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Nike LeBron 16 Performance Review

As the news said LeBron  return to Cleveland to his latest decision to leave Cleveland again. Petrie has witnessed LeBron mature not only as a basketball player, but also as a person.At this stage in LeBron’s career, he’s still pushing the design team to uncharted waters as well. In this current political climate, using sneakers to also make a statement is something Petrie and LeBron are exploring and want to do more of.

So what is performance of LeBron this year ? We will look at and checked it closely.

A game-worn pair of the LeBron 15 “Equality” is now sitting in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture.Then the  Nike LeBron 16 is ready to be unleashed once again in a familiar color concept that should have sneakerheads and LeBron fans in a frenzy.

For the color way , there is one color of  “Fresh Bred” (the black/red), King, “SFG”, “20-20”, and “I Promise” all play a role in the composition of this audacious colorway, all while emphasizing the notion of LeBron James playing all five positions on the court. it is look amazing and cool, for me , I like the Black much.

For the material : The shoe upper  used Battleknit 2.0 technology, the fabric strength is further durability and lightweight.Jason Petrie and the Nike basketball shoe team know that every model of the LEBRON series requires innovative technology. On the new LeBron 16, the change comes from  upper material  technology.Jason Petrie said that Nike’s upper material technology team are genius.  They are really masters of mathematics, creating a new woven material for LeBron 16, which is not only strong enough to be able to provide LeBron James, it also successfully simplifies all the extra levels that may affect LeBron James’ speed.


The LeBron 16 features Battleknit 2.0 technology, it is an upgraded version of the technology on the LEBRON 15. This weave of material increases the tensile strength (this is a key improvement in absorbing the impact of LeBron James on the field) and it  is quite elegantly matched to LeBron James’ current style.


Another  feature of the LeBron 16 is its height. At LeBron James’s request, Jason Petrie designed the LeBron 16’s shoe to a lower level, which allowed LeBron James to move more freely.

LeBron James said  that the first thing they want is to make the shoes a little lower, because of the LeBronwant to be a little faster, the feet are closer to the floor, and it will be more energetic.Jason Petrie and his team added a new leather tongue to the LeBron 16 that allows the foot to slip into the shoe more smoothly and offers more styling options.

For the traction:

The LEBRON 15’s Max Air has been upgrade to meet needs of LeBron James. LeBron James loves the cushioning system on the last year’s shoes, so this year we are committed to making it better. In addition, we have removed the connection between the forefoot and the air cushion and replaced it. It is a bracket structure that reduces the weight of the shoe and provides extra support.


Nike and Petrie will certainly have a lot of opportunities to do that this NBA season as the league opened up its rules regarding sneaker colorways. Upcoming colorways and makeups of the LeBron 16 between fall and Christmas will center around key touchpoints in LeBron’s life and career.

For the cushioning :

It is a brand new Air bag that we built specifically for LeBron [last year] and he loved it. What we didn’t want to do was necessarily go away from it, because this was a great system for him.For me ,it is really great. the Air bag will be more responsive and we can feel a lot feedback. it is really will be better than the LeBron 15.lebron 16 removed the connection between the forefoot and the air cushion and replaced it.

For the supporting : The supporting is amazing ,it is followed the last model that what I felt .But seems add the leather material to provide more supporting .Also the lion patchwork is amazing too .


Overall, the Lebron 16 was amazing ,it was upgrade compare with the last LEBRON 15.The great cushioning and supporting , also the material .

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