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Nike Zoom KD11 EP Deconstructed Report

Kevin Durant has been in the NBA for more than a decade, and the tempering of the week has changed from a young boy to a cold man. The boots under the foot ushered in a more change ,different from the KD8 to KD10 domineering full-length visible ZOOM AIR air cushion, KD11 is more restrained and low profile.

So we will check the deconstructed today .


The designer meet the required of Durant , he likes the feel of the Flyknit Trainer and the Nike Epic React. so he designer more comfortable  material .

“Last summer, he loved the Air Sock Racer — that is where the collar of the 11 came from, and all the lofting in the tongue and quarter followed.”


This is the sketch of KD 11 . We can see more details as below :


Durant wanted a shoe that felt broken-in right out of the box, so head designer Leo Chang concocted a performance silhouette featuring a rubber cup sole that boasts a combination of Nike’s React and Zoom cushioning technologies,Leo Chang says the shoe exhibits “simplicity at first glance, but when you look closer there is depth below the surface.” For example, the remnant of a Swoosh placement from a prior model appears on the medial side.we can see the more details as below :

we can see the whole constructed of the shoes when it cut down .

For the material :he shoe’s Flyknit upper was constructed with a softer knit and a different collar than the two previous models. The Flyknit upper was comfortable and soft .Also the ventilation will better than last model.

Soft inner boots are covered with stitching on both sides .

Sutures on both sides of the boot for fixing the FLYWIRE and improving the lateral support.the Flyknit gets a little more plush, a little more “broken-in” and a thus a lot softer.

We can see the side of deconstructed of picture  , there are the thickness foam surround by the heel parts.

We can see the  reinforce strap clearly of the forefoot. Compare with the KD 10 or before model , the KD11  will be great, you dont worry  it will broken if you running or jump fast in the toe parts, because of the reinforce strap can help a lot when you playing.

Rubber and plastic materials at the heel to improve stability,also it will help a lot when you playing . So the supporting will be great, as we know the plastic pad and the foam together .

The back of the midsole is made of non-woven fabric.

Full-length  ZOOM AIR cushion is embedded in the midsole ,which

The former cushions between court and body, while the latter sits just under the foot to provide response.


ZOOM AIR air cushion is about 245 mm long for the size US 9/42.5


ZOOM AIR air cushion forefoot width of about 79.65 mm for the size US 9/42.5

For the cushioning :  The former cushions between court and body will be great , we can feel it is soft and comfortable .  that is for the Durant special required.

The width of ZOOM AIR cushing 49.31mm  for the US 9/42.5


The thickness of ZOOM AIR air cushion forefoot  about 6.58 mm for the size US 9/42.5

REACT midsole under the air cushion, without no support plate added.And rubber and plastic material gasket is about 1.70 mm thick.

Add rubber and plastic gasket between the bottom of and the outsole .


The thickness of midsole about 11.02 mm.

Here are more detail as below :

Also the thickness of whole forefoot about 18.64mm

Also the thickness of whole midsole about 26.26mm

Air Sock Racer where the collar of the KD 11 came from, and all the lofting in the tongue and quarter followed.


Overall, After a long period of research and development, the  NIKE ZOOM KD11 seemingly low profile  shape hides many exclusive designs. The full-length ZOOM AIR cushion is equipped with REACT cushioning foam also be great. A shoe that boasts the light-weight comfortable feel of a premium runner, while still offering all the rugged performance a player the caliber of the Slim Reaper needs to stay on top of his game.