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Under Armour Curry 3 Low Dark Horse Performance Review


Before the 2017 star game, UNDER ARMOUR launched the CURRY 3 low-cut shoes for the Warriors Stephen Curry. They are the “DARK HORSE”  that symbolizes Curry’s childhood memories. It marks the first time in his alma mater, DAVIDSON COLLEGE. In the season, he scored 112 “three-pointer”.So this shoes mean he returned New Orleans Stars to regain the “FULL CIRCLE”. Whether it’s for Curry or for his fans, every color scheme is meaningful.

Today will check the performance  of   CURRY 3 LOW DARK HORSE .


This Curry 3 Low colorway looks like it continues the Father to Son theme from the Curry 1 and 2, but the name has now been changed to Dark Horse.Inspired by young Steph’s games of H-O-R-S-E against his dad Dell back in Virginia and his unexpected rise to the top of the NBA, the sneaker features a europa purple upper with rhino grey and pomegranate accents.


CURRY 3 LOW is designed to provide flexibility and lightness in both feet.A dark horse is said to be a candidate or competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds — which perfectly describes Curry’s NBA career. While he is the son of a former NBA player, nobody really expected Curry to succeed, let alone become a back-to-back MVP and NBA Champion.

The UA logo’s of  tongue is also lightweight, reducing the weight of the shoes, and more able to meet the demands of the choice of light and flexible low-shoes athletes.

The outer side of the shoes is woven with blue Threadborne material, and the inner side is a special double fabric material to increase court feeling g. The charged design of the midsole greatly reduces the impact damage of the jump to the foot.

We can see the Curry’s signature showed this is the  third  version  of Curry shoes.


The bottom of the sneakers reads “I CAN DO ALL THINGS”, which means Curry’s spirit.


For the supporting : The supporting is great. most of supporting is from the material .The Curry shoe’s ankle support will be flexible. On average, it is not only suitable for Curry. The general defender believes that it can be accepted. This time, Curry 3 is a relatively straight forward and simple treatment. The upper material around the ankle is soft. But strengthened by the following institutions,also the  heel part improved the supporting .


I like the emergency stop, shifting and other actions to pass people or jump shots. Therefore, the choice of shoes requires lightweight,  flexibility, good  support, braking ability, great cushioning .  I play game with this on , it s actually nice,  I can do what I want to do.


For the traction :

Actually the traction is nice ,  the Under Armour Curry used the  soft traction , but he grip is great, but I played in the clean court at first , so I felt the traction  not too bad .I found that the lateral movement of CURRY 3 LOW is good, plus the excellent grip and support, it does not create the feeling of easy to overturn, and it is a good choice for basketball players who need lateral movement. I need time to test the performance of outside.


For the cushioning :

The Curry 3  low  use the same chassis  cushioning module. The midsole is composed of Charged Cushioning with a carbon fiber version of the heel and midfoot, providing a solid cushioning.



For the material :

The Curry 3 low  upper is made up of a lot of vertical and horizontal woven material. According to the official statement, although paracord has some color restrictions, there are no problems with other woven uppers that make a very colorful upper (the current Curry 3 upper is almost non-repeating) But they feel that the delicateness and functionality of the ThreadborneTM fiber itself can present a singular aesthetic, so it looks like the current appearance.and  the most important is this kind of material have a great ventilation



After playing the shoes for half an hour, I found that  CURRY 3 LOW became softer, so it may be the reason why  the shoes were completely new,  so I felt  more stiff. After a period of  test and play , the bottom performance of CURRY 3 LOW  have a good court feeling ,which  providing a proper cushion for the reaction force of jumping or running, so as not to cause long-term sports injuries for the basketball player wearing it.

Overall , the Under Armour Curry 3 is great shoe.CURRY 3 LOW offers a good choice for basketball players who demand speed and dexterity. On the one hand, the low-barrel and lightweight design gives the athletes more and more flexible; on the other hand, they also work hard on the design of the brake function, providing the athletes with better ability to change direction; the most important is this shoes  have a lightweight while also meeting the requirements of support, stability, coating, buffering capacity, etc.

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Nike LeBron 10 Performance Review

LeBron 10 was the best favorite  sneaker  of LeBron.The Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 10 is perfect for bigger and more explosive players.He often play game with this one .


Here are some pictures as below :


Lebron 10 adopts the design concept  Diamonds –diamond-cut line contours, equipped with a new Flywire technology, and Zoom Max, the strongest cushioning technology in Nike history, and the use of Hyperfuse upper structure. Taking into account the lightness, wear resistance and breathability, it can be said that Lebron 10 is able to provide good wrapping while still being flexible.

Lebron 10’s original 3D sample,  James himself placed Nike Swoosh “in the opposite direction”, so there is a classic anti-hook design of the James series.


For the box ,it is  more special than the  last model  ,the Lebron  logo and special color of shoes.



The Hyperfuse upper of the diamond cutting line is very three-dimensional. The “reverse” placed Swoosh also makes the whole pair of shoes more unique and different. The fuse upper has many small “windows”, which provide more breathable. The hidden ” Flywire” can be seen through the small “window”.



For the lace system actually  just so so.The lace are thick round , which are not tightly. You often have to stop and tie your shoes during play. This is the biggest problem with Lebron 10. Lebron 10 does not have an integrated tongue design. It’s quite convenient, and it doesn’t press the instep at all. I felt a lot for the pressing in my instep when I played   Lebron 13


Zoom Max air cushion used in the Lebron 10 .  It’s almost propelling in the forefoot and is just incredible. There were some minor stability issues along the outrigger


Zoom Air pretty much spans across all sport categories. From Basketball to Running, Football to Tennis. On or off-court, Zoom Air is Nike’s most popular cushion and – in my opinion – it’s best.Zoom Air technology gives runners the benefits of a more responsive and energetic run.  It helps rebound from the road, getting runner’s feet on and off the ground quicker into the next stride.  For me , I felt it’s a great new setup that offers you the best  responsive.



For supporting and protection :

If the Lebron 10 Elite wrapping has a score of 10, the Lebron 10 wrapping  can reach 9 points. The package feels soft and comfortable, the lining is also filled, and the asymmetrical high-top design ensures flexibility. Under the same time, it also gives enough protection.


The Fuse on the Lebron 10 has a relatively thick upper and the toe is also reinforced, so the upper support is also satisfactory. and the most important of the material , it is stiff outside , but the inside will be more softer ,so the materail just give me a lot of supporting .


If you played the KD shoes , you must felt the KD shoes’s torsion was not good , as we know ,the Lebron 10, which also uses the Zoom Max air cushion, is much more stable than the KD9. There is a circle of Phylon wrapped around the Zoom Max air cushion, and a long TPU is embedded in the Phylon edging to stabilize the body, so Lebron 10 , if  you are interested ,  you can try it .


For traction

Because of the use of Zoom Max, although the front of the Lebron 10 is wider, but because the air cushion is flowing, it will not feel stable in the direction of large changes, so Lebron 10 also limits the wearing of the crowd, speed guard Wearing Lebron 10 will be a disaster, and the Crown Logo is a TPU embedded in the sole.


Here are  more pictures as below :



The sole of Lebron 10 also uses the “diamond cutting” concept to cut strips of different sizes of “X” shape. The touch area of the whole sole is also large enough. It is good in indoor wooden floors and outdoor plastic court. The grip performance, but in the comparison test with Lebron 14, Lebron 14 has a better grip than Lebron 10.

The test as above , for me , it is enough .


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Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” Performance Review

While the last version (2011) of the Air Jordan 14 ‘Last Shot’ was a poor attempt at remaking a classic ,the Jordan Brand is set to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Air Jordan 14 Last Shot in 2018.I am so lucky to got one when released .

We will check it out  today.


Originally debuted during the second half of Game 5 of the NBA Finals, while MJ wore them during the entire Game 6 vs the Utah Jazz. We recently saw Jordan Brand celebrate the Air Jordan 14 with the Finals Pack earlier this year, but this release will be more focused on the actual pair MJ wore.The shoe was made famous during the 1998 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz and this version will basically sport the same OG theme when MJ wore it.  Utilizing soft leather and short cut suede, this version of the shoe is closer to the original than ever before.

We  will look  at the details as below , for the box , it is nothing special ….I thought the box must be special ,but actually it is simply .

 Material :

Covered in the stealthy hue and made of premium tumbled leather with nubuck. It is the same with last one. And the Air Jordan 14  aren’t known for being the most durable ,because of  the upper will last just fine, as the foam teeth located at the forefoot tend to take a lot of damage and even separate from the toe box. So I can not play it violently but carefully, especially  for the outside field, that is not the better choice. If you’ve been following along with Retro Jordans for a few years now, suspect quality isn’t really anything new compared to the original shoes that actually took to heart the “quality inspired by the greatest player ever” tagline, but it’s the XII, XIII and XIV where the drop off is most disappointing.

However the Air Jordan 14   used the absolute best full-grain leather on the signature footwear market. It was soft to the touch and buttery smooth. So if you like this kind of material , that is the best choice for you.

We can see more details as below , the black color was cool with the  yellow Jumpmen eye  , also the red logo also give us more texture .

The JORDAN logo on the tongue as usually .

For the ventalion ,it is not good . However, Tinker did implement an air vent into the shoe which was always a really cool

We can see the picture more : 

The Jordan Jumpman logo as usually amazing .


The traction used the herringbone  again , Nike used the herringbone traction more  in many model.The grooves aren’t as peaked/ sharp as other herringbone patterns so it isn’t able to bite the floor as well. And  we can check the  logo one the bottom.Consistent wiping of the outsoles will be required . Surprisingly, the Air Jordan XIV’s traction worked very well outdoors so that’s a plus.


For the cushioning :

Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot”  featured heel Zoom Air and forefoot Articulated Zoom Air  the same last model.The heel unit hasn’t changed at all but the forefoot is now a basic Zoom unit and they’ve been slimmed down a bit since their last Retro release. I was thought it is the same as the KD 8 which used  articulated, full-length Nike Zoom Air unit specifically designed for the KD8 provides responsive cushioning that moves naturally with Durant’s foot. The midsole is pretty low profile so court feel is enhanced a bit as there is less material between your foot and the floor.


The heel part with   red Air Jordan logo and 23  number.Lockdown at the midfoot was perfectly fine for me, it was the heel that had some sloppiness to it. Also the collar design is  comfortable  with the foam.

Overall, Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot” is amazing , I  like it very much .Heel Air sole unit, forefoot Zoom Air, herringbone traction pattern, Phylon midsole, foam support chassis, TPU midfoot shank, asymmetrical collar, all of these design will be great .

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Air Jordan 32 “UNC” Performance Review

Between the Air Jordan 6 Rings silhouette and the Air Jordan 11 “Win Like” series from late last year, the Jumpman has flaunted MJ’s success numerous times. Now, the Jordan Brand is paying its respects to MJ’s alma mater with an Air Jordan 32 “UNC” that celebrates the Tar Heels six championship rings.

How about the  performance review ? Please check it out .


The  UNC won the National Championship are represented by make-shift rings that line the sneaker’s spine. While Jordan was obviously not present for all six titles, his 1982 team receives a bit of special treatment, as that year is dressed in gold, while the rest are silver.


The “UNC” color is look  fresh.Especially in summer,it  is look cool .The traction is made of translucent rubber. The pattern of the outsole is a fishbone pattern with Roman numerals and the official font “XXXII”.

The outsole  function is nice ,the grip  will be better than the Air Jordan 31.Dust only affected performance in a minor way; infrequent wiping was needed on a less than desirable court. If you play on a clean court, or at least one that is properly refinished once a year, you’re going to get a tacky experience that bites when you need it most.



The Air Jordan 32 is equipped with  Zoom Air for both the high and low types shoes , also the Air Jordan 32 used the FlightSpeed Technology (a TPU between the air cushion and the insole).But the front and back soles belong to different configurations, which directly affect the sense of foot and cushioning. The forefoot part can easily feel the softness of Zoom Air; as for the back midsole , the Zoom Air is separated by a layer of midsole. So the cushioning court feeling is great according the feet.though we can feel the forefoot will be more stiff. If you are more weight ,maybe this one will be your best choice.

After playing in both the mid and low version of the Air Jordan 32, the Lows seem to uses better rubber overall. But this one will be better than low one , the heel part will be provide the good protection.


The Air Jordan 32’s midsole design is more thick, which makes the court feeling  just so so, but with the FlightSpeed Plate, the reaction speed of the forefoot Zoom Air can be improved, and the Zoom Air configuration is closer to the insole, so we can  feels the sole will be too soft. also the setting will be easy to improved the strength of the foot .

Material :

If you have experienced the soft or stiff  of  Flyknit uppers of Nike,and theses shoes  can’t satisfy you, then you should try Fly Jordan’s Air Jordan 32.

Although the Air Jordan 32’s upper is called “Flyknit”, the actual material is a bit like “Flyweave” + “Flyknit”. The texture is thinner than Flyweave but not as soft as KD10 and 11 Flyknit,  it is will be not soft too much ,it is just right. Then the forefoot setting  is even better.The most important is the shoes can be lockdown your feet well but not too much pressure.

Here is more details as the picture .

The Air Jordan logo as the tongue.

The heel part have a firm foam including that protection the feet .

Supporting :

Some of supporting is from the material.The Air Jordan 32’s Flyknit upper  used the different setting , the outside or the heel part just used the stiff material with  a stronger . it is will be more wrapping. In addition, the Air Jordan 32 with midsole  that a little upwardly extending  also enhances the ability to support both feet.When you do a change or rush, this setting “scratch your feet.” so it will protect  your feet.


In addition to the SpeedSpeed Plate, the midsole has a carbon fiber stabilizer and the Outrigger on the outside of the forefoot. The support stability of the entire chassis is very stable.


Air Jordan 32’s ankle support is mainly from the foam of the tongue, the collar and the heel, which provides the surrounding wrap.

And  the high version is not much different from the low version.  In fact, the outer material of the ankle (leather + suede) is not very close to the shoes .


For the weight, the right foot weighs 453 grams on one foot. I am a little surprised to see the number displayed on the electronic scale. Because the Air Jordan 32 is actually lightweight .

Overall ,The Air Jordan 32 actually great for the nice material and the great cushioning, Flyknit texture is comfortable , also the supporting is great too.


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Air Jordan 30 Wolf Grey Performance Review

Entering the 30th anniversary, Jordan Brand has launched the Jordan XXX that we long awaited. Drawing inspiration from the history of the Michael Jordan Slam Dunk Contest, with a small window with a galaxy print which is being called ‘cosmos’.The chief designer Tinker Hatfield did a great job , it is look so cool .

So how about the performance review?


According to Nike, this symbolizes Michael Jordan being the ‘Big Bang’ and igniting the globalization of basketball.

Protection :

The heel part did a great job.Jordan 30 used the unique and black collar  are created with Flyknit plus one-piece Woven technology to supporting the  ankle protection. After tightening the laces, Jordan XXX provides a fairly stable ankle lock. Of course,  the hidden TPU stabilizer and the locking design of the Achilles  are help a lot , these design  are perfectly meets Tinker Hatfield’s desire to lock the calcaneus. The black knit area still provides a high degree of comfort when locking the ankle, without the discomfort of the foot.

protection rating: 4/5



Just simple looks and pure performance. No more limited editions of any kind. If you want our retros, have at it because we’re going to make so many that resellers won’t make a dime

Cushioning :


Equipped with the FlightSpeed system, Jordan XXX  used  Zoom Air  on the forefoot and Phylon also did a great function .  You can the Zoom barely protrudes but retains a very similar feel to the XX9. I’m not for sure since I sold my XX9s but compared to my M11 and SF3 it is more recessed.Jordan XXX is not the kind of shoes that can feel strong cushioning but during the application process that we can felt a great responsive. For the speed defender, this cushioning is quite enough, but for the restricted area players or more weighter, Jordan XXX’s responsive  have been not enough.

Cushioing rating: 4/5





The materials are not as pliable and soft as last year as they seem to have a little more structure but it’s still flexible and conforming. If the XX9 is a nice dress shirt, the XXX is that same shirt but starched.

Tinker Hatfield re-created a one-piece upper with woven, knit and 3D technology which different the previous one. Putting on Jordan XXX, you can immediately feel that your feet are tightly covered and fully supportive.  It can be said that Jordan XXX has achieved a good balance between covering and comfort.

Material ratting :4.5/5





The traction is nice . Jordan XXX’s grip  and the performance is almost like the Curry One. But on uncleaned or moisture-filled ground, Jordan XXX’s grip is not great.

I only had two 1 hour sessions at the dusty Y but I’m confident these will be excellent on clean floors. Not quite as good as the Hyperrev 16 or Curry Two but pretty damn good. Translucent or not it worked well

Grip rating: 4.5/5

Supporting :

For the supporting , the higher collar actuall great . That higher cut on the medial side slows your ankle down if it’s turning and gives it something to lean on. However the XXX collar is too soft and flexible to do anything. Really no point in this case.

To enhance the fit in the ankle, the XXX has a large heel pillow which can get bunched up and feel a little awkward. but seems it is work.

Overall : I am quite satisfied with the performance of Jordan XXX in actual combat performance. The excellent reactivity of FlightSpeed, the wrapping and the excellent grip are all reasons why Jordan XXX made me fall in love. The heel design with strong locking  is more inclusive, which makes me feel more like a shoe. It shows that Nike is using the Flyknit technology and the Woven technology.


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Nike Kyrie 4 Low Performance Review

After introducing the Kyrie Flytrap earlier this year, Nike continues to expand Kyrie Irving’s signature line with the first ever low-top variation of his model. After released the the Kyrie 4, the affordable “Flytrap” ,then the latest “Kyrie Low” low-profile basketball series for summer.

This particular colorway features a black and white strap in graphic print and a gum rubber outsole that features herringbone-patterned nubs, blade.

For traction :

Kyrie Low’s outsole style is a line of straight and horizontal stripes, with a large area of gum rubber, and a little general rubber material (the red inner ring and yellow area of the color).Then in the forefoot area and outer sides have a design that extends to the midsole, which increases the grip area of the feet.




Still maintaining the good tradition of the “Kyrie” series, the grip is great, the outsole  enhanced the friction, so the grip is nice . And the multi-directional lines between the vertical and the horizontal also make the grip more stable and will not Different footsteps occur in which the grip is inconsistent.

However, the overall rubber material hardness of the outsole is soft. Generally speaking, the texture of the rubber outer sole is usually  stiff, but in Kyrie  4 Low, the large area of the rubber outer sole is much softer than the yellow area.


The first Kyrie basketball shoes with front and rear soles, Zoom Air, and Phylon midsole. Although the number of air cushions is “upgraded”, it is estimated from the price that it should be a Zoom Air (a hexagonal air cushion similar to Kyrie Flytrap) with a small pocket of Zoom Air and a small foot of the foot.



It is a pity that the large-scale Phylon in the midsole is still  stiff but density, and Zoom Air adopts the “lower” type, which is placed near the bottom of the Phylon bottom, and the overall foot feels  not good .I can not felt the Zoom Air ,there is not the responsive and feedback .I just feeling it is the same with Kyrie 3.



The Zoom Air  just like its siblings, Nike Zoom is lightweight and durable.As we know , the Zoom Air  brings the foot closer to the ground and enhances stability, especially during quick cuts and multi-directional movements.also Zoom air can increases the performance of the reaction. Since Zoom Air is closer to the outsole, there is no common Zoom Air under the insole. So maybe you can’t felt a lot zoom air in forefoot.





Although Kyrie Low design adopt some elements from Kyrie 1 to Kyrie 4, it is look like the Kyrie 3 if we moved the strap,as well as the upper material.The Kyrie  4 low just followed the Kyrie 3 , the material with mesh which  added fuse coating on the inside of the forefoot.

A shoe lace system is the highlight this time, so that the Kyrie  4 Low can  fit  tightly, the position of the collar and the heel  which added a thick lining filler , all of the design are add the lockdown




Mesh materials can not provide the  excellent upper support performance, but Kyrie Low has added Kyrie 2’s adhesive strap  to enhance the support strength and ensure that the feet do not slide inside the shoes.

Fitting :

Kyrie Low is an engineered version of Engineered Performance , meaning that the forefoot area is wider than the European and American versions. Kyrie Low, I think the front area is too wide, resulting in too much extra space between the upper and the toe, or the length, so you c an buy the small a half  size , but it will feel the width of the feet compared to the outside.


The midfoot strap placed on this sneaker is nearly identical to that of the Kyrie 2 and the outsole of the sneaker features a colorscheme very reminiscent of the heat/pressure map design applied to the Kyrie 3.

Overall ,Kyrie Low is followed the Kyrie 3 with improved  flexibility. Although the support and coverage of the shoe is slightly worse than that of the Kyrie 3, but the strap just make it up.

Unfortunately, it also inherits the shortcomings of the Kyrie series (except for Kyrie 4). The mid-bottom “Zoom Air” will be less than Kyrie 4 The  PG2 will be great for this price

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Nike Kyrie 3 Performance Review

Kyrie Irving likes music very much. He once said during the interview: ‘If I didn’t play basketball…I’d probably would be a musician…or something in music, because I appreciate music so much’, he tried to put the music The cells are injected into the basketball. Every time he playing basketball, just like the rhythm which always makes people feel the heartbeat. After two years of ups and downs in the NBA Finals, Kyrie Irving played like  a “Moonlight Sonata” ,yes, he won his first NBA championship in 2016. The two version of KYRIE just witnessed his growth.  To the third generation of KYRIE,  is it will be better then for last mode ?



The  traction is the most important part of KYRIE shoes. KYRIE 1 brings fierce grip  of the outsole . KYRIE 2 has a curved forefoot outsole, which brings an extraordinary touch on the field. They all focus on the design of the outsole; KYRIE 3 is closer to the first and second designs.


KYRIE 3 soles are mainly formed with fishbone lines, and the outsole still has some slight curvature. According to official instructions, these two points are independent locations, and the design is in accordance with Kyrie Irving. Designed for crossover, or changing the angle of the foot when cutting.We have a herringbone pattern along with two multi – directional pods. These pods allow you to make fast and aggressive moves without loosing any traction or court feel.


From the concept of gripping principle, increasing the fine lines and area of the outsole is the most important. The main purpose is to increase the friction between the sole and the ground, and another way to improve the friction is to change the texture of the outsole plastic. The texture of the KYRIE 3 sole is quite high. Compared with the basketball shoes that usually use the fishbone pattern. KYRIE shoes are more dense and detailed, which greatly helps the overall grip performance. When you pay careful attention, you will find that the pit pattern is deeper than the rest of the position, the engraving is also more prominent, and the relative pit pattern is also softer.  However  action, more stable, and the steps are quite smooth.



The design of outsole can make the  movements flexible. However, this design may not bring the great  performance of all players , because different players have different points of force, some players may concentrate  the force on the forefoot center, so the performance has been not well.But for some player , that is best for them , they will need to wipe the soles time to time to maintain this perfect grip.


But for me, KYRIE 3 does make me feel quite stable in the stop motion. If you want to describe the overall concept, it is like the motorcyclist at high speed, you need to  extend to the inner ring to balance the center of gravity.Aggressive herringbone is featured from heel to toe along with two multi-directional pods. These pods are intended to allow the wearer to grip the court while swiftly changing direction while the herringbone covers linear movements.


Cushioning :

The cushioning performance just so so  for the KYRIE series, all of which stems from Kyrie Irving’s desire for the foot of the venue is greater than the cushioning demand, so we will find that KYRIE shoes are more focused on the design of the forefoot.In order to strengthen the feeling of the foot, the forefoot has two arcs in addition to the outsole, and the sole also has a small amount of curvature, and there is no cushioning technique in it. This makes the touch of the feet very direct to the site, and the response is quite Well, nature can make the pace move more quickly.There are players that enjoy this type of setup, so if that happens to be you, then you’ll likely enjoy these a lot.



KYRIE 3’s insole is thicker than the average basketball shoe. The NIKE Free engraving on the forefoot makes the sole start more flexible, but it doesn’t have much effect on the whole; the insole is printed with Roman numerals VIII and XIII respectively. Follow the tattoo on the wrists of Kyrie Irving and that is  pay tribute to the late mother Elizabeth.


The KYRIE 3 upper can be divided into three parts. The first part is the front end of the toe (there is  no shoelace position). This part is made of HYPERFUSER heat welded surface, which gives the toe excellent wear resistance, but the material is hard. If wearing thinner socks may cause toe discomfort, it is also worth mentioning.

The second part is the position of the first two shoelace holes in the forefoot. This position is made up of nylon mesh with Flywire. The nylon mesh covers the instep with elastic and venting holes. For most wearers, In response to the width of the soles of the feet, Flywire makes the tightness adjustment, and the softness of the nylon mesh mask makes the feet more natural when entering.

With the shoelace, you don’t have to worry about the pressure of the forefoot upper, and the seamless technique is used to combine the materials of different uppers, which greatly reduces the discomfort of the shoe to the sole of the foot.




The third part of the upper is from the midfoot to the heel. It is mainly covered with a TPU plastic surface called KURIM, which brings lightness and toughness to the upper and a spiked shape of the outer layer to make the shape more prominent.


The Nike Kyrie 3 offers very simple support setup:  an internal heel counter to keep your feet in place and internal shank at the midfoot for some support.


What surprised me the most was the heel inner boot, the bottom with a rough lining (textured belt like flannel), and the rest of the position using the general nylon, so that the general cotton socks bring a large friction, it feels like Catch the stockings, thus locking the heel to the inner boot and matching the inner layer of the insulation for excellent coverage and locking. This subtle design is more common in leather shoes, but it is less common in most sports shoes, which makes me feel quite surprised.


As Kyrie Irving’s third pair of signature shoes, except for the Roman numerals VIII and XIII on the insole, which represents the birthday date of the late mother, August 13th, and the sole of the Zoom Air window. The mother’s name, Elizabeth, and the name of her first daughter, Azurie. There are  still marked with Kyrie Irving on the tongue, while his motto JBY (Just Be You) and his humble Winson concept H+H (infused from his father Hungry).

Overall ,The Kyrie 3 is the definition of guard shoe. If you are looking for killer traction, amazing court feel than this is the best choice for you.

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Nike Hyperdunk X Kay Yow Performance Review


Hyperdunk completed its debut in 2008 in Beijing. As the sporting shoes in the sporting world, it helped the players all over the world realize their dreams. From Kobe Bryant of the US team to Jianlian Yi,  Hyperdunk helped the players  . In the past ten years, Nike has continuously innovated to development its technology , So this one always has been a popularity shoes in the sneaker world. Also  few shoes were able to combine light weight, comfort, stability, and durability till the Hyperdunk released . whatever the NBA  game or the normal game , Hyperdunk was the best one for the  players  .

Kobe, Bosh, Reed, Deron, etc. did not have their own signature shoes in 2008 year. Hyperdunk 08 is a pair of team basketball shoes, but the novel shape, ultra-light weight, super slow Zhendu let these superstars put it down, wearing it to play their strongest strength.

LeBron James #6 of the US Men’s Senior National Team drives against Australia during their Basketball Game on Day 12 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the North Greenwich Arena on August 8, 2012 in London, England.

Before the Rio Olympics in 16 years, the Hyperdunk 2016 released  by the ghost Leo Chang . Nike Flyknit collar and the full length Zoom Air Air cushion give the shoes a “strange” name before they are released. But when people really  play it, they  appreciate the perfect foot feeling and the great experience . Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit reaches the peak of the Hyperdunk series


Today, the Hyperdunk series has become a pioneer in the design of Nike basketball shoes. From Nike Flywire, Lunarlon to Flyknit, Nike React. Nike Hyperdunk series will used the latest technologies .Each version of Hyperdunk presents the essence of the Nike basketball shoe concept and practice innovation and courage to explore.

So we will look at the performance review as below :


The box is normal  with more details .



It is feature with  Black and Pink color scheme. Majority of the upper is done in Black with Pink accents on the tongue tab, medial heel Swoosh, midfoot Swoosh, insole and outsole. Completing the design are Pink Ribbons on the heels.





For the material , it is   Black and Pink color scheme  and look  bright. this time the Nike Hyperdunk X  used the leather with is totally don’t like the  Nike Hyperdunk 2017   with the  flyknit & TPU string combo, so the ventilation is not good ..

But for the ventilation of basketball shoes, I personally think that  we dot  more request for it, and there is not a big problem, just to be nitpicking, . At the same time, the kins of material can proved the supporting and protection , such a more comfortable upper material. I play some days , just felt more  comfortable and stuffy . maybe it is summer day ,anyway , if you dont think it is a matter .

Because many sneakers are not good enough for the material. For example, the upper is hard, or  the upper is thin,  but the Nike Hyperdunk X did  perfect for this issue.


The pink HYPERDUNK X logo of the tongue.


Then we can look at the supporting of the Nike Hyperdunk X, the type just followed the traditional series of Hyperdunk .Starting from the heel area, there’s a quite massive internal TPU heel counter which strongly locks and keeps your foot into the right place, but it is different compare with the Nike Hyperdunk 2017  which have the  Flywire cables attached to the lacing system, but the Nike Hyperdunk X ‘s support just from the material , and the heel part have both shoes side just give more protection and stability .



Since 2008, the first version of  Hyperdunk , Nike has adopted the latest technology, such as the Lunar, and then in the past few years, Nike just  used  the technology of Zoom or the Lunar .In 2017, Nike used the React for the first time, and the performance  was good. However, when the Hyperdunk X  office picture leak out , it used the Zoom instead of React . some people maybe  be disappointed about it , but for other , they are give this shoe more  higher expectations.


Nike Zoom cushioning is part of the Nike Air family. Like its siblings, Nike Zoom is lightweight and durable.

Because Nike Zoom cushioning is incredibly thin, it brings the foot closer to the ground and enhances stability, especially during quick cuts and multi-directional movements.So we can felt more responsive from the zoom, I like this is shoes very much.

To be honest, the back and forth of the midsole is really a bit old fashion, but it is also the safest operation I think Nike is. The Nike zoom cushioning will immediately return to its original shape, ready to protect the body against the next impact force. As a result, we can protect against fatigue and stress.

Rubber and rubber patch on the outside of the shoe body to enhance lateral support


There are 18 small dots printed on the midsole ,  I can understood as the 10th version of 2018 .


The traction just used the XDR  rubber , it is more durable outsole and  it won’t have lateral stability and you leave yourself prone to a major ankle roll. Basketball shoes with a durable outsole like XDR would would be nice .

The traction provide the great wrapping as well,  we can see the more details as below :  Nike Hyperdunk X will be grip for the performance , also the rubber tends to be a little harder than regular rubber found on running shoes so that it can take the beating you give is different from the Hyperdunk  2017 , but the gripping is nice .The sole line is a deep wavy pattern with a traditional rollover prevention on the outside of the forefoot. But in terms of actual performance, ,it is just so so.The so-called stability and rollover prevention is not just an outsole extension design, but an entire system, including the upper material, midsole , which are a collaborative operation.


Forefoot with ZOOM AIR air cushion, rubber and plastic material placed between the outsole and the midsole, can not directly touch the air cushion

Pink insole with black SWOOSH LOGO

There’s no longer a one piece bootie, instead we have a half bootie construction and that’s because the tongue is half way connected with the upper, not completely a one piece. It’s more like old school since every brand is now going for that one piece bootie, but looking at practicality, I like this half bootie construction better just because you can put them on or off without any problems at all.

They are some data as below :

Nike Hyperdunk X ‘s zoom  cushion isn’t the best cushion for me, but I know that there’s a lot of people who will love this setup as much as I love BOOST. Either way, I still enjoy playing in them and didn’t release or feel tha big of a miss in bounce department just because other aspects like: responsiveness, impact protection was phenomenal. well the material also have a different compare with the last model. but actually the performance is nice , though it is will be stuffy in the summer . Most of people don’t think it is a problem . It is a price of 130 USD in this year. I think it is value shoes.


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Whats the Difference of Air Jordan 11, Air Jordan 12, Air Jordan 13 ?

As we know ,Michael Jordan Jordan scored 19 points and the game had the highest Nielsen rating of any regular season NBA game since 1975. He soon returned to form, scoring 55 points against the Atlanta Hawks in his 5th game back with the team.The designer was hard at work.

He created the Nike Air Max and every Jordan shoe from the Air Jordan 3 to that point, then from the XI all the way to the Air Jordan XV. The shoe was created while Jordan was still playing baseball, and Hatfield was hoping he would return to the court and wear them, because the Air Jordan 11 was special.

But what is the difference of Air Jordan 11, Air Jordan 12, Air Jordan 13 ?

We will check it out .


It had a ballistic upper mesh to make the shoes more lightweight and durable than past Air Jordan models. The Air Jordan 11 also had a carbon fiber spring plate to increase on-court quickness and lateral speed.

Air Jordan XI’s upper patent leather material is amazing.In the actual process, the patent leather provides a very good support, which is enough to provide a stable sense of protection.The traction pattern also provides a very good grip, although it is slightly affected by the dust after being stained with dust, but there is  no obvious slippage. For a pair of shoes over 18 years old, this grip performance is amazing.

However, in terms of ankle support, Jordan XI only uses Ballistic Mesh material as the main support, and there is no additional support design, which is a pity. In addition, the thicker setting of the tongue makes the dressing process have a fairly good covering, so that there is no sliding space in the shoe. Unfortunately, this design sacrifices breathability, so that after take on the Jordan XI , there is a noticeable sultry feeling.

In addition, the carbon fiber material design used in basketball shoes for the first time to helps users a better stability than before, while at the same time balancing light weight and stability. In the reactive part.When providing rapid responsiveness, it is also able to balance buffering, which is another surprise for Jordan XI in terms of functionality.


This aspect gave the shoe a dressy look that attracted more than just basketball players and sneakerheads. The Air Jordan 11 branched out into the fashion world more broadly than previous Air Jordan models.

However Tinker Hatfield once again design the new shoes again. Tinker Hatfield put the Zoom Air technology in the Jordan XII midsole which they  have been never used , that is  technology helps users get closer to the ground and feel the feedback from the shoes than the previous. With more rapid responsiveness than Air-Sole and Air Max, Zoom Air gives users a faster reaction than their opponents.

Although the advantage of Zoom Air was affected by outsole at the time.However, the Jordan XII is equipped with Zoom Air as a milestone. In addition to causing great topicality, it also inspired the public’s imagination of the speed of basketball shoes on the court. And Michael Jordan was sick in the fifth game of the 1997 championship, got the 38 points. The Jordan XII won the indelible classic status of the Air Jordan series.


I felt a comfortable feeling from leather design , and the supporting the shoes , the Jordan XII can be said to be quite prominent. However, this design also brings a noticeable sultry feeling, the upper leather has a more obvious pressure on the upper  of the instep, which is quite a pity. In the reactive part of the sole, although the earliest use of Zoom Air basketball shoes, but the Air Jordan XII too thick which completely limit the effectiveness of Zoom Air. Therefore, for me, the responsiveness of the Air Jordan XII is only a passing edge. But in the durability part, thanks to the solid materials, the durability of the entire Air Jordan XII is  standard. Overall, the Air Jordan XII has a solid feel and a luxurious material, but the overly thick outsole limits the use of Zoom Air.

When Tinker Hatfield designed the Air Jordan XIII, he carefully observed Michael Jordan’s performance on the basketball court. He found that Michael Jordan just like the performance of the Panther on the grassland on the court.Based on this trait, Tinker Hatfield gave the Air Jordan XIII a unique smooth streamline, it is special.In addition to the dots on the upper to symbolize the pattern on the leopard, the cutting design of the sole is like a leopard.

The cutting outsole allows the user to feel a clear sense of field and provides excellent grip. The Jordan XIII is a classic pair of shoes with both styling and combat capabilities. In addition,  Danzel Washinton did not hesitate to purchase the Jordan XIII in the sporting the Jordan XIII had a  nickname “He Got Game”. This phenomenon proves that the influence of the Air Jordan series has surpassed the movement and has reached more cultural orientation.

But the performance is nice .The Air Jordan XIII presents a fashion to the previous two generations, and people have to admire Tinker Hatfield’s infinite creativity. Inspired by the Jaguar’s Jordan XIII, the soles are extremely stable on the court .

Especially when the user makes a rotating motion, the performance of the Air Jordan XIII’s outsole is obviously excellent, which gives the user a very high sense of stability during the movement. Therefore, the grip of the Jordan XIII is not only inferior to the Air Jordan XI.Excellent stability and fast response, let me list the Air Jordan XIII as a fixed team.

The support part of the shoes is nice , in addition to the hidden support at the foot of the foot, the design of the sole of the sole of the sole also allows me to fully feel the stability . Although the shoes are soft and there is no  claw design like gloves, the stability of the Jordan XIII is quite enough for me.

In terms of durability, the soles and uppers have not been significantly depleted after many actual combat game, but the upper part of the upper has a phenomenon of off-line.

Overall, the Air Jordan XIII is the Jordan replica shoe that I recently considered to be the best fit for the stadium.

The long and short of it is that the Air Jordan shoes, the air Jordan 11 is one of the most influential and popular sneakers ever released, but the Air Jordan 12  and Air Jordan13  also has a great reputation .


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Air Jordan 11 Performance Review

I was excited that I bought Air Jordan 11 in the  first time .The Air Jordan 11 originally released in 1996 and is famous for its patent leather upper. The shoes were designed by Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan himself calls it his favorite Air Jordan sneaker.I will share this shoes with  you.


As we know ,Less than one percent of  athletes  who sign in with Nike have their own signature shoes, and the most classic of basketball shoe  is the first basketball signature shoe – the Air Jordan . Since the first pair of Air Jordan I released in 1984, and now Jordan 32, every pair of Air Jordan used the newest technology, which is a technical indicator of sneakers. One of the most legendary shoes is Michael Jordan, who returned to the NBA after his first retirement , after then , the Nike released  Air Jordan XI, Air Jordan XII and Air Jordan XIII . In the following, from a historical perspective and a practical perspective, explain why these three pairs of shoes have special meanings in the history of sneakers.


Michael Jordan, who decided to challenge the MLB baseball dream.When he returned to the NBA in 1995.Michael Jordan with the first Air Jordan XI white uppers with black patent leather and transparent outsole sneakers attracted the attention of fans around the world. Also the shoes did  a great job.This pair of shoes that have never been seen before is the classic of NIKE contemporary shoes – Air Jordan XI. Before the Air Jordan XI, there was never a basketball shoe made of patent leather. This amazing design comes from Michael Jordan’s

After three years of experimentation, designer Tinker Hatfield finally chose the patent leather as the main material for the Jordan XI upper. In addition to the shiny qualities, the patent leather is lighter and more supportive than previous leather materials. In addition, Jordan XI has another greater influence in the history of basketball shoes, which is the carbon fiber material that bears the stability of the sole. Inspired by football shoes and American football shoes, Tinker Hatfiled uses the high torsional properties of carbon fiber to add a high degree of midsole stability to the lightweight Air Jordan XI, avoiding excessively twisted shoes during exercise. Physical injury to the user. After Air Jordan XI, carbon fiber technology has an important role  in the Nike basketball shoes series, and even become a top-level indicator of a pair of shoes. Because of its unique style and excellent combat performance, with the Jordan and the Chicago Bulls set a record of 72 wins and 10 NBA history, the Air Jordan XI has become the NO.1 for many fans and fans.


However, in terms of supporting, Jordan XI only uses Ballistic Mesh material as the main support material, and there is no additional support design, which is a pity. In addition, the thicker setting of the tongue makes the dressing process have a fairly good covering, so that there is no sliding space in the shoe. Unfortunately, this design sacrifices breathability, so there is a noticeable sultry feeling when playing or summer.

For the traction : the traction is used the translucent rubber .

This kind of  traction was very solid with all things considered.  Also it has been not easy to keep clear .it is will collect the dust or debris is on the court but thankfully the Air Jordan XI have solid rubber traction pods located in the heel and forefoot.

In addition,the carbon fiber design used for the first time on basketball shoes helps Air Jordan XI give users better stability than before, while at the same time balancing lightweight and stability. In the reactive part, Air Jordan’s Air-Sole has a fairly good quick response. When providing rapid responsiveness, it is also able to balance buffering, which is another surprise for Jordan XI in terms of functionality.

There are the logo of Jordan shoes , the Jumpmen LOGO

For the material : The white upper has specially situated mesh lines that create a balance design, even as it functions as a breather for the feet. Unlike other Air Jordan shoes, you will not find the Jump Man logo on the heels, but the tongue design is already enough to identify this iconic model. The only other Jump Man icon is located at the bottom of the shoes.

Overall, I think Jordan XI is a pair of good shoes. It is a classic shoes in the sneaker world . The nice material and the great cushioning , making Air Jordan XI an absolute collection in the hearts of collectors.Also the performance is perfect.