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Nike LeBron 10 Performance Review

LeBron 10 was the best favorite  sneaker  of LeBron.The Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 10 is perfect for bigger and more explosive players.He often play game with this one .


Here are some pictures as below :


Lebron 10 adopts the design concept  Diamonds –diamond-cut line contours, equipped with a new Flywire technology, and Zoom Max, the strongest cushioning technology in Nike history, and the use of Hyperfuse upper structure. Taking into account the lightness, wear resistance and breathability, it can be said that Lebron 10 is able to provide good wrapping while still being flexible.

Lebron 10’s original 3D sample,  James himself placed Nike Swoosh “in the opposite direction”, so there is a classic anti-hook design of the James series.


For the box ,it is  more special than the  last model  ,the Lebron  logo and special color of shoes.



The Hyperfuse upper of the diamond cutting line is very three-dimensional. The “reverse” placed Swoosh also makes the whole pair of shoes more unique and different. The fuse upper has many small “windows”, which provide more breathable. The hidden ” Flywire” can be seen through the small “window”.



For the lace system actually  just so so.The lace are thick round , which are not tightly. You often have to stop and tie your shoes during play. This is the biggest problem with Lebron 10. Lebron 10 does not have an integrated tongue design. It’s quite convenient, and it doesn’t press the instep at all. I felt a lot for the pressing in my instep when I played   Lebron 13


Zoom Max air cushion used in the Lebron 10 .  It’s almost propelling in the forefoot and is just incredible. There were some minor stability issues along the outrigger


Zoom Air pretty much spans across all sport categories. From Basketball to Running, Football to Tennis. On or off-court, Zoom Air is Nike’s most popular cushion and – in my opinion – it’s best.Zoom Air technology gives runners the benefits of a more responsive and energetic run.  It helps rebound from the road, getting runner’s feet on and off the ground quicker into the next stride.  For me , I felt it’s a great new setup that offers you the best  responsive.



For supporting and protection :

If the Lebron 10 Elite wrapping has a score of 10, the Lebron 10 wrapping  can reach 9 points. The package feels soft and comfortable, the lining is also filled, and the asymmetrical high-top design ensures flexibility. Under the same time, it also gives enough protection.


The Fuse on the Lebron 10 has a relatively thick upper and the toe is also reinforced, so the upper support is also satisfactory. and the most important of the material , it is stiff outside , but the inside will be more softer ,so the materail just give me a lot of supporting .


If you played the KD shoes , you must felt the KD shoes’s torsion was not good , as we know ,the Lebron 10, which also uses the Zoom Max air cushion, is much more stable than the KD9. There is a circle of Phylon wrapped around the Zoom Max air cushion, and a long TPU is embedded in the Phylon edging to stabilize the body, so Lebron 10 , if  you are interested ,  you can try it .


For traction

Because of the use of Zoom Max, although the front of the Lebron 10 is wider, but because the air cushion is flowing, it will not feel stable in the direction of large changes, so Lebron 10 also limits the wearing of the crowd, speed guard Wearing Lebron 10 will be a disaster, and the Crown Logo is a TPU embedded in the sole.


Here are  more pictures as below :



The sole of Lebron 10 also uses the “diamond cutting” concept to cut strips of different sizes of “X” shape. The touch area of the whole sole is also large enough. It is good in indoor wooden floors and outdoor plastic court. The grip performance, but in the comparison test with Lebron 14, Lebron 14 has a better grip than Lebron 10.

The test as above , for me , it is enough .


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