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Kobe AD Nxt 360 Performance Review

With Kobe’s retirement, Nike released the Kobe AD NXT 360 model to celebrated “Mamba Day”,the Swoosh branding is done in white with the heel accents returning in the traditional red.It look beautiful and match any styles. The brand new knitted uppers and cushioning configuration also make people look forward to this shoe.

Many people feel that it is not like basketball shoes , but like football shoes. The KOBE AD NXT 360 design look simply, the silhouette sported an iridescent Swoosh to complement its 360-degree Flyknit upper.


The Kobe AD NXT 360 is the first implementation of Flyknit 360 in Nike’s basketball line and the brand has paired that with new cushioning: a dual-density drop-in React and Lunarlon midsole.  The weave of the tongue and upper is more dense and it can provides wraps.

Here is the big SWOOSH LOGO on the upper, the nike classic symbol.The forthcoming colorway is capped off with a translucent outsole serving as a window to the drop-in midsole.

For the supporting : Once the midsole is in place the support will become incredible.


A next-generation Flyknit construction warps the foot completely in 360 degrees for a second-skin fit, while the dual-density drop-in foam midsole pairs Nike REACT technology and Lunarlon to maximize cushioning and response ,the woven material upper performs very well in terms of flexibility. Although the midsole is a little thick cushioning insole,which will be protect my heel .

The NXT 360 uses a weaving process at the toe cap and the upper toe position, which  support a enough space.


The Flyknit 360 is the icing on the cake because it wraps the drop-in midsole and the foot for added support,and because of the material of upper which offer the supporting .For the wrapping ,because of the denser of material , so I can feel a sense of wrapping, and it is did good job at cradling the heel and locking it down.



For the fitting ,because of the  foam insole is used in the midsole configuration with low-cut construction , I  recommended to select the over a half size , otherwise, it will be press when running . For me , I choose the size eur  43 , I felt  great . After tightening the laces on my feet, I felt a great court feeling .

For the support , actually the supporting is from the material upper ,then a part of supporting is from the lateral upper side, but this is still not enough.Then the drop-in the midsole, which cups the entire foot to give you some excellent containment.I played 2 hours ,I felt the court feeling is great.

The traction of the NXT 360 uses a very fine which to enhance the performance of the grip, but in fact the clear outsole design ‘s performance according  to the different court . As we know , the clear traction will be easy to collect the dusty easy ,but it will be better inside of the court . And wear resistance is even more obvious. It certainly will not be very wearable.

I played outside of court , it is not good for that. There are a lot of dusty , so I felt this shoes kind of like dusty collect , so it will be slip when playing .

Here is the picture as below : 

I just  played 4 hours , then we can the details of is wear a lot from the picture .

The combination of LUNAR and REACT midsole insole does give a different feeling. Compared to the HD 2017’s REACT midsole, the NXT 360’s midsole requires a lot of soft touch in the foot, especially in the process of falling.

The thicker midsole insole is outstanding in terms of protection but this does not affect its performance during a quick start. Due to the use of a rigid TPU reinforcement at the point of force at the bottom of the insole, the performance at the instant of startup is not Do not delay.

Combined with LUNAR and REACT  did a great job which more protection and  anti-twisting , it played a role in torsion resistance. but it is need time to test.Plush React foam is used at the center of the midsole for that feel-good softness.The comfort is there, the impact protection is there, the court feel is there — the stuff is just amazing.

The lightness of the foot is a big advantage as a defending shoe. Those who are passionate about breakthrough or change do not like shoes as a burden to the feet, and this NXT 360 can absolutely meet the demands of the speed player.


Overall,  Kobe AD Nxt 360 is nice , the nice cushioning also give us a great court feeling . then the material is  amazing , the supporting  jus t so so .