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Nike PG 2 Performance Review

After nearly a year, the picture of  Nike PG2 also take an uproar in the market like the PG 1st was releasing. While everyone lamented that the value of the shoes was not the same, the performance of the shoes was  questioned. “Does the midsole affect the grip?” “How much progress can we make with a supporting?”


“I’m really excited, more so again for the performance that it’s going to give guys that follow me and are trying to get to the NBA, I’m most excited for those guys to get a chance to wear them and be in them and help them with their careers. At the end of the day, that’s what I want,” says George.So what is different and whats the improved for the PG2?

For the design , it seems have been not big change ,we still can  see some of the personal elements of the designer —Tony Hardman. it is seems followed the PG1 for the setting up.The full length boots are still the main configuration of the series, but this time the PG2 will be more like Hyperdunk 2017. And the shoes used the a soft suede material at the heel and forefoot toes to increase protection performance.

The lacing system of the sneakers has also  some changes, and the forefoot has been equipped with an improved Meta-Wing to adjust the width of the forefoot. There are many changes in the lacing system’s internal and external distribution, but it is also possible to lock the heel firmly after the tie. It can be said to be innovative and practical.

The midsole of the sneakers has improved in the thickness and softness of the shoes, and the forefoot force zone has also been made thinner. The air cushion area of the forefoot  has almost no filling of the midsole material, so that you can feel the comfort cushioning and feedback of the air cushion more directly this time. The outsole of the big bottom uses an externally expanded corrugated pattern, which more density.

For the grip , it is amazing , I can give full score.What surprises me most is the PG2’s grip. Oops, I don’t know how to use words to describe this feeling . Maybe it is can compare with the irving 3, 4 , I was so surprised that even the PG1 with good grip did not give me this kind of “immediate action” feeling .


For the zoom cushioning , PG2 increased the size of the forefoot Zoom Air unit to 10 millimeters. And, its standing right on top of it now, whereas in the PG1 there was a little bit of foam between the unit and the foot. So all the way to the ground we can got that full Zoom Bag and that really gives him propulsion in the forefoot.

We can feel the Zoom directly, this is equivalent to only a thin mesh distance between your feet and the zoom air cushion. At the same time, the thickening of the air cushion also made Nike PG2’s forefoot improved a lot. I believe that its forefoot cushioning and startup efficiency will make you more satisfied with trying PG1.

Overall, it is great for the PG2,  the amazing cushioning and material  with zoom cushion ,all of these will help a lot in the court .George said “I got my hands full, but I got the right shoes for the job.” So dont miss this shoe .