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Nike Air Flightposite Stunning Return

The Nike Air Flightposite is making a return in 2018 with a green Foamposite shell. As a history of Nike brand , Air Flightposite become  an important product since  Nike Air Flightposite released .For the a green Foamposite shell , it is a must a stunning for the returning.

Green swooshes hit the saddle and heel tab, while a smokey translucent outsole completes the design. that is followed the last version ,the early 2000s model covers its Foamposite shell in a dark iridescent green hue with a black zip-up neoprene saddle covering the shoe’s inner bootie.

So this new “Legion Green” colorway is releasing was a great news for the fans of  Air Flightposite, Although this shoe also one of the most popular shoes in the sneaker world .There are a lot of popular stars will be wear this one. so the market of this Air Flightposite sometime will be the same with Jordans .


This is another representative work of the most famous designer Eric Avar. Eric Avar  may be facing special  situation in that time . Eric Avar, who graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology ,he want to show his talent  when he  came up the Nike team. He believes that “Imagination is more important than knowledge” . So his production will be different  and newest .but often it is difficult be accept at first .

Such as Air Foamposite One, an extremely avant-garde design language, and extremely eye-catching, but there are not many consumers who are really willing to buy this one , but they are also ridiculed by the media, with the  high production costs. So this shoes was not interested by customers.


We can understand the pressure of Eric Avar at this time with own design of insistence, but also hope that their products have been popular . A new designer  need to a  good work and ideas  as his represent , so the Flightposite that was inspired by the design of the human body’s foot structure.

When Eric Avar was interviewed for the Flightposite, it was not the applause and cheers,but  it was a dead silence when he showed the sample .  There should be endless debate on the market. When we look at it after  many years, I believe that everyone will certainly lament the correctness of this gamble.

In the era when the Air Flightposite was released, it was still the era of leather uppers. The leather upper have its advantages, such as good toughness, good supporting effect and good texture, all of which make the leather uppers was be the most popular in that age even today. However, being immutable often means sticking to conventions. Especially in the mid to late 1990s, the competition of the major sports brands has become more fierce. But the lack of competitiveness of the uppers can also be one of the key reason to determine  the outcome of the competition.


Even in that era, Nike had never stopped innovations. In this regard, the concept of Huarache has far-reaching impact so far. It uses hollow cuts in appropriate locations and uses TPU material support. The more representative Air Jordan 11 iconic upper material is more relish. The newly developed Foamposite shoe technology, in addition to extremely cool visual effects,that is the must stunning in that era .


Simply followed the Foamposite technology is not enough to face the competition ,  because it still has deficiencies that need to be improved and improved. In addition the Nike Air Total Foamposite Max  also fully uses this uppers technology, but just this one showed the  deficiency of the material.

The Foamposite shoe upper with MAX  air cushion , that is amazing setting.

Air Flightposite needs to be improved in design. Coincidentally, Air Penny 4, the “Penny” of Hardaway signature shoe that was designed by Eric Avar at the same time , he also gave up the Foamposite technology used in the previous work. Therefore, there is always a need to have a product to realize the technical innovation of Foamposite shoes, so  the Air Flightposite just this new one .

Nike Air Flightposite has indeed made significant improvements. The first is the use of Foamposite, which is only 2mm thick, to make the upper soft and comfortable. Not only that, this Foamposite material is only used in the key position of the shoe body. Through the design of the zipper, boots, etc., without losing the Foamposite material itself should have a protective effect, while further reducing the weight of the shoe, increasing the size of the shoe The flexibility. At the same time, the design of the two breathable part has been added to the upper to improve the air permeability of the shoes.



Therefore, Nike Air Flightposite has changed the original impression of Foamposite’s material, especially it used the Zoom Air design . So we not only saw some popular stars will wear it , such as Garnett, and Kidd  and so on .

There are another style of the shoes .

Air Flightposite was returned in 2014, but frankly speaking, this return can not hide the fact that the  Air Flightposite has been declining in recent years. At that time, “Carbon Fiber” was the most popular one. The black main color and the strong texture of the vamp. But more is the more cold feedback. Perhaps the brand wants to meet the daily needs of the classic style, and the Nike  released Air Flightposite Exposed without a zipper version.

However, with the  development trend of the shoe market in recent years. In addition to the basic properties of the shoes, we have added more elements of the tide, the stars of the performing arts and the upper feet of the leading figures of the tide, and through the fermentation of various media, it can be quickly spread out to be the products of the people to pursue and imitate. And it brings more commercial value for the shoes.

It is popular theme of combining the birth of 20th anniversary have introduced the pattern of color matching,that is the most popular in recently. While refocusing your eyes on it, it is no doubt not to show the determination to RELEAD the Air Flightposite.


Green detailing outlines the throat’s black swoosh, and green stripes appear on both the tongue and heel’s pull tabs. It is look so fashion .

Overall , The good performance and the unique avant-garde design has made it a milestone in the history of the development of the shoes. Compared to the “Nike Air Flightposite ” , more popularity may be missing in this era. We believe that when people’s eyes fall on this shoe again, it will be a time when it will reappear brilliantly.