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Nike Air Max 97 Platinum Performance Review

Nike Air Max 97 would be released again ,that is amazing , especially under the most classic sneakers of max95, max90 . And if you’re familiar with the sneakers that Miami natives wear, you’d know that the Air Max 97 and Air Max 95 designs are staples. The  series of Air Max 97 have been popular and unique Although there are many versions, but the Nike Air Max 97 Platinum  has been most popular .

We will check it today .

This 20-year-old silhouette, created by Christian Tresser, was influenced by Japanese high-speed is feature with original’s red midfoot and tongue swoosh with a silver swoosh on the midfoot and a black swoosh on the tongue, while retaining the black sockliner, pull tabs, and patches used on the original.

When I was in college, I remember constantly seeing Air Maxes all over the place. Last year when I first saw the “Metallic Gold” iteration of the Air Max 97, I knew I had to have them.But the silver bullet always my best love.But, the shoes quickly sold out after they dropped. I honestly gave up, but when they restocked I figured I’d give copping them another shot. Thankfully, I bought it last month online store. I was amazing for it . Whatever you are students or basketball player, that one  is shiny and performance is well .


For the traction :

It is used the material of transparent, when I first tried the sneakers on I wasn’t really feeling how they felt on my feet.

For the material :

Inspired by the Japanese Shinkansen before 20 years ago, this silver bullet have been popular. The looks a little large but the shiny material, also with the small logo design at the tongue.The features include an upper constructed with premium leather and matching mesh.The upper is built up of tracks all made from leather, mesh and M3.   I think that this shade has been quite easy to pair with my spring looks, which are either all-black or include a pop of color. anyway , that’s my favorite thing about the Air Max 97, the fact that the design is impeccable and doesn’t disappoint.

For the cushioning :

My next favorite accents are the contrasting white midsole, the visible Air Max Unit and the red branded Swoosh that appears on the lateral sides of the model. It was the first of the Air Max range to showcase the full-length air cushioning technology, letting the bubble run from under the toe right to the heel.The reduced volume of air in the midsole did not bother those who tried this shoe and said it even feel softer to the feet.

The streamlined upper makes people instantly think of a high-speed rail like a bullet, giving a sense of speed.  It is this streamlined design that makes the overall look smooth.The M3 is what gives the kick that glow when hit with the flash of a camera and looks hella jazzy in pictures, plus you’re not going to be run over at night wearing these crepes.

The M3 flows into the centre of the shoe, which locks down the traditional silver rope lacing and is topped with a baby swoosh at the peak of the tongue. Instead of Nikes HUGE iconic swoosh stitched onto the side, the 97 continues its legacy of miniature branding with the side panel swoosh, tiny in size but bold in colour. The logo is a statement red, contrasting from the clean silver.

Overall, I like this shoes very much ,Nike have released a few times this year celebrating their 20th anniversary, however, though this time the drop was on a much larger scale, so if you like them , you can buy it ,but just a little lucky. I think the size is true, but if you find yourself wanting a little more room then go up by half a size. it’s apparent that the Air Max Unit has a bit of a bounce to it and the sneakers feel pretty lightweight overall.

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Nike LeBron 16 Performance Review

As the news said LeBron  return to Cleveland to his latest decision to leave Cleveland again. Petrie has witnessed LeBron mature not only as a basketball player, but also as a person.At this stage in LeBron’s career, he’s still pushing the design team to uncharted waters as well. In this current political climate, using sneakers to also make a statement is something Petrie and LeBron are exploring and want to do more of.

So what is performance of LeBron this year ? We will look at and checked it closely.

A game-worn pair of the LeBron 15 “Equality” is now sitting in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture.Then the  Nike LeBron 16 is ready to be unleashed once again in a familiar color concept that should have sneakerheads and LeBron fans in a frenzy.

For the color way , there is one color of  “Fresh Bred” (the black/red), King, “SFG”, “20-20”, and “I Promise” all play a role in the composition of this audacious colorway, all while emphasizing the notion of LeBron James playing all five positions on the court. it is look amazing and cool, for me , I like the Black much.

For the material : The shoe upper  used Battleknit 2.0 technology, the fabric strength is further durability and lightweight.Jason Petrie and the Nike basketball shoe team know that every model of the LEBRON series requires innovative technology. On the new LeBron 16, the change comes from  upper material  technology.Jason Petrie said that Nike’s upper material technology team are genius.  They are really masters of mathematics, creating a new woven material for LeBron 16, which is not only strong enough to be able to provide LeBron James, it also successfully simplifies all the extra levels that may affect LeBron James’ speed.


The LeBron 16 features Battleknit 2.0 technology, it is an upgraded version of the technology on the LEBRON 15. This weave of material increases the tensile strength (this is a key improvement in absorbing the impact of LeBron James on the field) and it  is quite elegantly matched to LeBron James’ current style.


Another  feature of the LeBron 16 is its height. At LeBron James’s request, Jason Petrie designed the LeBron 16’s shoe to a lower level, which allowed LeBron James to move more freely.

LeBron James said  that the first thing they want is to make the shoes a little lower, because of the LeBronwant to be a little faster, the feet are closer to the floor, and it will be more energetic.Jason Petrie and his team added a new leather tongue to the LeBron 16 that allows the foot to slip into the shoe more smoothly and offers more styling options.

For the traction:

The LEBRON 15’s Max Air has been upgrade to meet needs of LeBron James. LeBron James loves the cushioning system on the last year’s shoes, so this year we are committed to making it better. In addition, we have removed the connection between the forefoot and the air cushion and replaced it. It is a bracket structure that reduces the weight of the shoe and provides extra support.


Nike and Petrie will certainly have a lot of opportunities to do that this NBA season as the league opened up its rules regarding sneaker colorways. Upcoming colorways and makeups of the LeBron 16 between fall and Christmas will center around key touchpoints in LeBron’s life and career.

For the cushioning :

It is a brand new Air bag that we built specifically for LeBron [last year] and he loved it. What we didn’t want to do was necessarily go away from it, because this was a great system for him.For me ,it is really great. the Air bag will be more responsive and we can feel a lot feedback. it is really will be better than the LeBron 15.lebron 16 removed the connection between the forefoot and the air cushion and replaced it.

For the supporting : The supporting is amazing ,it is followed the last model that what I felt .But seems add the leather material to provide more supporting .Also the lion patchwork is amazing too .


Overall, the Lebron 16 was amazing ,it was upgrade compare with the last LEBRON 15.The great cushioning and supporting , also the material .

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adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Performance Review


With names like Donovan Mitchell and Kristaps Porzingis rocking the stripes, adidas should have some solid representation league-wide, and these two new designs with Bounce cushion technology ,that is the most exciting news that the adidas Pro Bounce 2018  released . Of course, where there’s a high cut variation, there’s sure to be a low cut version. So there isn’t any surprise that the Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low.

We will check the performance today.


 There isn’t a lot of difference between the two designs other than the fact that the low has a shorter shaft. But there are lots of buyers who still find it difficult to make a choice even with such minimal difference.


The materials are what adidas is calling Forged Mesh. It’s fairly similar to the toe area on the Harden Vol. 2, but the feeling is different.Although they are all the material of mesh,but the performance is different. We can see the sneakers from the forefoot to the instep was the same material,which make the shoe smore durability. The knitted upper is used, which and the heat welded fuse urethane-coated fiber is embedded in the upper, which is the Forgefiber material named by Adidas.

And the most important is  it is not  just more like normal mesh, but there are some areas that are reinforced while other areas are still soft and allow airflow. so the ventilation is amazing .



The heel part section uses a more elastic nylon fiber to provide a more comfortable feeling when in contact with the skin, and because the material’s quick-drying properties also allow the shoe to absorb sweat during exercise. The Pro Bounce 2018 is relatively profile low in terms of the individual design of the shoes. First of all, the white-based design is not  easy too keep clean.






Traction :

The traction not too bad, the friction pattern is excellent for gripping in all directions, especially in the anti-rollover, relying on a few semicircles of the forefoot expansion, the Pro Bounce 2018 can play in the direction of change or some extreme angles which more better of the traction.

The Pro Bounce 2018 Low Basketball Shoe from Adidas seems like a really promising pick. I’d imagine the shoe would make a great choice for high-flying players like point guards.


A huge TPU anti-twist  from the midsole of the shoe help a lot. It can be seen that these shoes are very stable. After all, Adidas has been very fond of anti-torsion function, like the model of Harden or the crazy explosive, including Pro Bounce have adopted a large TPU setting. And in the position of the arch, Pro Bounce’s TPU is more solid, and the actual performance is good.



For fitting :

The size of EUR 44 ‘s weighs about 420g, and the weight of the upper foot is still a bit obvious. Plus the fabric of the shoe itself is not breathable, and the long-term movement of the shoes gives people a feeling of hot.



Supporting ;

Support might not great. Plus, it’s hard to tell if the small reinforced section above the heel cup will be enough to provide sufficient stability to reduce lateral movement of the heel. When it comes to responsiveness though, there really isn’t any difference.



Cushioing :

The adidas Pro Bounce features full-length Bounce cushioning, as its name suggests. Bounce, for those that have yet to try it, is very comfortable.  I think it is more like the Adidas Rose 9 .if you bought it before, maybe you will feeling a lot. If your past experience with adidas basketball products only includes its previous EVA and adiPrene setups then you’re missing out.


Overall , This  shoes amazing ,Fused Mesh Knit upper may not be as good as Primeknit, but the ventilation is nice ,the bounce always the best great , I like the feeling of responsive of the  cushioning.



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Nike Air Force 1 Jester , Is It Broken ?

I guess that everyone must know Air Force 1, and maybe you have one this kind of shoes in your closet. Yes,Air Force 1 have been released 35 years so far.In addition, the Nike  made a special plan to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the of Air Force 1, which made the shoes with clear and trendy attributes once again ,also Air Force 1 has been most popular since anniversary  than.In order to commemorate the Nike brand  “Just Do It”, no matter which color for this series Air Force 1 Low, once again ignited everyone’s desire for Air Force 1. However, when we are browsing the Air Force 1 , we also find a maverick existence ,the special one .Please check as below :



Yes ,this Air Force seems not complete , or it just like wrong products , because of the classic Swoosh Logo is not in the right  position which in the traditional shoes, but is sewn between the upper and the midsole, which is quite eye-catching in many shoes. But just when everyone hasn’t attention for this designer, this kind of shoes has not only launched a number of different colors, but also gradually appeared on the feet of many people, and let more people feel the charm of this unique design.


We can see the shoes clearly for this design, moving  the traditional Swoosh Logo down, use a double-layer shoe block on the heel and sew the brand label design, officially the current popular deconstruction design concept, so this is a pair of classic products based on the popular The new single product produced by the design method, but also specifically for women, can be said to have have new styles and design compare with last model.

It is show the Deconstruction. This is not a new vocabulary, but the real origin and the 1960s, proposed by the French philosopher Jacques Derrid. Yes,  your are right, the earliest used for text analysis. The core of deconstruction is that we see a structured text structure. In fact, there is no center, so there is no immutable meaning. Since this idea is a critical inheritance of orthodox principles and standards, that is, the reversal and reconstruction of traditions, thus creating new meanings, so soon this concept of breaking the conventional re-style is popular, and the fashion industry It was also quickly absorbed into this concept.


Deconstruction is designed to reorganize objects by using distortions, splits, etc., so as to highlight the design elements and give more content to the work. But this concept can be widely used and popular in today’s sneaker field, thanks to Virgil Abloh, who has been mentioned many times, and his collaboration with Nike. The “The Ten” series of shoes, which was released last year, uses deconstruction concepts, with unique cuts, exaggerated stitching lines, orange plaques and anti-adhesive plastic straps, all of element make the people felt more refreshing

None of those previous iterations were quite like these two wild versions, with one adding a marbled outsole underneath a blue and orange midsole as well as a creamy Light Bone tumbled leather upper. It is accompanied by an upcoming color scheme that utilizers that same marbled outsole – dressed in blue and white this time around – with a soft pink and yellow midsole as well as a stark black upper. Fans of wild and eccentric shoe designs will love these two creations, as the vibrant color schemes perfectly compliment the haphazard nature of the sneaker.

With the development of the sneaker culture, more and more girls are trying to wear sneakers because they are fashionable and more comfortable, but most of the sneakers are designed by male designers, and many fashion styles transformed from sneakers are in color. On the choice, it is difficult to balance, plus the size of the sneakers, shoes designed for women should be more good.

Behind this project, there are 14 female designers who stand out from the Nike thousand designers team. They have color designers and material experts. The transformation of Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 is unconstrained, they trying to create new shoes beyond their predecessors. The entire design team was divided into two groups, one to rebuild Air Force 1 and the other to remodel Air Jordan 1.



The design team considered the various factors of women first , then come into in different image combinations, then how to link a sports product with fashion trends, and of course, the design elements of the original shoes that inspired by a lot of women . In the end, the product is molded, and the original shoes are based on unprecedented innovation, and the explorer is used to represent the fearless adventure, the Lover advocating pure love, the Sage representing the wise, the Rebel pursuing rebellion, and the Jester representing the special look.



The most special type shoes is Air Force 1 Jester XX and Air Force 1 Rebel XX.The focus of the Air Force 1 Rebel XX is on the heel of the shoe, as the laces of the shoe are placed in this position, and the biggest feature of the AF1 Jester XX is the previously mentioned Swoosh down and double shoe block and the heel brand label.


The focus of the AF1 Rebel XX is on the heel of the shoe, as the laces of the shoe are placed in this position, and the biggest feature of the AF1 Jester XX is the previously mentioned Swoosh down and double shoe block and the heel brand label.


It can bring a relaxed and casual feeling to the wearer. Of course, there is also an immature saying that compared to the classic Air Force 1 style that many girls are familiar with, these shoes seem to have a visually high and leg length .

whatever we have recently seen not only the sale of classic colors such as white red, white black, white and blue, but also the addition of Air Force 1 Jester Hi , although there is no clear time to market. But we can know that these shoes are loved by girls’ sneakers.

At the beginning of the project design, Andy Caine who Nike footwear design director, appointed Georgina James as the leader of the team. “We are diverse, talented and strong” will become the summary of the essence of the series design .


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Jordan Ultra Fly3 Performance Review

Jordan Brand’s actual shoes Ultra.Fly series is about to launch the third version of Ultra.Fly .there is something to be said for the aesthetic appeal of its models. Continuing its Ultra Fly line is the Ultra Fly 3 sneaker that clearly takes inspiration from early 2000 numbered Jordan Brand models.

So what is the performance of this shoe ? We will check it today.


Jordan Ultra Fly3  with  a blue and white color scheme, the Jumpman will also be releasing a white/red variety alongside it. While the sneaker clearly draws on the past, it still remains modern and unique, as features an attention-grabbing “23” graphic on the lateral side of its heel that wraps underneath the sneaker onto its outsole.

We have to say it is the most special is the unique color blocking capabilities will allow Jordan Brand’s designers .The blue blocking is most specially.

Compare with the last model, its shape give me a deep impression on me.The shape of the Jordan Ultra.Fly 3 is like the  Russell Westbrook’s first exclusive shoe Why Not ZER0.1, we can see the Jordan Ultra.Fly 3 upper is made of two materials, first is the inner bootie design. And the configuration of the elastic pull ring of the heel part,which can provide the supporting . Then the stitching of the upper material can be folded down slightly,it is  similar to the shape  of Air Jordan 28, and the words “QUALITY INSPIRED BY THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER” can be seen

For the traction part , it is looks solid, albeit tight, so dust may cause a bit of an issue on dirtier courts. If you played the Jordan Ultra.Fly 2, you will be found the same feeling of this kind of traction , It grips the court nicely for a while but if you play for long hours, they became more and more slippery. Not a terrible level but keep in mind that the shoe likes clean courts. Dusty courts – not so much. Be ready to wipe.Otherwise, the shoe looks like it could be a solid on-court option — especially if your main goal is to stand out.


As features an attention-grabbing “23” graphic on the lateral side of its heel that wraps underneath the shoes. It is bright and specially.



For the cushioning : it is used the same cushioning design as the Jordan Ultra Fly2, the Zoom Air that feels as good as it did in the Ultra.Fly 2. Great heel impact protection, nice and smooth step transitions and the best thing was the forefoot.For me , it is enough cushioning  and the protection of the shoes is my favorite .They mostly just focus on that “responsive feel” just like  the Ultra.Fly 2.  I play a lot on my forefoot area with all the landings, cuts and stops.that is amazing .



Sporting a textile build with a synthetic overlay at the toe, similar to what is used on the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1.The pull tap seem can lockdown the feet well.. There are both internal and external heel counters, a small outrigger, that plastic frame around the shoe for lateral support, a webbing lacing system and the fit itself is very snug.



There is the other colorway — a white/red variety ,this one will be more brightly .if you like this color , it is the best choice for you ,especially in the summer , it is look great with the jeans and T shirt .



For the lace system ,actually the same with the last model Jordan Ultra Fly2,this pretty tight looking knit on the area where the tongue would be and the rest is completely Fuse. A less traditional setup which has both benefits and flaws. That setting is nice.

Overall : The shoes reminds me of Michael Vick’s signature series,and the material is softer ,also the cushioning is great.The supporting is also nice.




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Nike KD 11 VS LeBron 16 , What is The Difference Of The Performance ?

The newly-minted NBA champion and Finals MVP was a key contributor in his team’s 4-0 sweep of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. His classic Nike KD4  released in the “Thunderstruck” colorway after Game 3, in which the Durantula put up an all-world 43-13-7 stat line. He was named Finals MVP. And now his new Nike KD 11 is released.When h become the new season ,he will  play with the Nike KD 11 .But along with the Los Angeles Lakers officially unveiling their new Icon jerseys  the Lebron released Lebron 16  with his new team.



So who will be the winner ? and what is the difference performance for thees two type of shoes ? We will checked it today.


Despite King James’ new home in Los Angeles with the Lakers, his 16th signature sneaker will apparently debut in a “Black/University Red” color scheme.  Also there are other colorway will release soon, we will be looking forward it .



For the material :

LeBron 16 maintains some of the key features from the LeBron 15 with a new Battleknit pattern used across the upper and a visible Zoom Air unit that appears to be identical. The new Battleknit pattern was better than the  LeBron 15. Battleknit is used here  and it feels awesome on-foot. We can felt more lightweight and durability ,If you were unimpressed with the stiff upper used on the LeBron 14 and the   cheap but soft materials used on the LeBron 15,  Lebron 16 was you best choice. it is flexibility and durability , also the ventilation is better.One piece uppers can be tricky ,that is the feeling of Lebron 15.

However the KD 11 also used the Flyknit upper , and the performance well.



The KD 11’S  Flyknit upper was constructed with a softer knit and a different collar than the two previous models, design tweaks that were inspired by last summer’s Nike Air Sock Racer-a shoe that Durant expressed his admiration for to Chang. The softer knit  actually really great, also the KD 11  used the suede material with the heat welded  nylon material , that is will be more protect the the feet and upgrade the texture of the shoes.

I know Kevin Durant likes to wear his shoes really loose to the point where they’ve come off of his feet during games several times,so he need more supporting and lockdown .The KD 11 just born for the Durant.


Then there is the rest of the knit build, which is just the way I tend to like my knitted shoes. Also there a part of reinforce material in the toe part.that is  provide the protection but the toe part also have been durability. And the heel part have an KD logo with material of suede.


For me, I am thinking that the Kd 11 will be better, because of the material of KD 11 will be more firm and durability .Also my favorite  part is the toe part of KD11. it is will be more protection and performance is amazing.



For the supporting :

LeBron 16  have a bit lackluster due to the tooling setup. Traditional support features like a torsional midfoot shank and TPU heel counter are all in place and work well. In addition , the  lion face logo that has been largely absent from the superstar’s footwear since being seen on the tongue of the LeBron 8—ironically his first signature as after packing his bags and leaving Cleveland for South Beach back in 2010.

The Lebron 16 also upgrade the heel part  which the midsole and outsole more  wide enough base  the lion face heel collor,it is unlike the  Lebron 15 which  lace enough heel supporting  . Again, if you’re a linear player then you should be fine.





For cushioning :

For the KD 11, It is normal  for the supporting .Torsional support is abundant due to the rubber cupsole while heel support is adequate with the sturdy heel counter.But the Lebron 16 can provide the more supporting with comfortable heel collar .

KD 11 would have been even better had the lacing system been able to really draw your foot into the rear of the sneaker to use that heel counter properly.But the pull tab of the KD 11  will be easy to nice.


Durant wanted a shoe that felt broken-in right out of the box, so head designer Leo Chang concocted a performance silhouette featuring a rubber cup sole that boasts a combination of Nike’s React and Zoom cushioning technologies.The KD 11  just have been nice performance of the cushioning system.the React and Zoom Air combination on the KD 11 was amazing.Once you break the shoe in you’ll find yourself feeling a nice spring to each step.



For the Lebron 16 ,it  used the a visible Zoom Air unit again ,The bounce and feedback felt from the Zoom units is incredible. This isn’t the first time this type of cushion has been utilized in a LeBron model.So the Lebron 16 also followed last model.The perforamcne is nice , especial for the more weight guy.

However the Kd 11 with the React and Zoom Air  together was amazing ,with plenty of impact protection courtesy of the React can felt more the responsive and feedback from the ground when you jup and running . While you can’t feel it with you fingers/hands because of the firm rubber cage (cupsole), the React midsole is very soft,  that is amazing .


If you’re a linear player, like LeBron, then you shouldn’t have many issues with stability and support. However, if you move laterally often then you’ll likely the KD 11,it is flexibility ,you will feel more freely and lightweight  and it’ll hinder your on court performance.


Unlike the one-piece upper of Lebron 15, this pair looks like it will have a more traditional tongue.

For the traction :

The KD 11 used the translucent again , Traction started strong and the grip is nice ,but you maybe play in the inside clean court ,if you paly outside with dusty court, I have to say it is tragedy ,the traction will be worn out asap ,and the grip is not great ,so the shoes will be slip .

For the Lebron 16 ,thw traction will be better than the KD 11.that I guess ….Traction was solid for  Lebron 16. You can feel the triangle pattern bite and grip the court really well from a linear standpoint.But the shoes can play outside whatever kind of field, that is great.






Overall, If you’re a linear player, like LeBron, then you shouldn’t have many issues with stability and support. Then Lebron 16 will be your the best choice,then the KD  11 will be more flexibility and light weight, but the supporting of Lebron 16  will be better.


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Air Jordan XI “Space Jam 2016” Performance Review

Space Jam (the movie) is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year so the timing couldn’t have been any better to bring back this iconic and possibly the most popular colorway of the Air Jordan 11. Staying true to the original, this Air Jordan 11 features a black mesh upper with a a higher-cut patent leather mudguard.

We will check the performance review today.

For the box, the box is nice , the 23 number words  is special .


For the material :

Jordan XI uses a large patent leather with an upper nylon upper.

The patent leather isn’t quite as strong as it could have been if it were a bit thicker but all in all, the materials performed pretty much on par with the original and previous Retro versions.
After tightening the shoelace system, you can feel the middle part and the upper part of the shoe body can effectively fit the feet, but the lower part of the patent leather material is relatively hard, even if the shoelace is fastened, there are still some parts in the toe cap.


For the supporting :

The patent leather material is relatively hard, this feature makes the Jordan Xi reaction have a good performance in terms of support. Especial when I am moving fast , the feet are still stable in the shoe,  it is have been not  happen overly deformed.
The Carbon Fiber Stabilizer from Jordan XI provides good resistance to torsion and stability in actual combat.
However,I think the traction is more higher ,so I will be more lace the balance , and the prominent part of the Outrigger on the outside seems not help . Although this has no effect in actual combat, it is mentioned.




The Carbon Fiber Stabilizer from Jordan XI provides good resistance to torsion and stability in actual combat. It help a lot anyway.


For the traction : The overall traction was very solid with all things considered. Usually when you have a translucent outsole you lose traction when dust or debris is on the court but thankfully the Air Jordan XI have solid rubber traction pods located in the heel and forefoot. And the  translucent outsole can not easy to keep .also it was tight to bite the ground, whether it was side-to-Side (film ) or before and after, the field can be tight to bite the ground.
Besides, the sound of these shoes is quite raw, and personal likes this!


The blue of jumpmen is amazing.Also we can see the detail of the heel part.


For the Reaction : the lower bottom of Jordan Xi leads to a less ideal sense of sticker and reaction.
From the bottom of transparency can see Jordan Xi carrying a large blockbuster of carbon fiber stable pieces, the benefits behind the back will be mentioned, but such a large blockbuster of stability has a certain degree of influence in the field of the field, and the shoes are bending, let the shoes be a little The feeling of slow and half-Phai, not with the moves of certain times (entry).



For the cushioning :

Jordan XI uses the full length Air Sole with Phylon as the cushioning system.and it could feel a clear sense of subsidence with air sole in the field, we can felt more  a good cushioning but no feeling of shaking  when landing, but the heel is a little too soft, causing a long time to wear Jordan XI, the heel will be sore. However, with a pair of sneakers 22 years ago, the slowdown is truly amazing.

Here is the  video , we can check it as below :

Posted by 鄭仕勤 on Friday, July 20, 2018


Overall :  I played on well-maintained courts with Air Jordan XI held up perfectly fine.the traction is nice and the supporting also great.thought the material  will be more stiff.

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Nike LeBron 15 Low Performance Review

Usually  people think that the performance of  low type  of the NBA star signature shoe never better than the high type of  shoes? LeBron 15 Low continues the excellent Battleknit upper, changes the midsole, and fixes the shortcomings of the high type of shoes  , it is abandon the stereotype review this time.

So we will check it closely  as below:

Traction :

Traction on the Nike LeBron 15 Low isn’t too far from what was used on the original Nike LeBron 15, but it was tweaked enough to make a difference.The LeBron 15 Low outsole consists of a solid triangular unit, similar to the “shoe stud” texture. The high type shoes divides the outsole into 4 blocks due to the configuration of the midsole cushion; due to the change of the LeBron 15 Low midsole configuration, the outsole is also adjusted to  a nice circle along the outsole.


LeBron 15 Low’s “studs” concept is the same as the high version, but the texture is  different. Compared to the Lebron 15 high , the low-profile version is more obliquely oriented (laterally) . The grip performance in the lateral movement and the change direction will be better.

The two versions of traction of Lebron  not too bad .Overall, the LeBron 15 Low’s grip doesn’t have too many “impressive” performance . There is no bright eye but also the LeBron never sliding if you play, and I think the grip is more better than LeBron 15 high .There has been a slight improvement in the grip, especially in the forefoot area where the contact floor , the part of forefoot increases the grip and the grain arrangement changes, but there is still room for improvement in the impetuous performance.



Cushion from the original LeBron 15 wasn’t carried over in any way, which I find unfortunate because the rear Air Max unit could have been a Max Zoom unit. Had it been Max Zoom I think the LeBron 15 Low would have been a bit more amazing than it already is.

The LeBron 15 high version  used  Zoom with Max is a top-notch of cushioning , but it is not suitable for most players. Although the LeBron 15 Low is a fan-shaped Zoom Air with a front-mounted foot,but we can felt the zoom much. Zoom Air has the great responsive of performance.

This setup does sit a bit higher off the ground than most guard shoes, but this shoe isn’t really for guards — although it can be. If you’re a smaller player that prefers to have something more substantial under your feet without feeling like you’re unstable or about to tip over upon movements and changes of direction then I think you’ll enjoy the LeBron 15 Low quite a bit.

In addition, the Max Air area of the hind foot is also very large, the outer side air cushion extends to the middle of the shoe body, and the overall hardness of the Max Air is also adjusted, even the light weight of the shoe friends can still feel its existence.


Even though the LeBron 15 Low changed the midsole configuration, but there is the similarity the   high version of Lebron 15. the midsole of both is very thick. Although the LeBron 15 Low forefoot has been changed to the lower-mounted Zoom Air, the previous test experience should give a better grip, but the LeBron 15 Low’s Phylon midsole is too thick,so I can felt I can handle the cushioning, even I personally feel higher than the high version, which is not the first step of running.


Lockdown and Material :


The LeBron 15 Low upper is made of the same “Battleknit” as the  same as high version. It is the  Nike’s signature woven material Flyknit but thickened to provide strength, this kind of material have been not too stiff , In addition, the whole shoe adopts one pieces cover design, which the thick wire with the heel and the Flywire of the shoelace hole,I can felt no more extra spaces no matter the toes, insteps and heels.

Battleknit is still the primary build and there doesn’t seem to be any real difference between models other than less material being used at the collar — something I was more than fine with since the collar of the LeBron 15 mid just felt useless to me.





Since Nike began producing the the Enhanced Performance version, the LeBron series has a relatively small size compared to other signature shoes of the same brand.we  recommended you can choose the smaller a half size if you are  are normal and thinner.There is a overwhelming  feeling ,because of the material of Battleknit can felt pressing the instep .


Supporting :


The supporting of Lebron 15 is nice .The Battleknit upper has a good thickness,and most of supporting is from the Lebron 15. In addition, the LeBron 15 Low’s upper is slightly harder than the high version.It is assumed that the material underneath the Battleknit is slightly different, and the LeBron 15 Low upper support is slightly .

Traditional support features like a torsional midfoot shank and TPU heel counter are all in place and work well.this time around the new midsole tooling setup gave the shoe a much needed outrigger for lateral support. This small addition to the shoe gave it the stability the mids lacked which only makes me wish the LeBron 15 Low had Max Zoom Air in the heel





The LeBron 15 Low has a  great  support design for the midsole and outsole. The mid-bottom “V” shaped of  TPU stabilizer enhances the torsional support of the arch area and the Phylon extends upwards on both sides to stabilize the shoes. The most eye-catching part is the Outrigger with a small outer bottom area. Even though the LeBron 15 , this small design ensures that the feet have sufficient rollover prevention. Protection effect.


While the Nike LeBron 15 was a great shoe for those that didn’t require a lot of lateral support and stability, the Nike LeBron 15 Low changes all of that to become a shoe that anyone can enjoy on court.


Overall,Nike LeBron15 Low give me a  good feeling of performance. Traction was solid while and there was a great balance of cushion without the loss of any mobility — even for us smaller guys. And the supporting is actually great too .


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Nike Kyrie Low Performance Review

Kyrie wanted his Low to have everything his signature game shoes have had, but retooled with an all-day play component, so the Nike Kyrie Low just released . “Uncle Drew” Nike Kyrie 4 drop isn’t the only sneaker the brand has lined up to celebrate the release of Kyrie Irving’s movie of the same name.

But how about the performance review ?We will check it today.

This low-top execution of the “Uncle Drew” theme includes the gum sole, speckled midsole, and blue accents seen on its Kyrie 4 counterpart, but strays from the mid-top’s white upper for a grey-based design.Also there are the black color .Dressed in a stately combination of silver and black, a few of the sneaker’s physical attributes are a bit more prevalent on this particular color scheme

For the material : the Nike Kyrie low used the mesh and fuse upper, you’ll find subtle blue accents on the inner lining . As we know for the  mesh material , it will be more comfortable , but the  supporting just not too bad .there were still some hotspots around my toes and the upper made a popping feel when flexing my foot. The medial and strap Swoosh are leather ,so it is make the up of the mesh soft .We can felt more a little premium feeling .There are some areas of fuse around the toebox for a little extra durability. Thats part design is really nice.

Then the the molded heel counter did a great job ,primary material with no layering to mimicking the spiked look from the Kyrie 1. The Kyrie Low uses a molded heel counter underneath the fabric to push the look. But the supporting will less supporting .

Actually the material of  Kyrie low 1  is not the best great, I think the Kyrie 4 will be great with the  engineered mesh  which more supporting and durability , and this kind of material will be lightweight  and durability.


For the supporting :


A rounded outsole takes a little while to get used to, if you haven’t played Kyrie before (and fortunately it doesn’t wobble like Kyrie 2) but once you do that it will be controlled during the exercise. The lacing system locks you in the shoe and places your foot in the midsole (instead of directly on the sole) so you don’t slide wherever you don’t want it.

Kyrie Low has a midfoot handle in the middle – this is a standard hidden TPU that provides a little midfoot support. The heel cup is sturdy and keeps your feet vertical. This should be enough for most players, even for larger inside players, because the sturdy midsole can’t be compressed to tipping – which helps keep the foot steady.





For the cushioning :

A Kyrie model uses both forefoot and heel Zoom Air for cushioning.

The rear foot Zoom Air, with the Kyrie series basketball shoes in the Phylon midsole. Although the number of air cushions is “upgraded”, it is estimated from the price that it should be a Zoom Air (a hexagonal air cushion similar to Kyrie Flytrap) with a small pocket of the previous foot and a small foot.


For the traction:

Kyrie Low’s outsole style is a line of straight and mimics herringbone , with a large area of gum rubber.The outer sides have a design that extends to the midsole, which increases the grip area of the feet at more angles when cutting. Thats design will be help a lot when playing . The traction pattern mimics herringbone with the different angles and spacings,  which is wide enough that wiping was at an extreme minimum

Although Kyrie Low design incorporates some elements from Kyrie 1 to Kyrie 4 , if the  pull  tape is removed, the shoe similarity with Kyrie 3, as well as the upper material, with mesh  and  fuse coating on the inside of the forefoot.A total of 6 sets of lace holes arranged in a dense design, so that the Kyrie Low mid-section and the instep fit  tightly, also that is  help a lot for the  lockdown.The position of the collar and the heel added a thick lining filler, so that the two areas The coating is very good.

overall , The Kyrie Low actually nice .felt stiff and way too solid underfoot for me to enjoy playing in. Luckily, the shoe began to warm up to me and broke in nicely, both in the midsole and the upper, and the supporting also nice too.

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Whats The Difference Between Under Armour Curry 2.5 and Under Armour Curry 3?

The Under Armour Curry 3 will be worn by Stephen Curry during the 2016-17 NBA Season as he and the Golden State Warriors look to have another dominating season. and the  Under Armour Curry 2.5 is the Stephen Curry’s second signature shoe. It was built for the 2016 NBA Playoffs and inspired by California’s Bay Bridge, which links San Francisco to Oakland. I play long time for these two pair of shoes , but whats the difference performance review for these two pair of shoes ?

We will check it as below :



First of all, there are obvious differences in appearance. Many people think that Curry 3 is not unique enough to be branded compared to other Under Armour basketball shoes, but don’t forget that this is Stephen Curry’s signature shoe.  From the Curry 1 to Curry 2.5, as a signature shoe, the Curry shoes  seem look similarity .maybe in the information explosion age, the shoes need to be more unique and special , so that will be  attract more customers.But the Curry 3  just difference compare with the last model.Whether you like it or not, Under Armour curry 3 just change the appearance also the performance is different.


Material :

Under Armour brand  focuses on Stephen Curry himself at present. So the Curry 3 uses the new ThreadborneTM upper, which is a technology that can be explored. The core element of the upper is from paracord of parachute rope material. The ultra-durable fiber of the rope has extremely tough and firm . And the warp-weaving upper provides excellent support with lightweight.otherwise the Curry 2.5 was relies on by TPU .But the Curry 2.5 have more different feeling .


A closer look at Curry 3, the upper is made up of a large number of vertical and horizontal lines. According to the official statement, although paracord is inherently limited in color, but we can check there is no the same  color of  Curry shoes.

The designer said that the delicateness and functionality of the ThreadborneTM fiber itself . Curry 3 creates a more natural fit than Curry 2.5 with thick padding.  it’s the same as Curry. Intimate, but with an unimaginable legacy, the ThreadborneTM upper will not always remind you of its existence, but it does continue to provide solid performance support.



Under Armour has introduced Threadborne into its material arsenal and it’s pretty awesome so far. High tensile threads are used throughout the lateral side of the shoe and provide you with a comfortable fit without sacrificing any support.



For the lace system ,the Curry 3  is more special ,The key point is that the top of the shoelace hole has reinforcement. When you tighten the shoelace of Curry 3, there is a feeling of ready to go.  The kind of excitement that is ready for adrenaline to flow through the body.


Supporting ,

We look at Curry 3 ,  the supporting is amazing ,Plenty of solid support features are used throughout the Curry 3. The exaggerated midsole sculpts into the heel counter while true carbon fiber wings are in place for additional security. Your ankle isn’t going anywhere in these guys so long as you’re wearing your proper size. The curry 2.5 actually nice too .The anafoam used extends from the inside shoe to the heel to protected , we can felt more  soft padding.



The side is called the Meta-Wing Stabilizer. It looks like the wing of an airplane. That is will be great help for the entire support structure. The individual part of the arch is the body.


Traction :

For the Curry 3, I think the traction will be great than the Curry 2.5, though the curry 2.5 is alos nice . but the Curry 3 has more strong grip.Herringbone is utilized once again, and like the Curry models that have come before the 3, traction is beastly.he pattern on the Curry 2.5 was a bit more aggressive than what is used on the 3, but the rubber compound on the 3 is much more tacky in comparison.


Curry 3’s grip is absolutely enough,but the Curry 2.5 is better. I feel a little more improved in the focus area. Perhaps Curry is not explosive.  but I still hopes to have a significant improvement on Curry 4.



Here are more picture as below :


It can be seen that this Charged Cushioning is still used multi-density configuration, and the heel is further strengthened for the suspension. After the actual wear, the overall cushioning feeling  that bring to us is nice , but the response is very balanced and balanced.

Overall, Curry 3 and Curry just have a little difference, but the performance is nice , the  Curry 3  used the Threadborne™material , which more provide the supporting , but the Curry 2.5 material will be more comfortable.