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Nike LeBron 15 “Graffiti” Performance Review

LeBron debuted a “Graffiti” colorway of his LeBron 15 silhouette dressed primarily in white and black.

For this one ,I was surprised by the setting , I waiting this one for long time , and the performance  is great .

We will check more details as below :

For the materail  :The Lebron 15 used new Battleknit variation of Flyknit which proved to be more protective than past iterations over the top of the foot. I felt the  Battleknit material were the combination of Flyknit and Flyweave.Flyweave also called Performance Woven, is a more solid than knit, and more complex weaving technology, used in KD8, AJ29-31, the advantage is a bit durable, solid, good support. However the shortcomings is the material is  rigid without the ventilation .



Battleknit is more like a good balance between Flyknit and Flyweave material , so the material of LeBron 15  have been the durability and strength stability ,but also it will keep the comfortable.

I was able to enjoy one of its biggest advantages: the comfort. The shoe is supremely comfortable, while maintaining stability and protection. It flexed where I needed it, and supported where I needed that. It fits true to size, and other than that initial stretching, required zero break-in time


The shoe’s collar is pliable, making it relatively easy to get on. Its upper did stretch out on my first wear (which was worrying), but didn’t get much worse, like the gradual stretching I’ve found in most hoops shoes using knitted or woven materials. There was still lace pressure at the instep, but the additional structure offered by the new Battleknit variation of Flyknit proved to be more protective than past iterations over the top of the foot.

But for the protection,I have to say it is not enough for the shoes . Although Battleknit is comfortable and it  has a good support, but its design at the ankle almost without any will be dangerous , once the ankle is sprained, the shoes will hardly play any role in reducing the possibility of injury.


Compare with the Lebron 10 , the LeBron 15 ‘s protection is not good ,but the protection of Lebron 10  is nice ,the part of ankle will be more  protection , and the thickness of foam will be greater .

Also the supporting of LeBron 10 will be be better than the LeBron 10 .

First , there is not the anti rollover design, so the LeBron 15 will be hurt myself easily .But the Lebron 10   is designed by anti rollover . Though the  anti rollover design is small ,it help a lot , especially when when we  moves quickly.

However the LeBron 15 used the TPU in the traction which provide the stability  .so it will help a lot for the supporting .



We can see the details as below :

And this is the picture of LeBron 10 as below ;



For the traction :

Lebron series has always been the “top cushioning “, of course, Lebron 15′ cushioning has been the most concerned technology part, LeBron 15 for the first time the use of Zoom Air combined with Max Air .

The traction is really one of those no-compromise areas where there are tried and true patterns that have set a high baseline for acceptable dependability. Herringbone  just so so , and it doesn’t tell any stories.

For the cushioning : the Zoom Max really help a lot .We’ve even seen them used in tandem, like with the LeBron 9 and Soldier 4. The LeBron 15, however, incorporates the two cushioning technologies in a single unit.The bounce and feedback felt from the Zoom units is amazing , I like this feeling when I playing .


There is the logo as below :

we can it clearly .


LeBron 15’s outsole pattern uses a scale-like small grain pattern, and it performs well in a clean indoor grip, but it will be greatly reduced in terms of dust or out court . The outside field may also be a small stone or dusty collector. Of course, not all of the Signature shoes are not suitable for field operations.

Overall,The LeBron 15 ‘s Flyknit thanks to the additional structure, and an evolution of Air that harnesses the best of both Zoom and Max. also the traction is not too bad ,it is worth the price.

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Nike Lebron 15 Low ‘White Metallic’ Look closely and Performance Review

When it comes to basketball, The LEBRON XV has been released for a while . It combines the good performance with  fashion. Various colors have been introduced to make fans get hooked. LEBRON XV LOW EP is available now, using NIKE BATTLEKNIT material uppers and socks-style neckline design there is no way around Nike – the brand with the Swoosh belongs to the game like dunks, three-pointers and cross-overs. Whether in the NBA, European leagues or your neighborhood, it has been popular.

Today we can check it closely.

For the  box, it used the same color shoe box as LEBRON XV.

Shoe box front: LEBRON 15, it is special.

There are the details of the side :

The shoe sports a White base with metallic swoosh branding on both sides with a translucent outsole below. It appears that similar to the Graffiti colorway the shade of white on the upper and the midsole is slightly different.

We can see more details as below :

For the material : It used the battleknit(aka really thick Flyknit) . and the Flyknit with more texture and a synthetic backing. If you were unimpressed with the stiff upper which used on the LeBron 14 or Jordan’s material , this one will  you best choice a you may find that the material choice on the LeBron 15 offers a great feeling on the court .we can feel it more thicker than others while high wear areas are glued a bit for durability and the Flyknit is keeping flexibility .That is great compare with last version.


Here are more  picture of details as below :

Fasten shoelaces can effectively lockdown the feet.

The tongue of the front end of the shoe is printed with a “crown” LOGO

Inside left shoe tongue “EST 84”, James’s year of birth

“XV” on the inside of the tongue of the right foot. Heel shoes with James handwritten signature

For the supporting : For the supporting , it  is a bit lackluster, because of tooling setup.I’m used to a firmer heel counter on Lebrons in general but this one is a little more flimsy and than previous models. It still works fine although it’s somewhat small.

Left foot midsole printed with: TWENTY

For the cushioning : The cushioning is nice ,the bounce and feedback felt from the Zoom units is amazing. This isn’t the first time this type of cushion has been utilized in a LeBron model . The Lebron 14 also used t his model.It might be connected technically but they really function as some air bags but different the Leborn 14. For me , I like this part very much .it is amazing.Trying it on in-store is the best option, and make sure to bring your brace or orthotics with you to ensure everything works.

For the traction : The traction used the great rubber that improved the grip , but it is different the version 14 which  a linear standpoint model. but the court feeling is nice .

Grey insole with printed heel: XXIII & XV. Blue backsole on the back.

  insoles forefoot width 94.46 mm for the size US 9/42.5 yards

insole thickness of about 4.78 mm for the size US 9/42.5

left shoe weighs about 400.7 grams ,an right one just 400.3 grams.

Overall ,Lebron  XV Low  EP uses the same Nike Batleknit upper as the Lebron XV. The midsole configuration differs. Use the forefoot ZOOM AIR cushion and  MAX AIR cushion, which is close to the lower version version before the 14th .

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Nike LeBron15 kith Performance Review

Landing on the eve of LeBron James’ 33rd birthday, this first-ever collaboration between Ronnie Fieg’s NYC shop and the current generation’s GOAT has resulted in a thorough collection that exemplifies the regal nature of King James’ signature shoes.


The “City of Angels” and “King’s Crown” colorways make up the lifestyle model while the performance edition will be comprised of the “Suit of Armor” and “King’s Cloak” colorways. In addition, the “Long Live the King” sequel will also feature an assortment of apparel from hoodies to detailed basketball shorts.


KITH x Nike LeBron XV LIF “Stained Glass”

Release Date: December 30th, 2017

Price: $225

Style Code: AO1068-900

Today we can look details as below :

For supporting :the supporting is nice , some of supporting is comes from the fit and heel counter.Traditional support features like a torsional midfoot shank and TPU heel counter are all in place and work well. I’m used to a firmer heel counter on Lebrons in general but this one is a little more flimsy and than previous models.However, the midsole and outsole lack a wide enough base and it really hurt the lateral stability and overall support. and the stability is great .

For the sock design, it is great that can be lockdown my ankle.

For traction : You can feel the triangle pattern bite and grip the court really well ,the  linear design are amazing ….then the clear rubber also nice . I have to say the traction is nice  with great grip.

A longitudinal zipper that begins at the toe and ends at the apex of the ankle. it is nice 

For material : the material is nice and soft. If you were unimpressed with the stiff upper used on the LeBron 13 and the cheap but soft materials used on the LeBron 14,this one will be the best choice

For  cushioning :The bounce and feedback felt from the Zoom units is incredible.this is set up is amazing . we have to say it is nice .if you are  If you’re a cushion-above-all-else type of player then you’ll love these. For the cushioning ,it better than the LBJ10 due to wrapping the front portion of the Air unit in Phylon .The obvious comparison is the KD 9 or 10 but these sit higher and ride firmer than the KD. These play more like the “ancient” Lebron X but a little more fluid since they articulated the Zoom.

Overall,I love pieces of the LeBron 15. Materials and fit are highlights, and the cushion is the best Nike has offered in year. and the new look is also great …