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Nike Kyrie 4 Low Performance Review

After introducing the Kyrie Flytrap earlier this year, Nike continues to expand Kyrie Irving’s signature line with the first ever low-top variation of his model. After released the the Kyrie 4, the affordable “Flytrap” ,then the latest “Kyrie Low” low-profile basketball series for summer.

This particular colorway features a black and white strap in graphic print and a gum rubber outsole that features herringbone-patterned nubs, blade.

For traction :

Kyrie Low’s outsole style is a line of straight and horizontal stripes, with a large area of gum rubber, and a little general rubber material (the red inner ring and yellow area of the color).Then in the forefoot area and outer sides have a design that extends to the midsole, which increases the grip area of the feet.




Still maintaining the good tradition of the “Kyrie” series, the grip is great, the outsole  enhanced the friction, so the grip is nice . And the multi-directional lines between the vertical and the horizontal also make the grip more stable and will not Different footsteps occur in which the grip is inconsistent.

However, the overall rubber material hardness of the outsole is soft. Generally speaking, the texture of the rubber outer sole is usually  stiff, but in Kyrie  4 Low, the large area of the rubber outer sole is much softer than the yellow area.


The first Kyrie basketball shoes with front and rear soles, Zoom Air, and Phylon midsole. Although the number of air cushions is “upgraded”, it is estimated from the price that it should be a Zoom Air (a hexagonal air cushion similar to Kyrie Flytrap) with a small pocket of Zoom Air and a small foot of the foot.



It is a pity that the large-scale Phylon in the midsole is still  stiff but density, and Zoom Air adopts the “lower” type, which is placed near the bottom of the Phylon bottom, and the overall foot feels  not good .I can not felt the Zoom Air ,there is not the responsive and feedback .I just feeling it is the same with Kyrie 3.



The Zoom Air  just like its siblings, Nike Zoom is lightweight and durable.As we know , the Zoom Air  brings the foot closer to the ground and enhances stability, especially during quick cuts and multi-directional movements.also Zoom air can increases the performance of the reaction. Since Zoom Air is closer to the outsole, there is no common Zoom Air under the insole. So maybe you can’t felt a lot zoom air in forefoot.





Although Kyrie Low design adopt some elements from Kyrie 1 to Kyrie 4, it is look like the Kyrie 3 if we moved the strap,as well as the upper material.The Kyrie  4 low just followed the Kyrie 3 , the material with mesh which  added fuse coating on the inside of the forefoot.

A shoe lace system is the highlight this time, so that the Kyrie  4 Low can  fit  tightly, the position of the collar and the heel  which added a thick lining filler , all of the design are add the lockdown




Mesh materials can not provide the  excellent upper support performance, but Kyrie Low has added Kyrie 2’s adhesive strap  to enhance the support strength and ensure that the feet do not slide inside the shoes.

Fitting :

Kyrie Low is an engineered version of Engineered Performance , meaning that the forefoot area is wider than the European and American versions. Kyrie Low, I think the front area is too wide, resulting in too much extra space between the upper and the toe, or the length, so you c an buy the small a half  size , but it will feel the width of the feet compared to the outside.


The midfoot strap placed on this sneaker is nearly identical to that of the Kyrie 2 and the outsole of the sneaker features a colorscheme very reminiscent of the heat/pressure map design applied to the Kyrie 3.

Overall ,Kyrie Low is followed the Kyrie 3 with improved  flexibility. Although the support and coverage of the shoe is slightly worse than that of the Kyrie 3, but the strap just make it up.

Unfortunately, it also inherits the shortcomings of the Kyrie series (except for Kyrie 4). The mid-bottom “Zoom Air” will be less than Kyrie 4 The  PG2 will be great for this price

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Nike Kyrie 4 Mamba Mentality Perfomrmance Review

The new colorway released,if you are a fan of Irving , you must will buy one,so what is the difference compare with last version ?

It is different from  others colorway.Inspired by the classic Kobe 5 Prelude, the shoe features a mint green outsole and black upper adorned with all the details and unique patterns that made the “Prelude” Kobe 5 so popular when it released.

Here is the close look for the shoes.Maybe someone will like it ,but for others, maybe they dont like the  new design .Usually theNIKE’s LOGO is embroidered, this Mamba  LOGO is printed up, look at the protruding style, similar to the patch, but feels the lack of touching .

For the logo design , it is textured gold metal bulges, but the red and blue around the outside, people can not put it down, personally I  like it very much.


Here is the details as below : the logo of heel also amazing. ,the purple color with the multi color , it is look fashion.

For the material, seems it is followed the last version ,it is used the engineered mesh glued to fuse or nylon. Nike said that this stuff is breathable. But with the nylon backing on the mesh,  seems the ventilation is just so so .especial for the  hot whether , it is not good.

This time it  abandon the suede material compare with the last version ,I dont know whether it is good or not.

Then the  heel of shoes used the rubber panel  , it is nice and support a lot .Prices on these shoes are still ridiculous even with basketball market sales dropping over the past couple of years.  it is still higher .

For the traction : it is followed the last version– “cracked iPhone screen.”

Actually,  this kind of traction will be easy keep .it  easy to broke up.Before the break in you will be doing some slipping and sliding to the point where it will make you mad at times. It is used XDR rubber, so this type of coverage worked really well on a variety of courts and conditions. I still feel that the the past two Kyrie models offered a bit more bite than the Kyrie 4, for this one , it is seems a little updating .

For the supporting ,it improved ,the rubber outsole’s exaggerated “teeth” which wrap up and around the forefoot to stabilize the Cushlon a bit while also slightly caging the forefoot.maybe the panel of the heel ,I can felt more supporting , tt isn’t quite as strong as something like external TPU or carbon fiber, but it more than gets the job done and ensures your heel remains atop the footbed without sliding over.I also feel heavier players may even enjoy this setup

For the cushioning : It can be clearly seen that the cushlon of the hind has been a little deformation,coupled with the role of ZOOM. For those of us who are slightly overweight and have injuries to their knees , it is barely enough!

For the part of Zoom Air unit,maybe you can not feel it is exist , but actually it work when you played .The midsole is still on the thin side (at the forefoot) so the bounce-back that Cushlon usually offers is minimized, but much like adidas’ Bounce which setup proved to be a well balanced offering of cushioning and court feel.

Objectively speaking, because Irving’s style needs quick start and disguise, the forehand will certainly not have too much cushioning, otherwise it will feel dragging, but for us, it is best for our weighted golfers. It will take more rest and rest, or it would be inevitable if you were too tired and uncomfortable knee injury.

The Kyrie 4 comes equipped with an internal heel counter that does a good job of cradling the heel and keeping it secure.

As the material of shoes upper, there is no difference between basic and starting shoes. For me, the most comfortable feeling for this shoe is  midsole part , my  knees have been injured , so the  midsole and protection of shoes is important for me .  This kind of cotton-like parcel brings will allow you to rest assured,also it can protect you well.

Overall, It is a new and good shoes . I’ve loved aspects of the past models, especially the traction, but the brick-like Phylon has been anything but forgiving.  Compare with the  Curry 4’s foam midsole is more forgiving than the Phylon used on past Kyries. dont missed it

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Nike Kyrie 4 March Madness Performance Review

Joining the Nike Basketball NCAA March Madness Collection, which includes the Nike PG 2 and Kobe AD, is the Nike Kyrie 4. So is it   will be popular ?Low profile cushion, non-existing impact protection, paper lightness & killer traction – that‘s the Kyrie line. But then the Kyrie 4 new colorway comes in, and hell yeah it‘s different.Compare with other colorway , is it look  a little  fresh ?

Its colorful marble-like rubber outsole,  a White upper with textile overlays. An iridescent Nike Swoosh logo, Black speckled midsole and 3M Reflective tongue tab completes the design.


For the traction : it is a multi-directional herringbone  , that is what my favorite ,I love this pattern that it is will help me a lot  in the inside court , but for the outside court , I dont think it is good, these god damn dirty courts will get you wiping them outsoles whenever it’s possible. But if you keep them nice & debris-free they will deliver some good ass grip both on the inside and outside. Although the outsoles started off a bit slick the first couple of nights . and also the grip is nice in the clear court.Maybe the last Kyrie will be better then Kyrie 4 .


For the cushioning : The Kyrie 4 design is based on Irvine’s
Request for  better cushioning and more rapid transient redirecting
The traction design of the outsole clearly fulfills
Improved grip performance and responsiveness in disguised form
Provide seamless transition effects  .The heel still features a Zoom Air unit, that I felt was unnecessary for the most part as I tend to stay off my heels. However, if you happen to use your heel then coverage from the Zoom unit is there.All of a sudden the Kyrie line takes a drastic turn and delivers a well-balanced tooling with Zoom Air & Cushlon in charge. AndIt‘s not eventually something on a same level as BOUNCE, It will help a lot . It‘s definitely an enormous step further what we had.




The midsole is still on the thin side (at the forefoot) so the bounce-back that Cushlon usually offers is minimized, but much like adidas’ Bounce, this setup proved to be a well balanced offering of cushioning and court feel.


The materials followed the last material . Engineered mesh is featured at the forefoot and that provides you with a lightweight material that requires hardly any break-in time,that is amazing, especially for the summer, it can bring the ventilation , and Nylon is glued to the underside which restricts all of the air flow, but in turn it strengthens the material.So it is worth this price.While on the heel area there‘s a small synthetic leather panel to spice things up even further, then we can feel the supporting well.



However some buyer said the traction will be part,they said the traction it is too soft , if you played outside , it will be broken soon after some combat game .


For the fit ,It is true size , but for the wide footer should be aware of that narrow fit. Make sure you try them in store if possible. For anyone else I would suggest going true to size.

Overall , the Nike Kyrie 4  performer is great , the nice cushioning and material , the true size , but for the traction ,some one said it will soft but for some one , it will be better ,the feeling court is a little like Adidas boost.also the adequate support ,  all of comes at a “team” friendly price point of $120. Dont missed it .