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Curry 5 Performance Review: A Comprehensive Comparison to the UA Curry Sneakers

The UA Curry 5 is Steph Curry’s fifth signature basketball shoe with Under Armour. From the first one to the firth ,there are different design  with different setting .So today we will check it by comprehensive comparison from 1- 5 version .

For the Curry 5 , Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors are gearing up for the NBA Playoffs, so this shoes was released on March 14 in honor of  the mathematical holiday. And it become the  Chef Curry’s most limited sneakers ever: the “Pi Day” Curry 5.

Compare with the Curry 1-4 version , it is totally different. The Under Armour Curry 4 ,it is highlighting some of the best elements of number 30’s game. Then the best different is the design of high-top collar of  curry 4 , 2 .3 .Curry 1  is low version design . For me,  I like the Curry 4 very much. I like the top collar of the curry 4.



For the Curry 5, there are  2 different version , one  is the “squaring the circle,” called the “Pi Day”  Curry 5 with Pi number sequence, then others is without the Pi number sequence.

Here are the details as below :

For the material : The Curry 5 returned to the Anafoam again .  Anafoam’s main property is forming to the foot as the material heats up so it can flex with you. Anafoam –this kind of material is used  in the Curry 1 and Curry 3. Actually this kind of material is too little stiff.However, it is also more durable ,elastic, making the Curry 5 comfortable on-foot and providing needed ventilation outside of the Anafoam. But for someone complain it too stiff . The inner sleeve is really a compression sock that forms up and fits right on the foot.

But the Curry 4 ,a modern knit along the upper, sitting atop the knit is a synthetic leather overlay that adds a little bit of reinforcement to the minimally structured shoe. it is will be soft and compare with  the Curry 1,3, 5.

For the ventilation, The Curry 5  will be better than the curry 1, 3.

Here are the Curry 4 ,Curry 1, 3 details as below 


In fact,for the curry 5 ,  I feel that the overall wrapping  of the shoes can not bring enough security to us , I felt it is can not protect my ankle .There is a bit of the same design  Similar to Curry  2 low, I felt the heel can  not  close to the foot. When I am playing, I  always feel the insecure sense when running or jump.

For the traction :Herringbone is missing from the Curry line for the very first time,then  linear coverage is fantastic and lateral coverage is handled very well too.  However the traction pattern will be collect the dusty very much .Wiping will be very necessary if you happen to play on a poorly maintained court, it is not easy to keep clean as always .I tried out three different 24 Hour Fitness courts that range from decently swept to down-right nasty, and afterwards the floors were all clean.

For the cushioning : The Curry 5 followed the Curry 4, much like the Curry models of the past, these are all about control, court feel, and stability. If these are attributes you require out of your shoes then you’re going to love how these play. The cushioning of  Curry 4 ,   5 are more stiff but it will help a lot in the court.Maybe  proprietary foam that feels like dense EVA, so no real feel of impact protection or energy feedback. The Curry 3 was super firm and thick for no reason. You rode high off the floor without the benefit of having a well-cushioned ride. That wound up making the 3 feel heavy and clunky underfoot. Then the curry 1 just so so.

Here are the details  below :

We can look it closely from the picture .

For the supporting : For the curry 4 , it is a little stiff but it can work a lot .If I were to enhance anything it would have been the internal heel counter. I would have liked it a little bigger and covering more area.

For the curry 3 ,1 ,there is a heel cup in the rear of the shoe, which helps keep your foot on the footbed, and there is a TPU shank for torsional support.

Then the curry 5 , I felt  it is good ,the supporting from the materail ,the Anafoam does an extremely good job of keeping the forefoot over the footbed on lateral movements,then I felt it great on the court .


Overall. From the first to fifth version ,there are some different for the material , cushioning , traction , but all of changing  have been  improved ,  for the curry 4, the  material will be  soft ,but the curry 5 , it is will be stiff like the  curry 1,3 . it should be mentioned that the design team did a good job, visually, with the Curry 5. So which version will you like ?