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1999. vs 2008. vs. 2012 Comparison Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred

AIR JORDAN IV The Air Jordan IV debuted in 1989 and was designed by Tinker Hatfield.Since the first time the two worlds have aligned since 1999, a forthcoming release of the Air Jordan 4 “Bred” will come equipped with the Nike Air branding. Boasting a black, white and red colorway, the updated model should hit the sweet spot between the popular Jordan’s silhouette and the comfort of the Air cushioned sole, but there are many version in recently year, the version 1999,2008,2012, actually they have a little difference . let us checking it as below :

For the shoe shape ,they are almost the same ,but for the version of 1999, it will be  taller then others  , the version of 2008 is the same as 2012 , they will be lower for the shoes body. then the toe shape, it is it is almost the same .then we can see the lattices of the tongue, it is a little difference. the version of 1999 it will be more wider, but for the version of 2008 and 2012. it is will be thiner .

For the supporting :It is obviously for the difference —the logo ,the version of 1999 have the logo with ‘NIKE AIR’ ,and the version of 2008 and 2012 was a jumpmen logo. is it the difference  of the heel logo ? of course not. There are difference inside , the version of 2009 has a nike air logo. and the version of 2008 is a jumpmen logo,buy it is difference between 2012

For the traction ,the difference just the logo , they are difference . the version of 1999 is “nike ” then the version of 2008 and 2012 just the jumpmen ,but the function is the same . Whether you are moving from front to back or side to side, the traction can keep up. I do think the newer style of herringbone is much more functional but overall you can’t complain.

For the material , there are some difference .though they are use the same material —suede material, but the material of 1999 version  have a little stiff, the version 2008 will be soft ,then the version 2012 will be  harder then 2008, for me , I lkie the version 2012 ,it is great .the leather used here will last you for a greater length of time. I’d personally prefer something softer but as for what was given they will hold up just fine. There are some details have a little difference , the tag of inside , they are different….. such as the font weight.for the box , the version 1999 are simply style ,then the version of 2008 is noraml , but for the version 2012 ,it used the popular one.


For the tag , there are different. the version of 1999 just the nike air tag , then the version 2008 , it have been not the tag ,but for the version 2012 ,they have the tag with jumpmen logo.


overall, the The Jordan 4 is nice shoes since released , though there are a little difference compare with many version, but the function always the best ,they have all been pretty darn performance worthy. Of course there are better options available but realistically… who wouldn’t want to play in a pair of classic Air Jordan’s?

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Nike LeBron15 kith Performance Review

Landing on the eve of LeBron James’ 33rd birthday, this first-ever collaboration between Ronnie Fieg’s NYC shop and the current generation’s GOAT has resulted in a thorough collection that exemplifies the regal nature of King James’ signature shoes.


The “City of Angels” and “King’s Crown” colorways make up the lifestyle model while the performance edition will be comprised of the “Suit of Armor” and “King’s Cloak” colorways. In addition, the “Long Live the King” sequel will also feature an assortment of apparel from hoodies to detailed basketball shorts.


KITH x Nike LeBron XV LIF “Stained Glass”

Release Date: December 30th, 2017

Price: $225

Style Code: AO1068-900

Today we can look details as below :

For supporting :the supporting is nice , some of supporting is comes from the fit and heel counter.Traditional support features like a torsional midfoot shank and TPU heel counter are all in place and work well. I’m used to a firmer heel counter on Lebrons in general but this one is a little more flimsy and than previous models.However, the midsole and outsole lack a wide enough base and it really hurt the lateral stability and overall support. and the stability is great .

For the sock design, it is great that can be lockdown my ankle.

For traction : You can feel the triangle pattern bite and grip the court really well ,the  linear design are amazing ….then the clear rubber also nice . I have to say the traction is nice  with great grip.

A longitudinal zipper that begins at the toe and ends at the apex of the ankle. it is nice 

For material : the material is nice and soft. If you were unimpressed with the stiff upper used on the LeBron 13 and the cheap but soft materials used on the LeBron 14,this one will be the best choice

For  cushioning :The bounce and feedback felt from the Zoom units is incredible.this is set up is amazing . we have to say it is nice .if you are  If you’re a cushion-above-all-else type of player then you’ll love these. For the cushioning ,it better than the LBJ10 due to wrapping the front portion of the Air unit in Phylon .The obvious comparison is the KD 9 or 10 but these sit higher and ride firmer than the KD. These play more like the “ancient” Lebron X but a little more fluid since they articulated the Zoom.

Overall,I love pieces of the LeBron 15. Materials and fit are highlights, and the cushion is the best Nike has offered in year. and the new look is also great …

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2000 vs. 2007 vs. 2011 Comparison Air Jordan 5 Retro Black Varsity Red-Metallic Silver

Since the Jordan’s released ,the Air Jordan 5 Retro Black Varsity Red have been a popular one in the sneakers world .It was designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 1990. The original versions featured “Nike Air” on the heel, but more recent versions have a Jumpman logo. The AJ5 was part of the first “Remastered” releases that debuted in late 2014/early 2015. The latest Remastered “Black/Metallic” colorway releases with original “Nike Air” branding on July 23rd, 2016 .

But today we are talking about the version of 2000, 2007 and 2011,there are some difference as below :


The most beloved Air Jordan models and colorways ever is back in OG form, featuring the original Nike Air branding on the heel and Nike text on the outsole—just the way Tinker Hatfield originally designed them.

For the Difference of the shoes’s tongue ,lace system: Though it is difference version,but it almost the same ,we can see the a little difference ,the logo on the tongue, the version of 2000,it used the “NIKE “logo ,others still used the Jumpmen logo.For the lace system , it is the same material and the same design.WIith higher quality Durabuck and a more supple 3M tongue. That is great.

For the material ,though it the same material were the same.but there is a little difference , such as the version of 2000, it used more thickness of suede material ,Materials on this colorway require practically no break-in time. However, they get softer as you play so it’s less supportive as time goes by. then the version 2007, the quality of material is also nice too. then the last one —2011 version of jordan 5 , the material is a little thickness. so if  you like the thickness, maybe the 2011 version will be better.



For the traction : they are almost the same too,for the version 2000, and the version of 2007, they are used the  translucent rubber, Dust and debris will slightly hinder overall performance of the traction ront to back, the herringbone worked perfectly ,a lot of fans will like it .the heel gave me some slight slippage when in transition. Mostly when curling around screens, running fast breaks & driving by the opposing player at an angle.

For the cushioning: , actually they improved one version by one version.they are featuring a heel & forefoot Air unit along with a Polyurethane midsole. for the version ,it was great,but for the version 2007 , it is a little improved ,the grip is nice . The midsole will start off fairly stiff but soon breaks in over time, something that I had not experienced with the AJIII or IV.  For the version 2011, it is also great too. it is still followed the last version.


we can see the logo of difference version ,the version of 2000 and 2007 , it is used the NIKE words, and the version of 2011 , it is used the jumpmen logo.

For the supporting ,it is almost the same design and material of supporting , that is great . If the upper features leather versus the nubuck you will receive a bit more support from a material standpoint than you would from this particular pair. but the version of 2000 , it is  used the NIKE word….then others used the jumpmen logo.

There are some detail of the shoes have a little difference. Such as the mesh material ,it is a little difference .but the performance almost the same great.


For the price , we can see the picture ,the version of 2007 was the cheaper, it is  just usd 135 dollars.and the version of 2011, it is the most expensive–usd150 dollar ,so compare with difference version , the version of 2007 must the value of price .

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Air Jordan 1 Performance Review

The Air Jordan 1 Mid 2017 Retro is set to release at select Jordan Brand retailers soon.Jordan Brand released those two shoes as a pack 10 years ago. This means that if you wanted one, you also had to buy the other.For the Air Jordan 1 Mid New Love actually nice , the court feeling is amazing .

Today we are talking about it.

The first game during which this issue popped up was played in the Madison Square Garden on the 18th of October 1984. The colorway was considered rebellious, back in the day because it didn’t match with the players uniform or his team members shoes.  Air Jordan 1 Mid New Love represents Michael Jordan’s love for motorcycle racing. It is made out of leather in a Yellow (Varsity Maize) and Black color scheme. The 2017 version comes with a new feature on the upper.

For the box, it is normal but nothing special.


There are the details in the tongue .

Jumpman branding on the tongue, two set of laces (Yellow and Black), and a White midsole and Yellow translucent outsole round out the look of the shoe

For the material :Full leather uppers and a rubber midsole and outsole that follow last version.The main thing is that the type of leather used allows for added strength and durability which can be a nice feature to have.That is not bad . though it add some weight for this material.

For the cushioning : I went over previously and it’s pretty much a no brains,cushion was not good. if you are like the great cushioning , maybe it is not enough for you.

For the traction:Instead of coming with a jeweled Wings branding on the ankle, Jordan Brand opts to give it a more traditional look by replacing it with a stamped/painted on finish

For the supporting :it is also not great…

For ventilation , it is nice for the  perforations featured on the toe as well as a nylon tongue for some ventilation, even if just a little.


Overall,Nike didn’t do raffles and neither is this sneaker a limited release. However, they have been playing it smart by stocking the Banned 1‘s in small batches across various platforms both online and offline. India has seen 4 restocks since September already.”New Love” also  attraction a lot of people.

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Nike Paul George PG2 Performance Review

The PG2 arrives sans strap,I feel like it was a simply shoes when the first look , because of the shoes is simply look like  a simply team shoes ,but not the style of Paul George.

Especial for during the ALL Stars , it is so simply look,just not like others shoes that released during this it is surprised me that what kind of “SPECIAL”.

There are some sneakers , can you feel it ?

However when I playing it some days , it is amazing .

Here we are see the details as below :


For the material : it is also used the mesh material with suede ic comfortable.

Suede material distribution in the toe  and heel back , the suede can be  protect our fingers, while the suede in shoes around can enhance the overall  support and stability for the shoes 

The large area of mesh fabrics is also the main reason for  comfortable . The breathability of the mesh fabric is not bad, so it comfortable in the hot and moist whether. After all, I like this shoes very much.The forefoot is free feeling with the open mesh and it’s protected by a layer of fuse in the high wear that is the part that I like . This is great for players that stay on their toes and do not enjoy breaking in shoes. 

For the cushioning :PG2 followed the Zoom Air is what is offered in the PG1, that is great.This setup is for PG2 that want a more responsive ride for greater reaction speed. for the cushioning is  a little soft. You won’t sink into the cushion and you won’t feel it bounce back as you would if it were directly underfoot, but if you like the harder cushioning , maybe it is not cup of your tea for this one. For me, it gets the job done for the most part. 

For the lace system, it is also nice and amazing , the new lacy system can lockdown the feet well,also it is easy to adjust.

We can see the details as below : 


For the supporting, it is followed the PG1, the the shoe’s midsole sculpting that is doing most of the heavy lifting. This midsole cups your foot and it’s something I feel is very beneficial for players. it is a foolproof method that you feet and feetbad are on in one. If you try the PG 1,PG2 is similar with the Pg1, it is great for me .

For the traction :The Nike PG1 features an interesting pattern that will serve you well on-court. But the PG 2 also did the job weel such as followed the the version of the shoe features translucent rubber, and while it’s better than what Nike Basketball has put out in the past, It’s mostly to showcase the technology within the shoe for the Nike. If you are positive that the solid rubber options will far exceed this version on-court. Maybe it is not  you choice for this one.

There are the details :

Overall, though it is a simply look, but the performance is nice.Nike’s PG1 is a perfect blend of new and old.  But the PG2 is nice too.

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Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 “City Of Flight” Performance Review

It is a surprise for me that Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 “City Of Flight” released. I missed the best love colorway of the Why Not Zer0.1, I waiting a long time for this one, finally I got this one .
Today we are talking about it.

For the price , it is 1099AU dollars, I have to say the price is higher . but it is nice.

For the material :it is followed the last one, used the vinyl-like upper is a basic mesh. I’m not a huge fan of plasticy materials that are found on modern basket shoes , but I never mind them when they feel nice and work well once on-foot. And this material  flex and move beautifully with the foot while still retaining strength and durability that you typically receive from TPU builds.For me ,it isn’t anything really special, but it’s comfortable and works well with the material that’s been heat-welded onto it. For the coloqway , it is nice .but for the ventilation , it is not good ,so if you palying in the summer , it is not great.

For the supporting: The design of the midsole, outsole, and the fit all play into the support nicely. And because the upper material toughness is very strong, so the support is also great , there is no extra space in the shoes on the foot. In the process of moving or changing at high speed, the foot always stays inside the shoe. Anti-rollover done very well, outside the front of the shoe has a very large area of the anti-rollover area.
The wide flat base promotes a ton of stability, while the bulky midsole acts as one of the gnarliest outriggers of all-time.
The anti-rollover area holds against the lateral side of the foot well when your feet receive a tendency to roll.In additions, the strap also help a lot .

For the cushioning : The Why Not Zer0.1 uses full-length Zoom Air bottom-loaded into a bulky Phylon midsole.The midsole that rests between the bottom of your foot and the top of the Zoom unit is very thin. For me , I would think that the soft elastic feeling was not obvious in the beginning .
but I was surprised that the zoom cushion soft feedback is very nice after playing! A few days ago, I felt it awesome, It is a feeling that is usually lost when cushion like this is bottom-loaded.
Compare with the others shoes , such us the Air Jordan 31, it has that bounce we all hope for with Zoom Air, but at times, it felt wobbly or unstable. The Air Jordan 32 felt much more stable in comparison, but the Why Not Zer0.1 is better.

For the traction:
WhyNot Zero, 1 is really poor wear resistance, though it is already XDR outsole. I played one month , the forefoot lines are still good, but after the palm has become like so for the traction , it is just so so . I am not fancy of this traction.

But there are some disadvantages, such as the strap function, though it is can help a lot for lockdown and easy to adjustment, but sometimes it will happen that the strap is lose and become a disadvantage.


Overall.Jordan WhyNot Zero, 1 Wei as the first less genuine double signature shoes, the performance is excellent, protective first-class, full length cushioning also nice, WhyNot Zero, 1 can be said to be super weapon in the game!