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2K4 VS ZOOM BB, What Is The Best Of Guard Shoes

As we know , the guards require speed and agility on the basketball court. A difficult position to play, guards need to be able to bring their “A” game every night. So the shoes required is really different .Shoes are among the most important piece of equipment in a guard’s arsenal.

The key most important thing for a guard is a shoe’s traction,with supreme grip, allowing the guard to stop faster,traction to allow the guard to accelerate faster,better overall quickness

So how to choose the guard shoes ? Here we go .

There are two options and popular guard shoes :2K4 and ZOOM BB.

The Nike Zoom Huarache 2K4 is a basketball sneaker from Nike originally released in 2004 (as referenced by the name). The sneaker is recalled by many as one of Nike’s greatest basketball designs, and was worn early on by the likes of Kobe Bryant.

The Nike Zoom BB 1.5 certainly looks the same as the Nike Zoom BB, the  performance  very well .

The Nike Zoom Huarache 2K4 features a soft inner sleeve in its design, and the protection is great ,but the most important is the great traction which let us to stop faster, running fast.With the Nike Zoom Huarache 2K4 features a soft inner sleeve in its design and the 8 mm zoom ,that is great and perfomanc well .


The ZOOM BB seems like the same as 2K3 for the design . The  performance well .The price is acceptable for the this setting.The Zoom is did a great work.

Here is picture as below :It is a little similar but different material , traction, cushioning ,but a little similar look maybe .

ZOOM BB  released a lot of  PE  versions ,the upper is completely redone in Hyperfuse material for the uber-breathable feel. For the material ,  it  is great , the ventilation is nice , especial for the summer, I can feel the air through the shoes.

There are some version of ZOOM BB as below : 

Those version will be popular in these year.though they are a little similar  for the performance .

For the supporting :

The  supporting of 2K4  is nice , You’ll find that some shoes have heel counters that will provide you with more support in the heel area.There are a lot of symptoms that your feet are trying to tell you when you wear the wrong shoes.but this one , it can help you a lot when you playing , also I feel that the 2K4 have a little stiff. some player will like it , but for some one , it is not the best options.

The ZOOM BB’s  supporting  is will better .Absorb more impact when hitting the floor from jumping,protecting your ankles and feet on the court.The leather version actually has more support than the suede because of the materials. I actually left the top loop undone on the leather pair because it was almost too restrictive. This suede pair is a little more flexible and conforms to the foot like a sock. .unlike other shoes  which you can’t maximize your performance if you’re nursing bruised ankles or toes.


For the lace system , it is great, plus the strap is useful , it can lockdown the heel a lot.

Then for the material of 2k4, the suede material also is nice ,it is soft but compare with ZOOM BB , it is  will be soft .

For the ZOOM BB ,we can see the detail as below : the zoom cushioning,The leather version actually has more support than the suede because of the materials. I actually left the top loop undone on the leather pair because it was almost too restrictive. This suede pair is a little more flexible and conforms to the foot like a sock.


For the cushion : it is full length Zoom,then it do not use any fillers such as EVA or Phylon. Before Pure Boost there was Pure Zoom.This is as pure of a Zoom set up as you’re going to get. Low profile and springy or every guard’s wishlist. No foam allows the player to feel the Zoom and eliminates any extra ride height.


For the 2k4, it is the strap that  it is very effective in fixing ankles. There is no laced hole in the top. There is only a magic bandage. The large area TPU behind the sneakers extends to the position of the Achilles tendon.

For the Zoom BB , Lace up to the top can clearly feel the wrapping, the heel has a vertical TPU played a fixed role, but in fact, the 2K4 more reassuring.

Using the disassembly chart, we can see that not only the whole middle bottom part has a large area of carbon plate, but also a small piece of separated carbon plate inside the front part.

Here is the TPU surround.

Both shoes have the Anti rollover part, that is the  guard shoes.For the Zoom BB .There is a plastic piece behind the upper that sits where that leather rand is. I’ve worn my BB down so it’s a little flimsy now but still miles better than the new generation of mesh and knits that have a total disregard for this performance aspect.

For the traction : 2K4 used the heeringboe traction ,Herringbone traction provides traction and grip on the court. The shoe also incorporates Anafoam to provide support and structure while keeping the shoe lightweight. Charged cushioning provides first-step speed and change of direction needed to outpace the competition.

We can see the details as below : 

For the ZOOM BB ,when moving to the shoe’s outsole, you’ll find continental rubber, which provides maximum grip on and off the court. The outsole offers grip in wet and dry conditions, so anyone playing street ball can confidently wear these shoes, too.

The 2K 4  add durability to the shoe while the forefoot has a flyweave join design. What this design does is allows the foot to maintain natural movement, while providing the player with the agility and traction to make quick transitions and cuts.

Overall , which shoes will you like ? Though it is a little difference , but both are great guard shoes .

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2.How to Choose The Guard Sneakers ?—The Deconstructed Review of 6 Style Sneakers

As the last article,we already know some kind of styles of sneaker , and today we will  check others , hope it will help you a lot .

As the currently popular signing figure of the NBA , James’s signature shoe have been top . The latest James 15 signature shoe features a brand new upgrade to the NIKE BATTLEKNIT upper. The overall “fish scale” design is very ductile.

The ZOOM with MAX air cushion were used in the midsole, which combines the quick rebound of the ZOOM AIR cushion and the excellent support and protection of the MAX AIR cushion. The TPU arch support plate in the midsole position and the heel surround with the TPU enhance the overall stability.

The large area  of the support plate on the  midfoot arch has a great effect on the resistance to torsion, and it can still maintain the stable shape of the shoes when doing large foot movements.

Overall, the LeBron 15th version is a forward-looking player with weight and speed, providing both excellent cushioning performance and stability.

The midsole of the KD10 was upgraded compare with 9th version. The ZOOM AIR cushions were still used air chambers of the full length zoom , but the  material and thickness were  upgraded.

Here are the data of the air zoom tube .


KD10 full length  ZOOM AIR cushion design  without  support plate design in the bottom layer. It is self-evident that the whole cushion is used as the outstanding performance of the midsole, also the cushion can maintain the normal state of the shoes without excessive deformation due to the foot movement.

PG2 still continues the design of the first version  of cushion in the midsole configuration, but there are differences in the details. The thickening of the PG ZOOM AIR cushion  improved , reduce the material of the midsole, make the feedback sense stronger, and start the response more quickly. There is a TPU support plate in the arch position, which is still excellent in anti-rotation.



Comparing with PG1, PG2  is filled with ZOOM AIR air cushion and there is no midsole, and the air cushion thickness increases significantly.

The left side is  PG2 air cushion and the right IS PG1 , COMPARE WITH PG1, there are  difference of approximately 2.72 mm.So the PG 2’s air cushion thickness increases significantly.


The cross-section of KOBE AD MID’s midsole display  a ZOOM AIR air cushion with  an arch carbon plate support design. The thick air cushion makes the heel feel more soft . The cushioning material in the middle floor also increased in density, the forefoot feel hardness increased the bottoming feeling more clearly, and the emergency stop and start-up reaction became more rapid.

The  KOBE AD MID uses a carbon plate that is close to the entire arch width as a support, and has outstanding performance in the resistance to torsion of the shoes.

Overall, if you are the guard player ,  the  cushion and the support will be important,  hope this article will help you choose the right  sneakers .

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1.How to Choose The Guard Sneakers ?—The Deconstructed Review of 6 Style Sneakers

The guard play  combined of speed and rhythm, no other position has to be as instantly adaptable as your guards have to be. However, some principles of guard play are consistent regardless of the situation, and those are the ones we will cover here.Obviously, your guards should be able to shoot and handle the ball. They should have the ability to pass and play defense. But that is what we want of all our players. We will go over some drills that might improve your players in these common areas.

So how to choose the guard sneakers ? if you choose the right one , it will help you a lot. So there are 6 styles different shoes , we can see the deconstructed review as below :


As the  NBA League’s signature superstar, the collection of James’s shoes are top setting up . Regardless of whether it is a serial series or a branch line brand, the bottom line is basically full of materials. The configuration of this Lerbon 15 LOW from the vamp to the midsole is very suitable for the guard player.


From the midsole section, the Lebron 15 LOW uses the ZOOM AIR cushion, with arch TPU support plate, and the MAX AIR cushion setting .

The shoe upper is made of BATTLEKNIT woven material , which has a good feeling of  fit and breathable comfort.


Then the V style of TPU supporting plate  which offer the anti-twist support in motion to ensure the shoe’s deformation remains within a controllable range.The midsole cushion and  rebound of the ZOOM AIR cushion are increase the stability of the drop.


Lebron 15 LOW is an actual combat performance  with excellent cushioning , but there are also certain drawbacks, such as general rollover prevention ability. it is not suitable for footsteps flexible and fast guard, it is a good guard shoes .



Chris Paul quickly made his mark on the NBA. He is one of the smartest and fastest point guards on the court. Paul succeeds because of his constant hard work and excellent leadership skills. He is fortunate to share the court with great players. but he knows that great players
are nothing without a great leader. Also he finally played  the Western  final game .


The CP3.XI boasts five key elements that propel the Houston guard to perform at an elite level on a nightly basis. These include lockdown (mid-foot strap), traction (modified herringbone), cushion (forefoot and heel Zoom bags), response (TPU plate), and personal flair (bold heel design), all of which interplay with one another to maximize his ability.

From the midsole section view, the CP11 uses a ZOOM AIR air cushion and an arch TPU support plate design , that is  help a lot in t he game.

The  uppers of the leather material and the mesh cloth fabric together , make the shoes more outstanding in terms of wrapping and support.

Then the  design of the outer sole is also based on Paul’s style of play. The modified herringbone texture is very targeted. The texture of the toe position is thicker and more sparse, and this texture extends all the way to the mid-bottom position, in order to be able to obtain sufficient grip during the moment of launch or breakthrough.

Looking from the midsole section, the midsole uses a full-length ZOOM AIR cushion. This configuration generally appears on NIKE’s top basketball shoes.

The upper consists of a three-layer structure which  is heat-fused with a surface layer, foam padding and inner boots. This type of upper structure performs very well in the sense of wrapping and supporting, but it is only sultry feeling  during the hot summer


Full-length air-cushion visual map, there is no support plate design in the midsole, but it is relying on full-pressure air cushion is enough to maintain the normal shape of the shoes without excessive twisting.




In order to support the ankle , it is used the full-length for a variety of exciting movements.

The XDR rubber outsole distributes the texture, ensuring the grip performance in the sport and the wear resistance in actual combat.


The Nike Hyperdunk 2017 is the ninth Nike Hyperdunk model. It is a high-performance basketball shoe that features a slip-on construction with a mix of either Flyknit or mesh textile over REACT foam cushioning.


Far from the more neutral Cool Grey colorway that released earlier this fall, this colorway features a flyknit upper, suede tongue and midsole draped in bright red. The new standout look adds clean accents with black stitched Swooshes and a translucent outsole

From the sectional pictures, the midsole uses a full-length REACT cushioning material with an arch TPU support plate design.

For the traction : The large area of the TPU support plate is also particularly prominent in the realization of anti-twisting.

The adidas Haden Vol 2 looks more for performance compared to the first release which had an off court feel. So far two colors have been spotted with one featuring Blue while the other comes in Grey.

In the midsole profile, the full-length BOOST midsole gives a very different feeling  , and the boost is sufficient to illustrate the excellent performance in cushioning. The visible support  is only a small part, and the intuitive drawing is more eye-catching


The shoe uses a full BOOST cushioning midsole, which is naturally full of soft-bombs on the foot. Therefore, it has very good protection and is more suitable for players  who are keen to break through. After all, they have a very good effect in buffering the impact  and it  can protect the ankles and knees.

The Dame 4 is star point guard Damian Lillard’s (SNUBBED again) third signature shoe with adidas. It has always been a shoe for the masses because of the friendly price point.

From the midsole profile, the full BOUNCE cushioned midsole and the support plate  which  provide a great effection.

Z-shaped arch support plate also help a lot .

Multi-directional traction patterns give you a quick stable halt when changing directions. I used these on Taraflex, wooden and cement courts, and it worked on all floors.

Overall,gurds  shoes generally pay more attention to the support and parcel feel of the upper, release the low-end style of the ankle into the necessary support, coupled with the cushioning performance of the midsole, excellent grip is also a necessary consideration. so there are many styles of guard shoes , you can choose the best one that you need .