to pass and rebound made him a regular triple-double threat, and he retired ranked third all-time in the NBA for regular season triple-doubles with a career total of 107 and second in playoff triple-doubles with a career total of 11. He ranks second on the NBA all-time lists in career assists and steals and ninth on the 3-point field goals made category.

For this shoes , it is a simple White, Midnight Navy and Metallic Silver color-way.  Also the TPU “alien eye” was the most attached by a lot of people .The Zoom Flight 95 ranked first in Kidd career sneakers. Zoom Flight 95 is the first epoch-making product to use Zoom Air, and it can naturally be higher in the history of basketball shoes. But if it is specific to Kidd’s boots, throughout his career, I personally believe that it is ranked first. One should also be Zoom Flight V

This pair of shoes was supposed to be “Zoom Flight 97”. The final name was “Zoom Flight V”. The “V” represented Kidd’s number “5” in the Mavericks and added his personal Logo. . Although he did not name his name and said it was Kidd’s signature shoe, people also agreed that it should be regarded as a tailor-made boot for him. Similar to the shoes and penny Hardaway’s “Air Foamposite One” Paton’s “Zoom Flight 98 The Glove”, LeBron’s AZG, Kobe’s 2K4, 2K5, etc.

I had a Zoom Flight V in my  high school in 2005 . Although I already had Air Jordan 18,Air Jordan 19 before that, I was familiar with Zoom Air, but they were all relatively rare double-layer Zoom. The reference is relatively low. Zoom Flight V is one of the earliest sneakers that let me really appreciate the feel of a single-layered Zoom Air. With the many unique designs on this pair of shoes, the experience is unforgettable. It has remained in my mind for many years.

A simple White, Midnight Navy and Metallic Silver color-way was the first one that I got it .it is nice one  for me in that year.

The silver gray version seems to be limited by Japan, which is relatively rare now. The silver gray shirt is more so, because it only appeared once, that is, the unveiling of the 2003~04 season which  field challenge  of  Lakers,so it is never  released again since that game .
This has made it the shortest life shirt in the history of the team, but it is so special that the Authentic version of this texture has also become a treasure.

Zoom Flight V has been in released  for more than 20 years and it was able to stand out in the era of the shoe, with a unique sense of presence. Today, the design of this pair of shoes is still talked about which is called “classic”, The reason why is all this thing itself must have a certain era mark showed the era  elements, but at the same time in some ways broke through the shackles of the times, and even it can be continued to appreciate the people of the next era. Just like the book .   It even causes people’s embarrassment for that era.

  Just like the music , if you has been the pop music , it was the classic today .Zoom Flight V body seems to have such a charm that can not be eliminated by the era. Several reprints to date have continued to sell well. However, in the years, the Uptempo V following the design of  Zoom Flight V’s mold.At first glance, that was Zoom Flight V, but if you look seriously .but seems this one will have been a little difference ,I meant the texture .


Lacing uses a cylindrical shape . it is similar to the Air Jordan 12, the shoe lacing  have been so long , personally , I like to put it again into the shoes, this move can greatly reduce the possibility of loosening it. In addition, it is not difficult to see that there are nine rows of shoelace holes in this pair of shoes, yeah , it is need long time to adjust .

Kidd’s personal logo appeared on the soft rubber on the top of the tongue. The letter “K” was used as a sample to be deformed, just like a halo, it looked light and full of sensation of excitement. It also echoed Kidd’s style of playing. Some people like to think of it as a swallow. I personally study it sparingly, and I don’t see where it is. It feels like a free-throker who jumps on one foot. In short, this is a very lively Logo.
The soft rubber is still really soft, and the inner side is covered with a layer of suede , which does not rub against the feet even when the lace is fastened. The overall design of the tongue is also unique. It is extremely broad and thick. It is basically equivalent to a boot in the forefoot. In view of the lack of overall air permeability, mesh design is adopted, and the package is excellent.

We can see the details as below :


For the cushioing : The Zoom Flight 5 was the first zoom air based shoe that I really LOVED playing in.Cushioning was responsive and low to the ground.I felt like I had total control of how I moved without sacrificing cushioning.

Here are more details as below :

For the supporting, it is nice and perfect well .


Overall , the shoes amazing in that era ,even in this times .  I’m going to admit that this shoe was the shoe that made me LOVE shoes.I loved the amazing design and how it was different from anything out at the time.It isn’t however without it’s faults,ankle support is below average.the material and the design of the shoes have been the classic till now .