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Under Armour Curry 3 Low Dark Horse Performance Review


Before the 2017 star game, UNDER ARMOUR launched the CURRY 3 low-cut shoes for the Warriors Stephen Curry. They are the “DARK HORSE”  that symbolizes Curry’s childhood memories. It marks the first time in his alma mater, DAVIDSON COLLEGE. In the season, he scored 112 “three-pointer”.So this shoes mean he returned New Orleans Stars to regain the “FULL CIRCLE”. Whether it’s for Curry or for his fans, every color scheme is meaningful.

Today will check the performance  of   CURRY 3 LOW DARK HORSE .


This Curry 3 Low colorway looks like it continues the Father to Son theme from the Curry 1 and 2, but the name has now been changed to Dark Horse.Inspired by young Steph’s games of H-O-R-S-E against his dad Dell back in Virginia and his unexpected rise to the top of the NBA, the sneaker features a europa purple upper with rhino grey and pomegranate accents.


CURRY 3 LOW is designed to provide flexibility and lightness in both feet.A dark horse is said to be a candidate or competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds — which perfectly describes Curry’s NBA career. While he is the son of a former NBA player, nobody really expected Curry to succeed, let alone become a back-to-back MVP and NBA Champion.

The UA logo’s of  tongue is also lightweight, reducing the weight of the shoes, and more able to meet the demands of the choice of light and flexible low-shoes athletes.

The outer side of the shoes is woven with blue Threadborne material, and the inner side is a special double fabric material to increase court feeling g. The charged design of the midsole greatly reduces the impact damage of the jump to the foot.

We can see the Curry’s signature showed this is the  third  version  of Curry shoes.


The bottom of the sneakers reads “I CAN DO ALL THINGS”, which means Curry’s spirit.


For the supporting : The supporting is great. most of supporting is from the material .The Curry shoe’s ankle support will be flexible. On average, it is not only suitable for Curry. The general defender believes that it can be accepted. This time, Curry 3 is a relatively straight forward and simple treatment. The upper material around the ankle is soft. But strengthened by the following institutions,also the  heel part improved the supporting .


I like the emergency stop, shifting and other actions to pass people or jump shots. Therefore, the choice of shoes requires lightweight,  flexibility, good  support, braking ability, great cushioning .  I play game with this on , it s actually nice,  I can do what I want to do.


For the traction :

Actually the traction is nice ,  the Under Armour Curry used the  soft traction , but he grip is great, but I played in the clean court at first , so I felt the traction  not too bad .I found that the lateral movement of CURRY 3 LOW is good, plus the excellent grip and support, it does not create the feeling of easy to overturn, and it is a good choice for basketball players who need lateral movement. I need time to test the performance of outside.


For the cushioning :

The Curry 3  low  use the same chassis  cushioning module. The midsole is composed of Charged Cushioning with a carbon fiber version of the heel and midfoot, providing a solid cushioning.



For the material :

The Curry 3 low  upper is made up of a lot of vertical and horizontal woven material. According to the official statement, although paracord has some color restrictions, there are no problems with other woven uppers that make a very colorful upper (the current Curry 3 upper is almost non-repeating) But they feel that the delicateness and functionality of the ThreadborneTM fiber itself can present a singular aesthetic, so it looks like the current appearance.and  the most important is this kind of material have a great ventilation



After playing the shoes for half an hour, I found that  CURRY 3 LOW became softer, so it may be the reason why  the shoes were completely new,  so I felt  more stiff. After a period of  test and play , the bottom performance of CURRY 3 LOW  have a good court feeling ,which  providing a proper cushion for the reaction force of jumping or running, so as not to cause long-term sports injuries for the basketball player wearing it.

Overall , the Under Armour Curry 3 is great shoe.CURRY 3 LOW offers a good choice for basketball players who demand speed and dexterity. On the one hand, the low-barrel and lightweight design gives the athletes more and more flexible; on the other hand, they also work hard on the design of the brake function, providing the athletes with better ability to change direction; the most important is this shoes  have a lightweight while also meeting the requirements of support, stability, coating, buffering capacity, etc.

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