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Air Jordan 11 Performance Review

I was excited that I bought Air Jordan 11 in the  first time .The Air Jordan 11 originally released in 1996 and is famous for its patent leather upper. The shoes were designed by Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan himself calls it his favorite Air Jordan sneaker.I will share this shoes with  you.


As we know ,Less than one percent of  athletes  who sign in with Nike have their own signature shoes, and the most classic of basketball shoe  is the first basketball signature shoe – the Air Jordan . Since the first pair of Air Jordan I released in 1984, and now Jordan 32, every pair of Air Jordan used the newest technology, which is a technical indicator of sneakers. One of the most legendary shoes is Michael Jordan, who returned to the NBA after his first retirement , after then , the Nike released  Air Jordan XI, Air Jordan XII and Air Jordan XIII . In the following, from a historical perspective and a practical perspective, explain why these three pairs of shoes have special meanings in the history of sneakers.


Michael Jordan, who decided to challenge the MLB baseball dream.When he returned to the NBA in 1995.Michael Jordan with the first Air Jordan XI white uppers with black patent leather and transparent outsole sneakers attracted the attention of fans around the world. Also the shoes did  a great job.This pair of shoes that have never been seen before is the classic of NIKE contemporary shoes – Air Jordan XI. Before the Air Jordan XI, there was never a basketball shoe made of patent leather. This amazing design comes from Michael Jordan’s

After three years of experimentation, designer Tinker Hatfield finally chose the patent leather as the main material for the Jordan XI upper. In addition to the shiny qualities, the patent leather is lighter and more supportive than previous leather materials. In addition, Jordan XI has another greater influence in the history of basketball shoes, which is the carbon fiber material that bears the stability of the sole. Inspired by football shoes and American football shoes, Tinker Hatfiled uses the high torsional properties of carbon fiber to add a high degree of midsole stability to the lightweight Air Jordan XI, avoiding excessively twisted shoes during exercise. Physical injury to the user. After Air Jordan XI, carbon fiber technology has an important role  in the Nike basketball shoes series, and even become a top-level indicator of a pair of shoes. Because of its unique style and excellent combat performance, with the Jordan and the Chicago Bulls set a record of 72 wins and 10 NBA history, the Air Jordan XI has become the NO.1 for many fans and fans.


However, in terms of supporting, Jordan XI only uses Ballistic Mesh material as the main support material, and there is no additional support design, which is a pity. In addition, the thicker setting of the tongue makes the dressing process have a fairly good covering, so that there is no sliding space in the shoe. Unfortunately, this design sacrifices breathability, so there is a noticeable sultry feeling when playing or summer.

For the traction : the traction is used the translucent rubber .

This kind of  traction was very solid with all things considered.  Also it has been not easy to keep clear .it is will collect the dust or debris is on the court but thankfully the Air Jordan XI have solid rubber traction pods located in the heel and forefoot.

In addition,the carbon fiber design used for the first time on basketball shoes helps Air Jordan XI give users better stability than before, while at the same time balancing lightweight and stability. In the reactive part, Air Jordan’s Air-Sole has a fairly good quick response. When providing rapid responsiveness, it is also able to balance buffering, which is another surprise for Jordan XI in terms of functionality.

There are the logo of Jordan shoes , the Jumpmen LOGO

For the material : The white upper has specially situated mesh lines that create a balance design, even as it functions as a breather for the feet. Unlike other Air Jordan shoes, you will not find the Jump Man logo on the heels, but the tongue design is already enough to identify this iconic model. The only other Jump Man icon is located at the bottom of the shoes.

Overall, I think Jordan XI is a pair of good shoes. It is a classic shoes in the sneaker world . The nice material and the great cushioning , making Air Jordan XI an absolute collection in the hearts of collectors.Also the performance is perfect.