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Nike Air Force 1 Jester , Is It Broken ?

I guess that everyone must know Air Force 1, and maybe you have one this kind of shoes in your closet. Yes,Air Force 1 have been released 35 years so far.In addition, the Nike  made a special plan to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the of Air Force 1, which made the shoes with clear and trendy attributes once again ,also Air Force 1 has been most popular since anniversary  than.In order to commemorate the Nike brand  “Just Do It”, no matter which color for this series Air Force 1 Low, once again ignited everyone’s desire for Air Force 1. However, when we are browsing the Air Force 1 , we also find a maverick existence ,the special one .Please check as below :



Yes ,this Air Force seems not complete , or it just like wrong products , because of the classic Swoosh Logo is not in the right  position which in the traditional shoes, but is sewn between the upper and the midsole, which is quite eye-catching in many shoes. But just when everyone hasn’t attention for this designer, this kind of shoes has not only launched a number of different colors, but also gradually appeared on the feet of many people, and let more people feel the charm of this unique design.


We can see the shoes clearly for this design, moving  the traditional Swoosh Logo down, use a double-layer shoe block on the heel and sew the brand label design, officially the current popular deconstruction design concept, so this is a pair of classic products based on the popular The new single product produced by the design method, but also specifically for women, can be said to have have new styles and design compare with last model.

It is show the Deconstruction. This is not a new vocabulary, but the real origin and the 1960s, proposed by the French philosopher Jacques Derrid. Yes,  your are right, the earliest used for text analysis. The core of deconstruction is that we see a structured text structure. In fact, there is no center, so there is no immutable meaning. Since this idea is a critical inheritance of orthodox principles and standards, that is, the reversal and reconstruction of traditions, thus creating new meanings, so soon this concept of breaking the conventional re-style is popular, and the fashion industry It was also quickly absorbed into this concept.


Deconstruction is designed to reorganize objects by using distortions, splits, etc., so as to highlight the design elements and give more content to the work. But this concept can be widely used and popular in today’s sneaker field, thanks to Virgil Abloh, who has been mentioned many times, and his collaboration with Nike. The “The Ten” series of shoes, which was released last year, uses deconstruction concepts, with unique cuts, exaggerated stitching lines, orange plaques and anti-adhesive plastic straps, all of element make the people felt more refreshing

None of those previous iterations were quite like these two wild versions, with one adding a marbled outsole underneath a blue and orange midsole as well as a creamy Light Bone tumbled leather upper. It is accompanied by an upcoming color scheme that utilizers that same marbled outsole – dressed in blue and white this time around – with a soft pink and yellow midsole as well as a stark black upper. Fans of wild and eccentric shoe designs will love these two creations, as the vibrant color schemes perfectly compliment the haphazard nature of the sneaker.

With the development of the sneaker culture, more and more girls are trying to wear sneakers because they are fashionable and more comfortable, but most of the sneakers are designed by male designers, and many fashion styles transformed from sneakers are in color. On the choice, it is difficult to balance, plus the size of the sneakers, shoes designed for women should be more good.

Behind this project, there are 14 female designers who stand out from the Nike thousand designers team. They have color designers and material experts. The transformation of Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 is unconstrained, they trying to create new shoes beyond their predecessors. The entire design team was divided into two groups, one to rebuild Air Force 1 and the other to remodel Air Jordan 1.



The design team considered the various factors of women first , then come into in different image combinations, then how to link a sports product with fashion trends, and of course, the design elements of the original shoes that inspired by a lot of women . In the end, the product is molded, and the original shoes are based on unprecedented innovation, and the explorer is used to represent the fearless adventure, the Lover advocating pure love, the Sage representing the wise, the Rebel pursuing rebellion, and the Jester representing the special look.



The most special type shoes is Air Force 1 Jester XX and Air Force 1 Rebel XX.The focus of the Air Force 1 Rebel XX is on the heel of the shoe, as the laces of the shoe are placed in this position, and the biggest feature of the AF1 Jester XX is the previously mentioned Swoosh down and double shoe block and the heel brand label.


The focus of the AF1 Rebel XX is on the heel of the shoe, as the laces of the shoe are placed in this position, and the biggest feature of the AF1 Jester XX is the previously mentioned Swoosh down and double shoe block and the heel brand label.


It can bring a relaxed and casual feeling to the wearer. Of course, there is also an immature saying that compared to the classic Air Force 1 style that many girls are familiar with, these shoes seem to have a visually high and leg length .

whatever we have recently seen not only the sale of classic colors such as white red, white black, white and blue, but also the addition of Air Force 1 Jester Hi , although there is no clear time to market. But we can know that these shoes are loved by girls’ sneakers.

At the beginning of the project design, Andy Caine who Nike footwear design director, appointed Georgina James as the leader of the team. “We are diverse, talented and strong” will become the summary of the essence of the series design .


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