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Adidas NMD R2 CNY Performance Review

Rooted in adidas heritage but designed for the present, the modern streetwear with vintage looks coming again .it is new shoes and new street  style and unrivaled comfort, the R2 is the next chapter in the product line, also it will be good look .For this one , it is  inspired by the Chinese New Year, this edition of the men’s NMD_R2 shoes features pops of red and metallic lace tips.

The most highlight is the part of  heel  emblazoned with the Chinese character “XI,” a traditional New Year blessing meaning “happiness.” Full-length Boost cushioning provides a soft, responsive ride.

Also the insole have patched the Chinese character, means “happiness.”  that is great

It appears that that brand is opting for a simpler white/red colorway with Chinese characters on the heel and insole on this NMD R2 release, whereas the aforementioned Ultra Boost 4.0 boasts a bright orange and black.

The shoe box is a drawer-style, with festive red, three white poles, and the four logos of the Chinese new year characters
Another slight difference is the bronzing clover label.

There  are  a pair of shoes, a printed card with Chinese new year characters



For the cushioning , it used the full length.Also the energy-returning boost™ technology was welcomed by many runners because, for them, it was able to deliver responsive underfoot cushioning.The overall durability of this model was appreciated by those who have tried it.

Why Adidas will used  the ultra boost,when adidas says things like that the Ultra Boost is the ‘greatest running shoe ever’, it might be because of two reasons. The first is genuine chest thumping anchored in the knowledge and pride that they have a stellar thing going with the Boost foam. Similar to how our friend on Oregon’s rocky shore felt, and hence the former analogy.

The second could be synthetic (and intentional) trumpet blowing, meant to allay the angst of shareholders who want adidas to perform better both on the Wall Street and North America.


The insole is not the kind of exposed boss outsole with holes, is a whole piece of red suede material, and then stamped with a double happiness sign.Also the Chinese character have been attracted by us .

Then the outside is a mesh material and the inside is a small piece of gray suede, for the supporting .


For the traction :  Adidas used the Energy Boost which has gained popularity over the years.

The Energy Boost works great as a high mileage trainer due to the fact that the Boost Midsole is bolstered on top by a harder EVA foam which reduces the unstable feel of so much Boost material.So the runner will  be comfortable.Adidas uses a thin layer of Continental tire rubber on the outsole of the shoe to increase grip and to protect the Boost midsole. if you are a runner, this is the best choice , because the boost tech are amazing .


For the material: it used the Primeknit stretch mesh , it is a kind of lightweight material , if you wear the Jordan sneaker ,you will be  feels heavy, obnoxiously large.This is how I feel about the Jordans shoes ,but for the Adidas,  there are a lot of runner  will buy this one.After several months of attempting to run in this shoe I’ve decided that Adidas combined two of its most sought after materials, Boost midsole and their new prime knit upper, with a cheep plastic chassis and heel cup which feels sloppy and poor fitting.then the ventilation  is  pretty good .

Here are some detail as below:

Keep the primeknit material but increase breathability and customize fit by only placing in areas around the toe box and fusing the rest of the shoe together with a more traditional mesh.

The external heel counter was lauded by a user because it kept their heel in place and prevented it from wobbling or accidentally exiting the shoe.

Keep the Boost Midsole but buffer it with Adiprene that provides structure and responsiveness.

But for some who noticed that the nubs underneath the sole wore off easily and caused the outsole to lose its traction and grip.

Overall,the Chinese New Year version of the 3.0  is the newest one  and it for the Chinese year , I guess there’re a lot of Chinese fans will buy it . also the traction , material and midsole is amazing .