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Reebok Fusion Flexweave™ Performance Review

In 1895, founder Joseph William Foster produced the world’s first pair of spiked running shoes—Reebok which British brand has more than 100 years of history. Reebok, who has been popular in  the fitness market, launched the new FLEXWEAVE shoe preparation technology. The protagonist of this review  is Reebok Fast Flexweave™.


Reebok’s new FLEXWEAVE fabric looks like a woven fabric with Flywire . The toe cap has a low weaving density and it is  more soft. An array of high-strength and high-elastic braids will provide a dynamic locking effect in different intensity sports. I can feeling the  stable supporting ability exhibited in various lateral movement trainings is satisfactory.

For me, the runner lovers, the midsole of this running shoe is slightly slower for this shoes , also wider forefoot provides acceleration and stability, but the midsole is too flat which lack the  and the middle and back positions lack a transition. For cushioning, it can  accelerate the forefoot to the ground. If you want to adjust your fitness through the middle and forefoot after reaching running 12Km, the heel will be more stressed. The lack of TPU support on the midsole and on both sides is also a test for the ankle power. However, someone will like it should love this kind of light and bare feet.


For the traction : it will be better for the running , I can do whatever  that I want to try .I think it is more suitable for weight training, in the CrossFit in the implementation of such as squats, arching and swing, provide the required stability and grip.

When I am doing  redirection training, FLEXWEAVE fits comfortably and feels excellent flexibility and extensibility. FLEXWEAVE fabrics are very breathable. After running for nearly 2 hours and strength training, there is no stifling feeling in the feet.Especial for the summer, I think it will be more better  ,the ventilation is nice , I can feel the air through the feet.
The new uppers technology, both  for running and fitness, Reebok Fast Flexweave™ is definitely the best choice for your running training in  this summer! ! ! Now it is already in April, don’t hurry up?



Reebok’s Fast Flexweave upper has strands of fibre weaved in a figure-8 formation.It inspired by the American football legalized  in 1906. This new change gives the player more possibilities in the competition strategy. At the Summer Games in 1968, back-to-back high jump revolutionized which not only changed the game, but also affected other world-class competitions. ”

Slip your foot in, and it feels a little stiff (perhaps more robust in the long run) compared to a lot of the sock-like uppers common in running shoes. There is good ventilation too.



For the first time, you will feel that the upper is “harder” than the previous running shoes. This is determined by the characteristics of FLEXWEAVE material . And the inner lining is very thin, although not directly touching the FLEXWEAVE weave, but the hard touch is still very obvious. Fortunately, after wearing a period of activity, the upper becomes more “soft” and the foot feels less blunt.
Thanks to the integrated upper and “boots” design, the inner lining of the shoes is very friendly to the feet and there is also a slight gap around the toes, not too tight.

Flexweave™ Technology weaves supportive fibers into a figure-8 design to create a strong, flexible structure is amazing.


The integrity of the upper is very strong and is only linked at the heel. The  TPU piece is built into the heel to provide a firm support. The entire upper is filled only around the ankle, then  we can feel the strong supporting .This design maximizes the performance of FLEXWEAVE. As mentioned earlier, the tongue part is integrated with the inner seam and is a thin sandwich tongue, also  the shoelace is a flat soft shoelace. Such a design can better fit the instep, and the shoelace is not easily released.that is great, we dont need adjust it when we  running .

From the experience of this hose , in the high-speed lateral movement when running,the shoe and the feet fit together perfectly without any feeling of dragging. For the support, FLEXWEAVE played a huge role, it allowing the feet to react quickly instead of sliding toward .Also the upper support also plays a role, allowing you to be more flexible when doing step training.With such frequent running, the soft EVA in the black area provides a comfortable foot feeling, but this feeling is different from cushioning and rebounding of jogging shoes. The outsole of this pair of shoes is more emphasis on responsiveness, so the outsole here provides a moderately soft “cushion”. This will help train the muscles of both feet and control the body better during exercise.


Reebok did surprise me this time, but it was only on the uppers. Special support, breathable and flexible FLEXWEAVE weaving changed the impression of the popular xxKNIT material, which made me even more excited about the future of Reebok in the running field. Breakthrough and innovation. If you need to do cross-training, or if the gym does power speed training, I recommend wearing this Reebok Fast Flexweave™ to help improve your athletic performance and make you even more powerful.



The design is amazing, the  great sense of speed and performance.Reebok logo also special ,it is on the side of the heel,  it is dont like the Jordan shoes or Nike shoes. In addition, the  uppers are made of woven materials which worth the price  . This allows us to see Reebok’s figure-8 formation.  also the weight of the shoes is less. The weight of a single running shoe 230g , and there is almost no burden on the feet during running. This is the most recent one that I personally walk through and running.
Next is the most worthwhile book of this pair of shoes is also the most commendable place, is the excellent performance brought by FLEXWEAVE.

The crosswise yarns of the entire pair of shoes are interspersed with DNA double helixes which  provide the strongest upper support, while the vertical black yarns are interspersed with figure-8.  And the Reebok Fast Flexweave™ in order to  achieve better polymerization capabilities,  it reduced the weight of  upper but does not change the thickness of the upper. The uppers of ordinary woven running shoes had almost no change from front to back. There were a lot of hollows in the bends in the forefoot, and they were very easy to bend during running. The flexibility, and from the middle of the running shoe, the weaving shoe upper becomes extremely dense, as we know the different  uppers will be different  function,performance,so just choose the best one for ourself .


Reebok Fast Flexweave™ brings this qualitative change. The new woven upper brings excellent wrapping stability and strong support. The lightweight body and flexible outsole are more suitable for short distance running and daily training of 5 km. The low price  will give more people the opportunity to try this revolutionary technology. so why not  buy one ?

The inside of the shoe has a precise cushioning design similar to a basketball shoe, but it’s lighter and thinner, and it locks well  while maximizing the breathability. The midsole forefoot similar to the Nike Free technology slot can increase the flexibility of running when bending.


The Fast Flexweave feels light to wear, and the underfoot cushioning is quite good—it is slightly on the stiffer side under the toe, which helps with feedback as you run. The outsole has differing tread patterns and grooves, which work well during a change of direction.

Reebok,perhaps some sports fans are not very familiar , especial for the performance ,  but from the whole history of the brand, Reebok, which has a history of more than 120 years, it has created the world’s first pair of spiked shoes and the first pair of inflatable sneakers. Reebok is a  popular sports brand, and even in the field of running marking is also quite successful.


Flexweave™ Technology weaves supportive fibers into a figure-8 design to create a strong,  it is flexible for the structure.

The size of US 9 running shoe is only 232 grams, a widely accepted, lightweight shoe. Personally , I think  the 200 to 250 grams of shoes weight is the most popular.After the Reebok Fast Flexweave™ running shoe be in feet , the impaction of the shoe upper is obviously.These running shoes are narrow ,so there is not much horizontal space for the foot, and the instep can obviously feel the pressure from the upper.


Overall ,Reebok Fast Flexweave™running shoes exhibited a strong difference from conventional running shoes in terms of the gripping ,  upper, the support and the cushioning, and the staying power. Perhaps, Reebok really returned to the running shoes market is starting from this Reebok Fast Flexweave™ running shoes.