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Nike LeBron Soldier 12 Performance Review

“Zero Dark Thirty, 23 Activated”—It’s playoff time in the NBA and you all know what that means for LeBron James, it was the best new in this year .Ever since 2013, the King has shut himself off from the world of social media in order to fully concentrate on the task at hand and help lead his team to a deep playoff run.

So we will check it as below :

This year, reaching an eighth straight NBA Finals seems like it will be a difficult task as the Cavs are already in a 1-0 series hole and were not nearly as dominant as years past in the regular season.

For LeBron James, the playoffs is  focus on the glory of the championship. This is why LeBron is used to “shielding” social media before the playoffs. At this time, the pure black LeBron Soldier 12 appeared and was named “Dark 23” that LeBron’s  habit.

From the high school to now, LeBron Soldier 12 was born from the idea of an athlete. Their feedback suggestions include a lower collar design and simplified strapping, also the strap was simplified  from four to one  for these series of solider . The shoeless shoelace design is based on  last Lebron Soldier’s and  practicality as a starting point, and the drawing inspiration from Italian military backpacks and pants.

The design details of the Soldier 12 include elements of the LeBron 15, such as a soft knit upper and the protection  heel. The toe part  of shoes is made of nubuck, and the heel had an strap. The newly designed sole is equipped with a larger area of the front sole and the back of the Zoom air cushion.

In honor of that yearly tradition of going dark, the Swoosh has a LeBron Soldier 12 dubbed the “Dark 23” that features a completely blacked out color scheme. Equipped with two criss-crossing velcro straps, it allows the wearer the ultimate form of lockdown comfort while sporting a lower collar than the Soldier 11.


For the look ,it is a little like the fruit —banana , and the best different is the velcro strap , the quantity is three to four  form the solider 11 to 14.But the solider 12 , it is different . it used the two cross-folded designs of the velcro strap. I like this design and I never the  wear such this one . The upper used reinforcing that knit are what appear to be canvas or ballistic nylon panels at the toebox and heel, it is amazing , it also can lockdown the feet  well and nylon panels seem be better compare with last version .



We can see the strap  picture clearly . it is easy to adjust  , so  you dont waste time to loose it when you playing 


For the cushioning :it is unclear what sort of cushioning the latest Soldier model will use. If it follows the LeBron Soldier 11, expect huge Zoom Air units in the heel and forefoot.  The Phylon is still really lightweight and fairly unforgiving, seems like Soldier 11, but the Zoom units protrude from the outsole a bit which makes them feel more lively underfoot. I feel great  for the court , it is comfrotable and I feel the bounce. You won’t feel a super bouncy sensation but you’ll feel the units compress a bit more than last season’s model.


For the supporting: it  has been slightly modified and improved upon since the Soldier 10 is the support. Soldier 11 sits is much nicer because it’s wider than the last model , but for the solider 12, it is seems not good then the solider 11, because of the solider 12 lack of  support plate.The shoe offers the traditional forefoot outrigger in addition to a midfoot outrigger.

For the box , it is  seems simply ,but it is nice , compare with the box os Air Jordan 32 . this one  seeems will be great , just the balck box with solider words , it is nice any way . compare with the Kyrie 3 . it is also  just normal.


There are the details of the side .

Here is the courting  that inside .

For the traction :it is different compare with the The Soldier X,The Soldier X featured Nike’s C-Zoom ( C as in crappy) in the forefoot and heel. The XI actually feels a lot better, almost as good as the Hyperdunk 2016. It does start a little stiff but breaks in within a few hours of play.But for the solider 12,or whatever reason, when I’d plant in that section while changing direction or curling around , I can handle it well.The pattern is nice , the grip is nice .

Overall ,Nike LeBron Soldier 12  with a soft, circular knit upper with a protective heel and toe cap. Its heel areas include expanded velcro fields in order to accommodate for the aforementioned dual-strap enclosure system.And the performance well on the court , I am thinking it is nice for the supporting and cushioning . Also the material is amazing ,Dont missed it .



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Nike Lebron Solider 12 SFG EP Close Look

LeBron James and Nike are ready to add another iteration to their less expensive “Soldier” series by way of the Nike LeBron Soldier 12.The Lebron Solider 12 SFG  was followed the  Lebron XV’s  Nike BATTLEKNIT . Let’s take a look at the specific details.

The black color with the print logo SOLDIER 12.


Nike LeBron Soldier 12

Release Date: April 19, 2018

$130Color: Black/Black-Hazel Rush

Style Code: AO4054-001


There are the info of the side .

“LEBRON JAMES” Logo of the side .

The seal in the lid


Since the Soldier 10, the Swoosh has stripped this subsidiary of the King’s signature line of its laces, and that is no different for its 12th installment. Set to debut in this “Hazel Rush” colorway you see here, it utilizes two overlapping straps for lockdown as well as a velcro strip on its heel for the ultimate fit. Black mesh makes up for the majority of its upper while woodland camouflage overlays can be found on the toe and the heel.

We can see the picture  clearly .It is look fashion .This “Hazel Rush” colorway  was amazing .


For the supporting : it  is nice , it was followed the last version .The support is pretty substantial.  it must be great on the court.

For the traction : the pattern was complete different from last version , the material is different  between last version.

We c

Strap fastening on the upper to  lockdown the  foot.

SWOOSH LOGO on straps , it is the classic one logo

For the strap , it is a classic one as the solider series.

We can see the material, it is seems  the same as the NIKE BATTLEKNIT uppers , also this upper is soft and for the ventilation , it is nice  and comfortable.

For this strap , it is easy to adjust .

Outer strap buckle that easy to adjust the strap .

A large area of heel at the heel,also we can see the number 23 obviously , and the supporting is great …


Pretty individual shoe support  inside with the logo !!!


Inside the left foot is printed: S-L2/2226


The inside of the right foot is printed with: S-L2/0317

XDR wear outsole is amazing ,and the material is soft.


Crown LOGO again !!!,it is the special .


The  SWOOSH LOGO is obviously .

insole is about 276 mm long for the size US 9/42.5.

insole is about 276 mm width  for the size US 9/42.5.

insole thickness of about 5.10 mm for the thickness


For the weight , it is just 413.6 g for the size US 9/42.5.

They fit true to size and feel really nice on-foot. Much like the  10 , you just kind of feel cozy when you put your foot in, yes , it is soft and comfortable , not the manliest way to describe something, but its the first thing that comes to mind. Lockdown was nice as well.  it is true size

Overall,  It is a perfect shoes and  fashion design ,but it is an inexpensive, no frills, solid that can fit almost any playing style. If I were in a pinch for some shoes, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these to play in,the nice cushioning and supporting  ,also the  nice colorway .

Please stay tuned our site  , we will release the performance review soon .