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adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Performance Review


With names like Donovan Mitchell and Kristaps Porzingis rocking the stripes, adidas should have some solid representation league-wide, and these two new designs with Bounce cushion technology ,that is the most exciting news that the adidas Pro Bounce 2018  released . Of course, where there’s a high cut variation, there’s sure to be a low cut version. So there isn’t any surprise that the Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low.

We will check the performance today.


 There isn’t a lot of difference between the two designs other than the fact that the low has a shorter shaft. But there are lots of buyers who still find it difficult to make a choice even with such minimal difference.


The materials are what adidas is calling Forged Mesh. It’s fairly similar to the toe area on the Harden Vol. 2, but the feeling is different.Although they are all the material of mesh,but the performance is different. We can see the sneakers from the forefoot to the instep was the same material,which make the shoe smore durability. The knitted upper is used, which and the heat welded fuse urethane-coated fiber is embedded in the upper, which is the Forgefiber material named by Adidas.

And the most important is  it is not  just more like normal mesh, but there are some areas that are reinforced while other areas are still soft and allow airflow. so the ventilation is amazing .



The heel part section uses a more elastic nylon fiber to provide a more comfortable feeling when in contact with the skin, and because the material’s quick-drying properties also allow the shoe to absorb sweat during exercise. The Pro Bounce 2018 is relatively profile low in terms of the individual design of the shoes. First of all, the white-based design is not  easy too keep clean.






Traction :

The traction not too bad, the friction pattern is excellent for gripping in all directions, especially in the anti-rollover, relying on a few semicircles of the forefoot expansion, the Pro Bounce 2018 can play in the direction of change or some extreme angles which more better of the traction.

The Pro Bounce 2018 Low Basketball Shoe from Adidas seems like a really promising pick. I’d imagine the shoe would make a great choice for high-flying players like point guards.


A huge TPU anti-twist  from the midsole of the shoe help a lot. It can be seen that these shoes are very stable. After all, Adidas has been very fond of anti-torsion function, like the model of Harden or the crazy explosive, including Pro Bounce have adopted a large TPU setting. And in the position of the arch, Pro Bounce’s TPU is more solid, and the actual performance is good.



For fitting :

The size of EUR 44 ‘s weighs about 420g, and the weight of the upper foot is still a bit obvious. Plus the fabric of the shoe itself is not breathable, and the long-term movement of the shoes gives people a feeling of hot.



Supporting ;

Support might not great. Plus, it’s hard to tell if the small reinforced section above the heel cup will be enough to provide sufficient stability to reduce lateral movement of the heel. When it comes to responsiveness though, there really isn’t any difference.



Cushioing :

The adidas Pro Bounce features full-length Bounce cushioning, as its name suggests. Bounce, for those that have yet to try it, is very comfortable.  I think it is more like the Adidas Rose 9 .if you bought it before, maybe you will feeling a lot. If your past experience with adidas basketball products only includes its previous EVA and adiPrene setups then you’re missing out.


Overall , This  shoes amazing ,Fused Mesh Knit upper may not be as good as Primeknit, but the ventilation is nice ,the bounce always the best great , I like the feeling of responsive of the  cushioning.



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Adidas D Rose 7 Performance Review

The adidas D Rose 7 is Derrick Rose’s seventh signature basketball shoe. As we know adidas D Rose 7.Derrick’s hometown is never far from him on and off the court, so his shoes a solar Red  colorway .Additional colorways will follow during fall 2016.It features a mix of Primeknit, Boost cushioning, and herringbone traction.

Brian Foresta, vice president of global design for Adidas basketball ,said his perseverance and passion to rise above every challenge is what makes him special, so we focused on bringing that to life.

So today we will check it .



I am a girl that loved play basketball, Rose 7 is the only shoes that I loved .I’ve been watching it all the time.This pair of shoes I have liked for a long time .I wear it  in the second time, I felt the court feeling is nice , usually it will too large or dont fit for other shoes ,such as the jordans,and  I am think the Jordans will be stiff,maybe  I am not  the stronger and  heavy ,so the Jordan shoes can not work well for the traction and cushion.

I am so lucky that I got this shoes , because of  I missed it many times

Here is the test  that what I played below :

This vibrant “Solar Red” D Rose 7 colorway may be in reference to the Chicago Fire and hints at Derrick’s ability to rise from the ashes, but it will match the Knicks’ uniforms perfectly once the season starts, as the shade is more orange than red. We can’t wait to see D Rose build chemistry with Carmelo, reconnect with Joakim, and legitimately challenge in the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division.


For the material , it used the Primeknit with mesh material, also it feature  engineered mesh backed by nylon ,it is nice and amazing .I like it very much . it is can lockdown the heel very well.And for the material ,the ventilation is nice. I can feel the air through the shoes .

The collar is a neoprene-like material that’s been stuffed with padding ,that part is my favorite. maybe I am not a heavy player, so I need other support when I am running and  jumping , and it fits perfectly and didn’t feel restrictive , despite how high they are.

For the supporting : it is from the neoprene-like material . it will support to  you when you  start out with to the outrigger, torsional springplate, it is perfect for me.

There is the detail and close look.

Outside of the collar are synthetic leather lockdown wings and they’re awesome; they work perfectly and don’t get in the way at all.

For the traction :it is the nice rubber, the grip just so so , if you played in the clear court ,the grip is amazing , but if  you play in outside ,it is just so so.But the clear rubber seems beautiful ……. the girl always like the beautiful things .So the color also attraction by me .




For the cushioning :  full-length Boost midsole for comfort and energy return, that is the Adidas tech as usually ,you know what it is.  The court feeling is nice and perfect ,I try  the CrazyLight Boost 2016 , I feel like the Drose 7  have been a little like 2016 ,  so firm Boost is what you’ll receive. Also it can works and help a lot . However, if you want bouncy Boost then head over to the Crazy Explosive. If you want a low profile, protective setup that offers court few without sacrificing protection then the D Rose 7 is for you. And especially your are not heavy person , it is a perfect shoes ,also it increased lockdown support for a socklike fit and stability.

The lace system is nice and amazing , though it will take some time to adjust.

Overall , it is a perfect shoes for me. The D Rose 7 that are simply amazing. Traction, cushion, and support to be specific. If these are your main concerns as a guard then you may want to consider trying this shoe out. If you have a light person , maybe it is nice for you.