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Under Armour HOVR Phantom Trail Running Review

Under Armour is gearing up for March Madness with six NCAA team-based colorways of their new running shoe – the HOVR Phantom.HOVR is another  revolution followed Micro G and Charged Cushioning. It is not only lighweight and , but also effective in energy absorption and feedback. Like several other brands, UA is also the first to apply this new technology .What this brings to everyone is UA’s running shoes—UA HOVR Phantom.

The UA HOVR Phantom looks similar to the basketball shoe Drive 4 Low for the design. The built-in full length  in the midsole has been  enhance technology of the  shoes . it is improve the stability and durability of cushioning for the material and design.

HOVER is certainly more responsive than previous Under Armour midsole technologies and runners don’t pay for that with extra weight as the shoe itself weighs less than 10 oz. With a relatively-standard 8 mm drop (the difference in height between the heel and toe stacks), and 21 mm of cushioning in the heel, the Sonic is medium-cushioned on the maximal-minimal scale.

A crucial consideration for Canadian winters is a shoe’s grip, the last line of defence from falling on slippery surfaces. Fortunately, the Sonic grip is like a car tire: it’s rubbery and feels gritty.

The knitted collar around the ankle and the knit forefoot make the Phantom feel like a sock on your foot, which some runners will appreciate more than others (the Sonic is more minimalistic and doesn’t have a knitted collar).

High-sensitivity chips are built into the shoe and can be linked to UA RUN via a mobile phone. That is my best favorite parts for this hoes .Compared to other running apps, the advantage of UA RUN is  the running data processed through the shoe chip sensor and the mobile phone processor, and the recording is more scientific and accurate. There are also training programs, data analysis, route navigation and other features.

According to Under Armour, the battery will outlast the runner’s wear-and-tear of the shoe, meaning the shoes will likely wear down to the point where you need a new pair before the battery comes close to dying. The company says the HOVR shoes last an average of 300 miles of use, but it’s tough to estimate battery life because every user has a different running schedule and frequency.

For the traction : It is used the  comfortable pattern , and the outsole worked great. it was not used the flat rubber like other sneakers, mostly black, that wears really well and grips in most conditions, wet or dry. but this one the ventilation is nice.maybe the material, it will be great, I can feel the wind through the shoes.

For the cushioning : HOVR’s cushioning feel is really special, not just the soft feeling of daily cushioning, but there is also a clear sense of rebound, especially when running speeding up, you can obviously feel the heel played a force to bring Small step back. When you run down a hill, you can use your heel to ease the pressure on your knees. In the currently tested 3km , 5km , 7km jog run and 15km long run, the cushioning of the shoes can always work well, which may not improve the performance, but it can make people run more easily. If you want to pick the bones in the egg, it is that the cushioning of the forefoot is relatively weak. For the entry runner, the forefoot cushioning is slightly insufficient, but in fact it is convenient for accelerating.


The HOVR Phantom that contributes to all of this cushioning and comfort, and that is the SpeedForm 2.0 construction inside the shoe.

SpeedForm was a process Under Armour  to mold the insole, shoe lining, and upper into one form-fitting piece with the midsole. SpeedForm 2.0 is update form of  this construction a step further by adding cushioning zones in the footbed, some as thick as 12mm, you can feel good .

For the supporting , it is not great,  I can feel any supporting from this shoes .

Overall,Under Armour’s sensor pod, the technology that’s used to track running and transmit that data to the MapMyRun app, it is great.