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Air Jordan 13 PE GU Performance Review

This Air Jordan XIII for Michael Finley, it is a good new in this year, the Air Jordan XIII released again since Air Jordan XIII ‘Ray Allen’ pair that hit limited shelves in 2011.

The white-blue Air Jordan 13 that was released on March 3.This is the only one I expect to buy  this year. I still set the alarm clock of 8:55 that day for ready to grab one in 9 am in the official website. I eventually completed the purchase procedure at normal speed (the official website displayed sold out around 9:20) and it was successfully delivered to my home two days later. The first pair of shoes in 2018 was later than before


This Air Jordan XII is no exception, decked out with a white and royal blue palette that actually doesn’t look too terribly far off from the “French Blue” retail version of the same sneaker.


Here are some picture that  on-foot in the website .They look cool not only the shoes .

Montale Alice wearing a variety of Air Jordans , but he  cooperate with Jordan Brand has officially signed in December 2014, but he has been not free for what he wearing , his main styles is SuperFly flow. I am very sorry for this, because I feel that Alice always have a  good taste for the sneakers . I remember he wear a pair of Jordan 13 called “GiGi” color in that time. I personally like it very much. In fact, I don’t basically wear basketball shoes in everyday life.

Nowitzki, who was playing in Germany in youth, he like the Jordan 13  very much. His rookie season (1998~99) closed for the first time in NBA history and the new season was was opened until February 1999. As of January 30, 1999, Dallas had a white and red Air Jordan 13 on his feet. He changed to Air Brake-U-Down Uptempo after the start of the regular season.

The 13th generation mainly appeared in the 2004-05 season. At that time, he and his Air Jordan 19SE were worn in turns, and the playoffs were changed to Air Jordan 20PE. The white/midnight blue in my hands is still only one of the common versions. Another white/green color matching retro jersey is still not available.


For the material , it used the classic leather that Nike used the first.Then the PU coated leather breaks in nicely, it is comfortable and it is  much stronger than the bond to the split grain leather.

For the lace system , it is great . this kind of lace system will be more  easy  to adjust .then the jumpmen logo in the tongue as usually .

When Air Jordan 13 was inspired by “Black Cat”.The details of the process highlight。 The streamlined design of the shoe body, cylindrical shoelaces on the basis of the previous two version further thinning and softening, seems it  like noodles. The fast shoelace system has basically played a role and is easy to put on and take off.

For the supporting , it is nice.The Carbon Fiber adds torsional support and minor arch support.The three-dimensional laser technology made of JumpmanLogo.The trapeze inside the figure “23” is full of texture, depending on the angle of observation, sometimes it is green and sometimes it is maroon. At the same time, this design also represents the flash of light in the eyes of cats.

However due to the special design of these shoes,the toe parts will soon have a significant fold if playing long time, there will be a certain degree of distortion at the toes. Finley ,as a player, he  has been play longer so he need to changing more times,otherwise it  has been slightly deformed quickly


The white navy of PE is consistent with the jersey color. Unlike some 3M-colored uppers, it has a more textured leather version. The navy blue suede EVA midsole on both sides and heel are integrated to create a luxurious texture.


In addition to the jumpmen logo on the tongue, the left and right legs were joined by Finley’s jersey number “4” and the initials “FIN”. The size is US15. In terms of his height of 2.01 meter, I feel that this size has been over a half size .

Air Jordan 13 does not have boots, but the tongue is very large, all open like a huge scallop. Air Jordan XX8 SE also followed the design , but the thickness of the 13 tongue full of internal filler thickness of about 14mm,that will be protect more well.

The air Jordan 13 has a  moderate upper height, an arched ankle curvature on the outside, a full filling of the heel part,and nice wrapping. This kind of design is simple and practical, and it also takes care of the protection and flexibility better. The outer side does not completely cover the ankle along with certain extensibility of the artificial leather.

For cushioning , the Air Jordan 13 can be said to be an even better  sneaker than the previous verson. This also seems to have been recognized by many people. AJ is using the split air Zoom Air for the first time, and the thickness is different. The forefoot’s Zoom thickness of about 6.29mm and midsole ‘s thickness of 8.53mm.That is in order to contact with the feet .
For me, the heel cushion is more obvious, the forefoot is relatively hard, and I once doubted whether I really have a cushion, but I can see through some dismantling posts and PEs without insole.

For the traction :  It just wasn’t as awesome as I remembered it being with the Original and first round Retro releases. it is a little stiff. but the grip is nice .


On February 11, 2011, in the Celtics’ game against the Lakers, he was wearing a PE of  Air Jordan 13 and got a great point. Jordan Brand sold the white-green PE at the time, and his “Shootman” logo was embroidered on the tongue.

Here are more picture as below :

There are different colorway anyway .

Overall, 15 years later and these are just as fierce on the court as they were before. The Air Jordan 13 have been popular on the court as usually . The cushioning and material always work well.