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Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 –Is It updating ?

The new version seeks to take what people like from the LunarEpic mid, and LunarEpic Low and combine them into one shoe— The LunarEpic flyknit low 2. So is it updating ?

We will check for you.

For the box ,it is nothing special ,it is normal.There is the nothing special.

There are the informational of side .


It is like the Nike Lunarglide 8 for the design which high-density foam: Closed-cell foam supports and cushions the foot for long lasting comfort,odor-control coating: All natural coating that eliminates odor-causing bacteria, but the Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 will be better , now we will check it as below :

For the weight ,it is only 251 grams, the  Nike Zoom Vomero 10 just about 303 grams for the size 43, Nike Air Max 2016 just about 364 grams. Although only 0.5 centimeters in length, it is 5 grams lighter than  Nike Lunarglide 8 in the same outsole and midsole design.


Flyknit weaving technology  development well after 4 years , just a simple layer of material which  give specific support for the upper area of the shoe, flexibility and breathability is a technique made of polyester , Flyknit is now available after several changes and upgrades .

Flyknit not only has the characteristics of light weight, elasticity and wear resistance, but also through the hole formed by the natural cross-line and line, increasing the permeability of the upper. This creates a seamless, integrated upper that is light and plump and conforms to the foot.

For the ventilation : Shoes with Flyknit face and large vents on the toe,so the ventilation is nice ,the air will be through ,so I can feel the ventilation nice.

Compared with the previous generation of shoes, this one adopts the design of the integral tongue, and no longer has to worry about the deviation of the tongue. It is similar to the design of PG1 and LeBron 14, but we have been not got  trouble for  playing. There is a layer of sponge for comfort in the tongue area and in the instep contact surface.

For the supporting , because of there have been not the  TPU or similar TPU support,  the support  just from the material,it is nor very well . but it does not take a lot of time in the wear off process




Insole with Ortholite insole, it is soft  and this one is more thinner. it is seems like the boost of Adidas  which more bounce , such as the adidas D Rose 7 and adidas RG3 Energy Boost . but the lunar also great.

Nike LunarEpic Flyknit disassemble picture from network.

We can see the construction clearly ,the LunarEpic 2 has the soft part down but as soon as your foot makes impact, any energy applied toward forward momentum it dampened.

It just feels like as soon as your foot makes impact the midsole absorbs that impact and stays compressed. also the rebound is nice .


There is the lunarlon


For the traction : it used the separate pods of rubber that include laser cut grooves resembling topography lines on a map.Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 used the midsole at the same time as the first generation of the same series, Nike LunarGalie 8, Jordan Eclipse, etc., and was cut into five areas similar to the annual ring-shaped outsole.

The construction picture  shows the color of the IP foam (this is blue)clearly. The Lunar material is deformed to bring the deformation closer to the ground, reducing the wearer’s weight and reducing the deformation when playing .

Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 and Nike Lunarglide 8 have the same sole “annual ring” module, but the number of rings are  more than Lunarglide 8. The “annual wheel” module that protrudes from the bottom of the shoe is deformed to bear the space around the filling module. The greater the feedback, the firmer; the light step on the foot is not stable, so when the road is a bit “floating”, but after the depression but more subdued after the ground, and with the outer layer of Pylon provide runners need stability.

The deep grooves are a pebble magnet, trapping all kinds of small debris during a run. So the  grip  is nice .The foam parts will offer  faster wear and tear than their rubber counterparts.

Above the midsole is a dual stack of an Ortholite insole and foam lasting, both of which provide instant cushioning even during low-impact activities such as walking.The pattern is wide but the grooves are fairly shallow, so dust collection did become an issue after a few trips down the court.

Overall,Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2 is nice ,it a good shoe for someone who wants a nice, flashy looking sneaker to wear and also occasionally likes to run.Also the Flyknit design also great with great ventilation. though the support is not enough .