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Nike KD 11 VS LeBron 16 , What is The Difference Of The Performance ?

The newly-minted NBA champion and Finals MVP was a key contributor in his team’s 4-0 sweep of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. His classic Nike KD4  released in the “Thunderstruck” colorway after Game 3, in which the Durantula put up an all-world 43-13-7 stat line. He was named Finals MVP. And now his new Nike KD 11 is released.When h become the new season ,he will  play with the Nike KD 11 .But along with the Los Angeles Lakers officially unveiling their new Icon jerseys  the Lebron released Lebron 16  with his new team.



So who will be the winner ? and what is the difference performance for thees two type of shoes ? We will checked it today.


Despite King James’ new home in Los Angeles with the Lakers, his 16th signature sneaker will apparently debut in a “Black/University Red” color scheme.  Also there are other colorway will release soon, we will be looking forward it .



For the material :

LeBron 16 maintains some of the key features from the LeBron 15 with a new Battleknit pattern used across the upper and a visible Zoom Air unit that appears to be identical. The new Battleknit pattern was better than the  LeBron 15. Battleknit is used here  and it feels awesome on-foot. We can felt more lightweight and durability ,If you were unimpressed with the stiff upper used on the LeBron 14 and the   cheap but soft materials used on the LeBron 15,  Lebron 16 was you best choice. it is flexibility and durability , also the ventilation is better.One piece uppers can be tricky ,that is the feeling of Lebron 15.

However the KD 11 also used the Flyknit upper , and the performance well.



The KD 11’S  Flyknit upper was constructed with a softer knit and a different collar than the two previous models, design tweaks that were inspired by last summer’s Nike Air Sock Racer-a shoe that Durant expressed his admiration for to Chang. The softer knit  actually really great, also the KD 11  used the suede material with the heat welded  nylon material , that is will be more protect the the feet and upgrade the texture of the shoes.

I know Kevin Durant likes to wear his shoes really loose to the point where they’ve come off of his feet during games several times,so he need more supporting and lockdown .The KD 11 just born for the Durant.


Then there is the rest of the knit build, which is just the way I tend to like my knitted shoes. Also there a part of reinforce material in the toe part.that is  provide the protection but the toe part also have been durability. And the heel part have an KD logo with material of suede.


For me, I am thinking that the Kd 11 will be better, because of the material of KD 11 will be more firm and durability .Also my favorite  part is the toe part of KD11. it is will be more protection and performance is amazing.



For the supporting :

LeBron 16  have a bit lackluster due to the tooling setup. Traditional support features like a torsional midfoot shank and TPU heel counter are all in place and work well. In addition , the  lion face logo that has been largely absent from the superstar’s footwear since being seen on the tongue of the LeBron 8—ironically his first signature as after packing his bags and leaving Cleveland for South Beach back in 2010.

The Lebron 16 also upgrade the heel part  which the midsole and outsole more  wide enough base  the lion face heel collor,it is unlike the  Lebron 15 which  lace enough heel supporting  . Again, if you’re a linear player then you should be fine.





For cushioning :

For the KD 11, It is normal  for the supporting .Torsional support is abundant due to the rubber cupsole while heel support is adequate with the sturdy heel counter.But the Lebron 16 can provide the more supporting with comfortable heel collar .

KD 11 would have been even better had the lacing system been able to really draw your foot into the rear of the sneaker to use that heel counter properly.But the pull tab of the KD 11  will be easy to nice.


Durant wanted a shoe that felt broken-in right out of the box, so head designer Leo Chang concocted a performance silhouette featuring a rubber cup sole that boasts a combination of Nike’s React and Zoom cushioning technologies.The KD 11  just have been nice performance of the cushioning system.the React and Zoom Air combination on the KD 11 was amazing.Once you break the shoe in you’ll find yourself feeling a nice spring to each step.



For the Lebron 16 ,it  used the a visible Zoom Air unit again ,The bounce and feedback felt from the Zoom units is incredible. This isn’t the first time this type of cushion has been utilized in a LeBron model.So the Lebron 16 also followed last model.The perforamcne is nice , especial for the more weight guy.

However the Kd 11 with the React and Zoom Air  together was amazing ,with plenty of impact protection courtesy of the React can felt more the responsive and feedback from the ground when you jup and running . While you can’t feel it with you fingers/hands because of the firm rubber cage (cupsole), the React midsole is very soft,  that is amazing .


If you’re a linear player, like LeBron, then you shouldn’t have many issues with stability and support. However, if you move laterally often then you’ll likely the KD 11,it is flexibility ,you will feel more freely and lightweight  and it’ll hinder your on court performance.


Unlike the one-piece upper of Lebron 15, this pair looks like it will have a more traditional tongue.

For the traction :

The KD 11 used the translucent again , Traction started strong and the grip is nice ,but you maybe play in the inside clean court ,if you paly outside with dusty court, I have to say it is tragedy ,the traction will be worn out asap ,and the grip is not great ,so the shoes will be slip .

For the Lebron 16 ,thw traction will be better than the KD 11.that I guess ….Traction was solid for  Lebron 16. You can feel the triangle pattern bite and grip the court really well from a linear standpoint.But the shoes can play outside whatever kind of field, that is great.






Overall, If you’re a linear player, like LeBron, then you shouldn’t have many issues with stability and support. Then Lebron 16 will be your the best choice,then the KD  11 will be more flexibility and light weight, but the supporting of Lebron 16  will be better.


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Nike Zoom KD11 EP Deconstructed Report

Kevin Durant has been in the NBA for more than a decade, and the tempering of the week has changed from a young boy to a cold man. The boots under the foot ushered in a more change ,different from the KD8 to KD10 domineering full-length visible ZOOM AIR air cushion, KD11 is more restrained and low profile.

So we will check the deconstructed today .


The designer meet the required of Durant , he likes the feel of the Flyknit Trainer and the Nike Epic React. so he designer more comfortable  material .

“Last summer, he loved the Air Sock Racer — that is where the collar of the 11 came from, and all the lofting in the tongue and quarter followed.”


This is the sketch of KD 11 . We can see more details as below :


Durant wanted a shoe that felt broken-in right out of the box, so head designer Leo Chang concocted a performance silhouette featuring a rubber cup sole that boasts a combination of Nike’s React and Zoom cushioning technologies,Leo Chang says the shoe exhibits “simplicity at first glance, but when you look closer there is depth below the surface.” For example, the remnant of a Swoosh placement from a prior model appears on the medial side.we can see the more details as below :

we can see the whole constructed of the shoes when it cut down .

For the material :he shoe’s Flyknit upper was constructed with a softer knit and a different collar than the two previous models. The Flyknit upper was comfortable and soft .Also the ventilation will better than last model.

Soft inner boots are covered with stitching on both sides .

Sutures on both sides of the boot for fixing the FLYWIRE and improving the lateral support.the Flyknit gets a little more plush, a little more “broken-in” and a thus a lot softer.

We can see the side of deconstructed of picture  , there are the thickness foam surround by the heel parts.

We can see the  reinforce strap clearly of the forefoot. Compare with the KD 10 or before model , the KD11  will be great, you dont worry  it will broken if you running or jump fast in the toe parts, because of the reinforce strap can help a lot when you playing.

Rubber and plastic materials at the heel to improve stability,also it will help a lot when you playing . So the supporting will be great, as we know the plastic pad and the foam together .

The back of the midsole is made of non-woven fabric.

Full-length  ZOOM AIR cushion is embedded in the midsole ,which

The former cushions between court and body, while the latter sits just under the foot to provide response.


ZOOM AIR air cushion is about 245 mm long for the size US 9/42.5


ZOOM AIR air cushion forefoot width of about 79.65 mm for the size US 9/42.5

For the cushioning :  The former cushions between court and body will be great , we can feel it is soft and comfortable .  that is for the Durant special required.

The width of ZOOM AIR cushing 49.31mm  for the US 9/42.5


The thickness of ZOOM AIR air cushion forefoot  about 6.58 mm for the size US 9/42.5

REACT midsole under the air cushion, without no support plate added.And rubber and plastic material gasket is about 1.70 mm thick.

Add rubber and plastic gasket between the bottom of and the outsole .


The thickness of midsole about 11.02 mm.

Here are more detail as below :

Also the thickness of whole forefoot about 18.64mm

Also the thickness of whole midsole about 26.26mm

Air Sock Racer where the collar of the KD 11 came from, and all the lofting in the tongue and quarter followed.


Overall, After a long period of research and development, the  NIKE ZOOM KD11 seemingly low profile  shape hides many exclusive designs. The full-length ZOOM AIR cushion is equipped with REACT cushioning foam also be great. A shoe that boasts the light-weight comfortable feel of a premium runner, while still offering all the rugged performance a player the caliber of the Slim Reaper needs to stay on top of his game.


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Nike Zoom KD 11 EP Close Look

The NBA playoffs just finished ,One of two colorways KD 11 expected to be available in that weeks is this enhanced “Warriors” scheme. Finally  Kevin Durant not only won the championship, but also gained his second playoff MVP.

So what is the shoes look like?



In order to adapt to Durant’s perfect and unpredictable game style, NIKE sneaker designer Leo Chang  released the latest  signature sneakers for the Durant – NIKE ZOOM KD11.

So whats the difference betweent KD 10, KD 9 ?

For the boxes,There are Durant name and XI on the front.

There is the details of the shoes side .

Durant personal LOGO and handwritten signature printed on the side of shoe box .

The seal in the lid.

I go over the materials, fit, feel, and more within this detailed look and I can’t wait to begin testing them out on-court.


It is the new collar of the 11 came from, and all the lofting in the tongue and quarter followed.

For the material : It is  used the Flyknit again , it is followed the last model  KD 10. The Flyknit has also become a bit more plush and a lot softer to satisfy Durant’s needs. “He likes the feel of the Flyknit Trainer and the Nike Epic React,” explained Leo Chang in a statement.

So the material  meet the Durant required, It is soft and comfortable as usually .if you wear the KD 10,  you will feel a little familiar ,but I felt  more soft . even I felt is like  daily slippers where comfort .that’s why Nike coated Flyknit with TPU in high stress areas as well as in the toe area to just create more structure and support for the upper.

There is a reinforcement patch of forefoot  lateral to improve the stability of shoes. That is the special design in the KD 11.Compare with the KD 10 , it is improved ,some people felt the KD10  will be soft in the part of forfoot, so it is add the reinforcement patch which   more protection  for the toe part .The toecap does feel a bit stiff at first, but it actually softens up after a few sessions, so it’s all good.

FLYWIRE works with shoelaces to enhance uppers’ wrapping. the lace system are also improved.As we know the FLYWIRE work well. but  when it with the special shoelace will be amazing .


The elastic collar  part  design are special , it will be fit the ankle so well. Because of the elastic material, this part will be  fixability .


Durant personal LOGO with XI logo, Durant full name in the bottom.

The strap as usually , but there is a “XXXV” ,Thats the Durant’s jersey number. Whole of the shoes full of the details of Durant.


it isn’t anything crazy or outlandish, and it fits right in with the rest of today’s knitted performance shoes.For the cushioning,  The KD 11 brings surprising upgrades in cushioning,React cushions between the court and the body while the Zoom Air is top-loaded to sit right under the foot and provide response.  The midsole while a thin rubber cupsole is wrapped around it to help with stability.  Then you can do what you want to do in the court.

For the traction : 

KD11 cushioning system: full length ZOOM AIR cushion with REACT  midsole

Here is a gif picture that we can see the details .


Blue insole with  Durant handwritten signature  and XI logo.


The length of insole about 277 mm for the size us 9.

The wide of insole  about 92.47 mm for the size us 9 .


The thickness of insole  about 5.21  mm for the size us 9 .


There is the details of inside.

The shoes is lightweight , It is just only 435g.Compare with the others shoes , it is lightweight.




Overall :The KD11 was significant upgrade. The React cushioning and Flykni together are amazing . The shoe should bring the fit closer to the foot for a better overall experience. It is worth shoes that we can buy whatever you are a fans or not .

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Nike KD 11 Close Look

There is the exciting news for the fans ,Kevin Durant’s eleventh signature shoe ,the Nike KD 11 has been officially revealed by Nike recently . And it  typically launch towards the end of June.The Golden State Warriors All-Star will release his next model during 2018 which he will wear tonight in Game 1 of the  Finals ,then it  should the Warriors defeat the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals.

Compare with the last version—KD10, The KD11 features a new look, it construction from head to toe as it moves on from the visible full-length Zoom Air for one that is encapsulated by Nike React foam cushioning, a pairing that has proven to be mighty when it comes to offering the proper support for athletes.Also  with a sock like collar along . Additionally, the shoes make use of a one-piece Flyknit upper and an external heel that scoops up high at the heel and ends with the pull-tab extension. KD’s logo appears on the heel as well, while the concentric circle detailing suggests a call-out to Durant’s shooting ability.

Other highlights includes a cupsole on the heel for stability, back pull tab and full length Zoom Air.




Colorways include Multicolor, Black/Persian Violet, Cool Grey/Pure Platinum, and Pure Platinum/Hyper Jade. Many of these colorways are scheduled for the summer of 2018.

There is no word yet on what will change for the KD 11 but the tooling will probably remain the same. Now that Nike has worked on those popping Air units, the tooling should be solid for a couple more iterations.

Here is details as below :

Nike KD 11 Colorways

Nike Zoom KD 11
Colorway: Multi-Color/Multi-Color
Release Date: Summer 2018
Style Number: AO2604-900
Price: $150

Nike Zoom KD 11
Colorway: Black/Black
Release Date: Summer 2018
Style Number: AO2604-004
Price: $150

Nike Zoom KD 11
Colorway: Black/Persian Violet/Bright Crimson/Chlorine Blue
Release Date: Summer 2018
Style Number: AO2604-001
Price: $150

Nike Zoom KD 11
Colorway: Cool Grey/Pure Platinum/Racer Pink/Wolf Grey
Release Date: Summer 2018
Style Number: AO2604-002
Price: $150

Nike Zoom KD 11
Colorway: Pure Platinum/Black/Hyper Jade/Anthracite
Release Date: Summer 2018
Style Number: AO2604-003
Price: $150

Nike Zoom KD 11
Colorway: Hot Punch/Pure Platinum/Twilight Pulse/Lime Blast
Release Date: Summer 2018
Style Number: AO2604-600
Price: $150

Nike Zoom KD 11
Colorway: Black/Twilight Pulse
Release Date: Fall 2018
Style Number: AO2604-005
Price: $150

Nike Zoom KD 11
Colorway: College Navy/University Gold
Release Date: Fall 2018
Style Number: AO2604-400
Price: $150

Nike Zoom KD 11
Colorway: Multi-Color/Metallic Gold
Style Number: Fall 2018
Style Number: AO2604-901
Price: $150


Please stay tuned our site ,and let us know what you hope comes for the Nike Zoom KD 11 in the comments below.