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Under Armour Curry 5 “Pi Day” Performance Review

Maybe you still remember the  Curry 4 ,But this year,Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors are gearing up for the NBA Playoffs,Under Armour is the most limited  sneakers —the “Pi Day” Curry 5, a sneaker inspired by the ancient Pi equation of “squaring the circle,” and Curry’s birthday which just so happens to fall on the same day.


UA Curry 5 “Pi Day”

Release Date: March 14th, 2018

Restock Date: April 14th, 2018


This new model features a knit bootie for a snug fit, while a kimono-style upper wraps around the toe creating an intricate lacing pattern that allows for further lockdown. This black colorway features the number of Pi on the outsole, which also lands on Steph Curry’s birthday.

So how is look ? what is the performance review ?

We will check it today .

For the material  , a kimono-style upper wraps around the toe ,Compare with the curry 4 , I mean the material is a different , the curry 4 used the leather material that soft and protection is nice . For the curry 5, the new material also more durable than a full-on knit while providing  flexible support on a shoe that needs to be fast and light.

The ventilation is amazing,maybe for the material, the inner sock is knit and elastic,  so it making the Curry 5 comfortable on-foot . But the inner sleeve is  a compression sock that forms up and fits right on the foot. I can feel it is a little stiff,  i need some time to used it , otherwise  my feet will be hurt . my issues may not be everyone’s issues, but several people I know have had similar issues with the Curry 5.

314 pairs of the shoe were originally released on March 14 in honor of  the mathematical holiday and, and the shoe features extensive “Pi Day” branding: 3.14 appears on the lace aglets, and the mathematical Pi symbol is woven into the sneaker’s knit upper and displayed under the translucent outsole.

With a focus on traction and construction, Under Armour took to mathematics for not only design inspiration but actual design, saying the idea of Pi and “squaring the circle” was an aesthetic cue that also worked as a functional groundwork for the sneaker.This new model features a knit bootie for a snug fit, while a kimono-style upper wraps around the toe creating an intricate lacing pattern that allows for further lockdown

For the traction : the traction is nice , I tried out three different 24 Hour in different court , the inside clean court or the outside with dusty . I have to say the grip is great. The Curry 5 picked up every bit of dust and took it home. Even the black rubber grabbed and held on worse than the translucent did. however it is a little stiff. Traction is very inconsistent, something that I haven’t experienced in a Curry model prior to the Curry 5. The Curry 4’s eyelets did a number on the top of my feet while testing those, that is horrible .

The circular construction starts from the heel and moves through the toe to frame the 90-degree angle of the shoe on the foot. Under Armour says a “controlled containment” in the heel and forefoot lateral wall lock the foot in, enabling Curry to play on his toes without any sliding and while maintaining full ground contact and traction. This is also the first time Under Armour has released a Curry signature first as a low-profile design

Trying to stay in front of an opponent on defense and it  was very difficult as the shoe just didn’t feel like it wanted to keep up. so many player were claim  it .When dust is present the tackiness of the rubber compound used (on translucent outsole options) attracts dust like a magnet. Wiping will be very necessary if you happen to play on a poorly maintained court.

For the supporting ; It just so so , the curry 4  supporting will be better .curry 4  would have been the internal heel counter.but the curry 5 have nothing for protect to the feel. I would have liked it a little bigger and covering more area.

For me, I think the this new model is nice , featured a knit bootie for a snug fit,  great supporting ,creating an intricate lacing pattern that allows for further lockdown,  then the traction  and material both too stiff, I was risk for the hurting  . it is not good for me.

For the cushioning : Much like the Curry models of the past, these are all about control, court feel, and stability. If these are attributes you require out of your shoes then you’re going to love how these play. for the curry 5 , it is a little like the curry 4 ,The Curry 5 does feel a little softer, especially on initial step in, due to the blue OrthoLite sockliner and the fact that the heel foam is a little softer .

Overall , the new model was not fit everyone, maybe the material and the traction are not well for me , my friend said he also hut his feet too .his  feet are still healing from the painful holes the Curry 5 put there. They’ll likely leave scars, so please be consider again.