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Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 “City Of Flight” Performance Review

It is a surprise for me that Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 “City Of Flight” released. I missed the best love colorway of the Why Not Zer0.1, I waiting a long time for this one, finally I got this one .
Today we are talking about it.

For the price , it is 1099AU dollars, I have to say the price is higher . but it is nice.

For the material :it is followed the last one, used the vinyl-like upper is a basic mesh. I’m not a huge fan of plasticy materials that are found on modern basket shoes , but I never mind them when they feel nice and work well once on-foot. And this material  flex and move beautifully with the foot while still retaining strength and durability that you typically receive from TPU builds.For me ,it isn’t anything really special, but it’s comfortable and works well with the material that’s been heat-welded onto it. For the coloqway , it is nice .but for the ventilation , it is not good ,so if you palying in the summer , it is not great.

For the supporting: The design of the midsole, outsole, and the fit all play into the support nicely. And because the upper material toughness is very strong, so the support is also great , there is no extra space in the shoes on the foot. In the process of moving or changing at high speed, the foot always stays inside the shoe. Anti-rollover done very well, outside the front of the shoe has a very large area of the anti-rollover area.
The wide flat base promotes a ton of stability, while the bulky midsole acts as one of the gnarliest outriggers of all-time.
The anti-rollover area holds against the lateral side of the foot well when your feet receive a tendency to roll.In additions, the strap also help a lot .

For the cushioning : The Why Not Zer0.1 uses full-length Zoom Air bottom-loaded into a bulky Phylon midsole.The midsole that rests between the bottom of your foot and the top of the Zoom unit is very thin. For me , I would think that the soft elastic feeling was not obvious in the beginning .
but I was surprised that the zoom cushion soft feedback is very nice after playing! A few days ago, I felt it awesome, It is a feeling that is usually lost when cushion like this is bottom-loaded.
Compare with the others shoes , such us the Air Jordan 31, it has that bounce we all hope for with Zoom Air, but at times, it felt wobbly or unstable. The Air Jordan 32 felt much more stable in comparison, but the Why Not Zer0.1 is better.

For the traction:
WhyNot Zero, 1 is really poor wear resistance, though it is already XDR outsole. I played one month , the forefoot lines are still good, but after the palm has become like so for the traction , it is just so so . I am not fancy of this traction.

But there are some disadvantages, such as the strap function, though it is can help a lot for lockdown and easy to adjustment, but sometimes it will happen that the strap is lose and become a disadvantage.


Overall.Jordan WhyNot Zero, 1 Wei as the first less genuine double signature shoes, the performance is excellent, protective first-class, full length cushioning also nice, WhyNot Zero, 1 can be said to be super weapon in the game!