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Air Jordan 32 Performance Review

The Air Jordan 32, aka the Air Jordan XXXII, is the thirty-second Air Jordan sneaker in the historic legacy.Then the Air Jordan 32  is popular  in the  sneaker world , there are a lot  of reasons, maybe the material ,the design , or the colorway. so we will check it today .

“We start with athlete insights at the heart of everything we do,” says Jordan Brand VP of Design David Creech.  So the Air Jordan II’s luxury leathers, textures and shaping most evidently express craft.

Inspired by the Air Jordan 14, which will also be returning this year. This Air Jordan 32 includes the Ferrari-style Jumpman branding on the tongue, along with textured leather on the heels.

For the material , this material is nice , I like this part, more flexible than any previous Jordan upper, the XXXII’s knit structure reduces stiffness at the forefoot and modernizes the moccasin-like toe box of the Jordan II.Certain areas are very tightly knitted while others offer some stretch. The areas that do stretch are still extremely thick so you’re getting the most out of the material.For me ,because of the heel area features synthetic leather or suede, it is a little stiff.but it can protect the toe and there are enough room for the moved inside . that is great.

For the traction : it  used an altered herringbone, actually the grip is great.I played  it in the inside court and outside ,  though it different court , but the traction work well. if you play inside , the grip will be great, but for the outside court, the traction will be easy to collect the  dusty .If you play on a clean court, or at least one that is properly refinished once a year, you’re going to get a tacky experience that bites when you need it most.


For the cushioning :It used the full length unlocked zoom air which unlocked variety whereas the heel is bottom-loaded. And  because heel and forefoot segmented Zoom Air returns ,that is the first time used this  since the Air Jordan XX8. You can feel the Zoom when you place enough pressure on the forefoot; it feels nice and it gives you the feeling that it springs into action as you need it rather than it lingering around while you may not be in need of the cushion.  but for the light weight , it is a huge challenge,For me, this setup feels more balanced than unlocked setups in the past.

My ankle was hurt before , so I will choose the shoes more protection . It is with the foam and thickness ,so my ankle will be protect when running or jumping .The the TPU design of the heel which give the heel more protection, but I can feel it is stiff  of the heel parts .so the designer  extend the part of TPU to make it up .

However the TPU material is too stiff,if the process of breakthrough quickly , or if it is disguised, the ankle  will be painful and heavy.

The XXXII is a great combination of performance and style. The way I play demands that I have the best performing sneaker on my feet and style is something that is engrained in me as a person and player.It also improves court feel and is aided by a fresh traction pattern, a herringbone formed of a series of almost wiper blade-like shapes.

Overall,   Air Jordan 32, the cushion is nice and the material is stability, but I loved the decoupled heel and forefoot. However, the 32 is stiff at first and a bit heavy. As usual, it all depends on what you want or need out of your basketball shoe. but for me , it is the best choice .

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