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Nike Kyrie 3 Performance Review

Kyrie Irving likes music very much. He once said during the interview: ‘If I didn’t play basketball…I’d probably would be a musician…or something in music, because I appreciate music so much’, he tried to put the music The cells are injected into the basketball. Every time he playing basketball, just like the rhythm which always makes people feel the heartbeat. After two years of ups and downs in the NBA Finals, Kyrie Irving played like  a “Moonlight Sonata” ,yes, he won his first NBA championship in 2016. The two version of KYRIE just witnessed his growth.  To the third generation of KYRIE,  is it will be better then for last mode ?



The  traction is the most important part of KYRIE shoes. KYRIE 1 brings fierce grip  of the outsole . KYRIE 2 has a curved forefoot outsole, which brings an extraordinary touch on the field. They all focus on the design of the outsole; KYRIE 3 is closer to the first and second designs.


KYRIE 3 soles are mainly formed with fishbone lines, and the outsole still has some slight curvature. According to official instructions, these two points are independent locations, and the design is in accordance with Kyrie Irving. Designed for crossover, or changing the angle of the foot when cutting.We have a herringbone pattern along with two multi – directional pods. These pods allow you to make fast and aggressive moves without loosing any traction or court feel.


From the concept of gripping principle, increasing the fine lines and area of the outsole is the most important. The main purpose is to increase the friction between the sole and the ground, and another way to improve the friction is to change the texture of the outsole plastic. The texture of the KYRIE 3 sole is quite high. Compared with the basketball shoes that usually use the fishbone pattern. KYRIE shoes are more dense and detailed, which greatly helps the overall grip performance. When you pay careful attention, you will find that the pit pattern is deeper than the rest of the position, the engraving is also more prominent, and the relative pit pattern is also softer.  However  action, more stable, and the steps are quite smooth.



The design of outsole can make the  movements flexible. However, this design may not bring the great  performance of all players , because different players have different points of force, some players may concentrate  the force on the forefoot center, so the performance has been not well.But for some player , that is best for them , they will need to wipe the soles time to time to maintain this perfect grip.


But for me, KYRIE 3 does make me feel quite stable in the stop motion. If you want to describe the overall concept, it is like the motorcyclist at high speed, you need to  extend to the inner ring to balance the center of gravity.Aggressive herringbone is featured from heel to toe along with two multi-directional pods. These pods are intended to allow the wearer to grip the court while swiftly changing direction while the herringbone covers linear movements.


Cushioning :

The cushioning performance just so so  for the KYRIE series, all of which stems from Kyrie Irving’s desire for the foot of the venue is greater than the cushioning demand, so we will find that KYRIE shoes are more focused on the design of the forefoot.In order to strengthen the feeling of the foot, the forefoot has two arcs in addition to the outsole, and the sole also has a small amount of curvature, and there is no cushioning technique in it. This makes the touch of the feet very direct to the site, and the response is quite Well, nature can make the pace move more quickly.There are players that enjoy this type of setup, so if that happens to be you, then you’ll likely enjoy these a lot.



KYRIE 3’s insole is thicker than the average basketball shoe. The NIKE Free engraving on the forefoot makes the sole start more flexible, but it doesn’t have much effect on the whole; the insole is printed with Roman numerals VIII and XIII respectively. Follow the tattoo on the wrists of Kyrie Irving and that is  pay tribute to the late mother Elizabeth.


The KYRIE 3 upper can be divided into three parts. The first part is the front end of the toe (there is  no shoelace position). This part is made of HYPERFUSER heat welded surface, which gives the toe excellent wear resistance, but the material is hard. If wearing thinner socks may cause toe discomfort, it is also worth mentioning.

The second part is the position of the first two shoelace holes in the forefoot. This position is made up of nylon mesh with Flywire. The nylon mesh covers the instep with elastic and venting holes. For most wearers, In response to the width of the soles of the feet, Flywire makes the tightness adjustment, and the softness of the nylon mesh mask makes the feet more natural when entering.

With the shoelace, you don’t have to worry about the pressure of the forefoot upper, and the seamless technique is used to combine the materials of different uppers, which greatly reduces the discomfort of the shoe to the sole of the foot.




The third part of the upper is from the midfoot to the heel. It is mainly covered with a TPU plastic surface called KURIM, which brings lightness and toughness to the upper and a spiked shape of the outer layer to make the shape more prominent.


The Nike Kyrie 3 offers very simple support setup:  an internal heel counter to keep your feet in place and internal shank at the midfoot for some support.


What surprised me the most was the heel inner boot, the bottom with a rough lining (textured belt like flannel), and the rest of the position using the general nylon, so that the general cotton socks bring a large friction, it feels like Catch the stockings, thus locking the heel to the inner boot and matching the inner layer of the insulation for excellent coverage and locking. This subtle design is more common in leather shoes, but it is less common in most sports shoes, which makes me feel quite surprised.


As Kyrie Irving’s third pair of signature shoes, except for the Roman numerals VIII and XIII on the insole, which represents the birthday date of the late mother, August 13th, and the sole of the Zoom Air window. The mother’s name, Elizabeth, and the name of her first daughter, Azurie. There are  still marked with Kyrie Irving on the tongue, while his motto JBY (Just Be You) and his humble Winson concept H+H (infused from his father Hungry).

Overall ,The Kyrie 3 is the definition of guard shoe. If you are looking for killer traction, amazing court feel than this is the best choice for you.