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Air Jordan 30 Wolf Grey Performance Review

Entering the 30th anniversary, Jordan Brand has launched the Jordan XXX that we long awaited. Drawing inspiration from the history of the Michael Jordan Slam Dunk Contest, with a small window with a galaxy print which is being called ‘cosmos’.The chief designer Tinker Hatfield did a great job , it is look so cool .

So how about the performance review?


According to Nike, this symbolizes Michael Jordan being the ‘Big Bang’ and igniting the globalization of basketball.

Protection :

The heel part did a great job.Jordan 30 used the unique and black collar  are created with Flyknit plus one-piece Woven technology to supporting the  ankle protection. After tightening the laces, Jordan XXX provides a fairly stable ankle lock. Of course,  the hidden TPU stabilizer and the locking design of the Achilles  are help a lot , these design  are perfectly meets Tinker Hatfield’s desire to lock the calcaneus. The black knit area still provides a high degree of comfort when locking the ankle, without the discomfort of the foot.

protection rating: 4/5



Just simple looks and pure performance. No more limited editions of any kind. If you want our retros, have at it because we’re going to make so many that resellers won’t make a dime

Cushioning :


Equipped with the FlightSpeed system, Jordan XXX  used  Zoom Air  on the forefoot and Phylon also did a great function .  You can the Zoom barely protrudes but retains a very similar feel to the XX9. I’m not for sure since I sold my XX9s but compared to my M11 and SF3 it is more recessed.Jordan XXX is not the kind of shoes that can feel strong cushioning but during the application process that we can felt a great responsive. For the speed defender, this cushioning is quite enough, but for the restricted area players or more weighter, Jordan XXX’s responsive  have been not enough.

Cushioing rating: 4/5





The materials are not as pliable and soft as last year as they seem to have a little more structure but it’s still flexible and conforming. If the XX9 is a nice dress shirt, the XXX is that same shirt but starched.

Tinker Hatfield re-created a one-piece upper with woven, knit and 3D technology which different the previous one. Putting on Jordan XXX, you can immediately feel that your feet are tightly covered and fully supportive.  It can be said that Jordan XXX has achieved a good balance between covering and comfort.

Material ratting :4.5/5





The traction is nice . Jordan XXX’s grip  and the performance is almost like the Curry One. But on uncleaned or moisture-filled ground, Jordan XXX’s grip is not great.

I only had two 1 hour sessions at the dusty Y but I’m confident these will be excellent on clean floors. Not quite as good as the Hyperrev 16 or Curry Two but pretty damn good. Translucent or not it worked well

Grip rating: 4.5/5

Supporting :

For the supporting , the higher collar actuall great . That higher cut on the medial side slows your ankle down if it’s turning and gives it something to lean on. However the XXX collar is too soft and flexible to do anything. Really no point in this case.

To enhance the fit in the ankle, the XXX has a large heel pillow which can get bunched up and feel a little awkward. but seems it is work.

Overall : I am quite satisfied with the performance of Jordan XXX in actual combat performance. The excellent reactivity of FlightSpeed, the wrapping and the excellent grip are all reasons why Jordan XXX made me fall in love. The heel design with strong locking  is more inclusive, which makes me feel more like a shoe. It shows that Nike is using the Flyknit technology and the Woven technology.