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2.How to Choose The Guard Sneakers ?—The Deconstructed Review of 6 Style Sneakers

As the last article,we already know some kind of styles of sneaker , and today we will  check others , hope it will help you a lot .

As the currently popular signing figure of the NBA , James’s signature shoe have been top . The latest James 15 signature shoe features a brand new upgrade to the NIKE BATTLEKNIT upper. The overall “fish scale” design is very ductile.

The ZOOM with MAX air cushion were used in the midsole, which combines the quick rebound of the ZOOM AIR cushion and the excellent support and protection of the MAX AIR cushion. The TPU arch support plate in the midsole position and the heel surround with the TPU enhance the overall stability.

The large area  of the support plate on the  midfoot arch has a great effect on the resistance to torsion, and it can still maintain the stable shape of the shoes when doing large foot movements.

Overall, the LeBron 15th version is a forward-looking player with weight and speed, providing both excellent cushioning performance and stability.

The midsole of the KD10 was upgraded compare with 9th version. The ZOOM AIR cushions were still used air chambers of the full length zoom , but the  material and thickness were  upgraded.

Here are the data of the air zoom tube .


KD10 full length  ZOOM AIR cushion design  without  support plate design in the bottom layer. It is self-evident that the whole cushion is used as the outstanding performance of the midsole, also the cushion can maintain the normal state of the shoes without excessive deformation due to the foot movement.

PG2 still continues the design of the first version  of cushion in the midsole configuration, but there are differences in the details. The thickening of the PG ZOOM AIR cushion  improved , reduce the material of the midsole, make the feedback sense stronger, and start the response more quickly. There is a TPU support plate in the arch position, which is still excellent in anti-rotation.



Comparing with PG1, PG2  is filled with ZOOM AIR air cushion and there is no midsole, and the air cushion thickness increases significantly.

The left side is  PG2 air cushion and the right IS PG1 , COMPARE WITH PG1, there are  difference of approximately 2.72 mm.So the PG 2’s air cushion thickness increases significantly.


The cross-section of KOBE AD MID’s midsole display  a ZOOM AIR air cushion with  an arch carbon plate support design. The thick air cushion makes the heel feel more soft . The cushioning material in the middle floor also increased in density, the forefoot feel hardness increased the bottoming feeling more clearly, and the emergency stop and start-up reaction became more rapid.

The  KOBE AD MID uses a carbon plate that is close to the entire arch width as a support, and has outstanding performance in the resistance to torsion of the shoes.

Overall, if you are the guard player ,  the  cushion and the support will be important,  hope this article will help you choose the right  sneakers .