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Air Jordan 32 “UNC” Performance Review

Between the Air Jordan 6 Rings silhouette and the Air Jordan 11 “Win Like” series from late last year, the Jumpman has flaunted MJ’s success numerous times. Now, the Jordan Brand is paying its respects to MJ’s alma mater with an Air Jordan 32 “UNC” that celebrates the Tar Heels six championship rings.

How about the  performance review ? Please check it out .


The  UNC won the National Championship are represented by make-shift rings that line the sneaker’s spine. While Jordan was obviously not present for all six titles, his 1982 team receives a bit of special treatment, as that year is dressed in gold, while the rest are silver.


The “UNC” color is look  fresh.Especially in summer,it  is look cool .The traction is made of translucent rubber. The pattern of the outsole is a fishbone pattern with Roman numerals and the official font “XXXII”.

The outsole  function is nice ,the grip  will be better than the Air Jordan 31.Dust only affected performance in a minor way; infrequent wiping was needed on a less than desirable court. If you play on a clean court, or at least one that is properly refinished once a year, you’re going to get a tacky experience that bites when you need it most.



The Air Jordan 32 is equipped with  Zoom Air for both the high and low types shoes , also the Air Jordan 32 used the FlightSpeed Technology (a TPU between the air cushion and the insole).But the front and back soles belong to different configurations, which directly affect the sense of foot and cushioning. The forefoot part can easily feel the softness of Zoom Air; as for the back midsole , the Zoom Air is separated by a layer of midsole. So the cushioning court feeling is great according the feet.though we can feel the forefoot will be more stiff. If you are more weight ,maybe this one will be your best choice.

After playing in both the mid and low version of the Air Jordan 32, the Lows seem to uses better rubber overall. But this one will be better than low one , the heel part will be provide the good protection.


The Air Jordan 32’s midsole design is more thick, which makes the court feeling  just so so, but with the FlightSpeed Plate, the reaction speed of the forefoot Zoom Air can be improved, and the Zoom Air configuration is closer to the insole, so we can  feels the sole will be too soft. also the setting will be easy to improved the strength of the foot .

Material :

If you have experienced the soft or stiff  of  Flyknit uppers of Nike,and theses shoes  can’t satisfy you, then you should try Fly Jordan’s Air Jordan 32.

Although the Air Jordan 32’s upper is called “Flyknit”, the actual material is a bit like “Flyweave” + “Flyknit”. The texture is thinner than Flyweave but not as soft as KD10 and 11 Flyknit,  it is will be not soft too much ,it is just right. Then the forefoot setting  is even better.The most important is the shoes can be lockdown your feet well but not too much pressure.

Here is more details as the picture .

The Air Jordan logo as the tongue.

The heel part have a firm foam including that protection the feet .

Supporting :

Some of supporting is from the material.The Air Jordan 32’s Flyknit upper  used the different setting , the outside or the heel part just used the stiff material with  a stronger . it is will be more wrapping. In addition, the Air Jordan 32 with midsole  that a little upwardly extending  also enhances the ability to support both feet.When you do a change or rush, this setting “scratch your feet.” so it will protect  your feet.


In addition to the SpeedSpeed Plate, the midsole has a carbon fiber stabilizer and the Outrigger on the outside of the forefoot. The support stability of the entire chassis is very stable.


Air Jordan 32’s ankle support is mainly from the foam of the tongue, the collar and the heel, which provides the surrounding wrap.

And  the high version is not much different from the low version.  In fact, the outer material of the ankle (leather + suede) is not very close to the shoes .


For the weight, the right foot weighs 453 grams on one foot. I am a little surprised to see the number displayed on the electronic scale. Because the Air Jordan 32 is actually lightweight .

Overall ,The Air Jordan 32 actually great for the nice material and the great cushioning, Flyknit texture is comfortable , also the supporting is great too.


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