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Nike Air Vapor Max Trial Running And Review

Tinker Hatfield designed the first visible Max Air bag after 30 years , Nike has been  revolutionized their staple cushioning system once again, the Nike Air VaporMax, which pays off the full promise of Air — to provide lightweight, consistent cushioning that lasts,shedding weight and maximizing flexibility to create their most comfortable ride and powerful style statement .

Today we are talking about it.

Vapor Max uses the Flyknit upper. We know that the advantage of Flknit is that it is comfortable, breathable and conforms , but the disadvantages are also obvious: I can not feel the support. In order to make this shoe not completely soft, Nike deliberately joined the Flywire  technology.

Air units had to be insulated by a secondary rubber layer for protection and improved durability, new innovation allows designers to incorporate the Air and exterior layer into one holistic VaporMax Air unit.

For the material :The Nike Vapormax has very similar upper to the Nike Flyknit Racer.For this material , it is lightweight, and  superb breathability from starting from the toe box , but the knit actually gets tighter as it goes towards the heel area, where the knit pattern become super tight ,also the  thick Fuse layer makes me feel the extra heel cap .

The upper is soft and comfortable , I always a s a big fan of running , and  I has been a high required for the material , it just so  light material – but the Vapormax is a whole new level. When you lace them up, the upper hugs your foot nicely and gives you that awesome. also I can running  well when I played it

For the cushioning :

For the weight , it is light, Nike as whole prides itself on producing lightweight yet durable shoes ,and the Vapormax is no exception. It weighs in ate a measly 7 ounces which is about  as alight as you can get  running shoes. It lighter creases an extremely comfortable and light , so we can running well .Breathability and lightweight, thats the best advantages of the shoes .


The shoe mark is directly attached to the insole. Of course, if you do not care about the shoe mark, you may cut it out. Even if you don’t cut it, if you change your insole, your shoes’ mark will be gone.

The bottom layer of the insole seems to be hot melted and has some support.

New innovation allows designers to incorporate the Air and exterior layer into one holistic VaporMax Air unit

Vapormax used Air units  where it’s most effective. In addition, the forefoot Air units are smaller than the heel units, so you’re getting more impact protection in the heel and less in forefoot. Although, when I first started walking around this shoe, it took me a little bit of time to get used to it because certain parts of the outsole felt really unstable, especially the medial side of heel area.

From the point of view of the structure of the sole, the air cushion is divided into two parts that support plate . Generally, the shoes will be used the TPU and carbon plate. This seam made me worry about the support of the arch of the foot.

The heel of the shoe have been TPU cup. Only one layer of fabric is strengthened. This also reduces the weight of the shoes and it is more comfortable, but the support and protection are relatively weak.

Here are some details of test.

For the air units ,it placing the upper directly on the VaporMax Air unit, a pillowy sensation and greater energy response are produced.

The shoe’s mouth and tongue have a very good elasticity, it is very easy to put on and take off. Flyjnit’s upper brings a comfortable court feeling  and the wripping is just right. For the foot type, I have a comfortable upper foot. Impeccable. If the foot is fat, it may be a bit tight, but because the upper is soft, it won’t be enough.

what does this notch do anyway? It locks down on the foot instep better, hence minimizing tongue slide if not eliminating it. The laces are nice. They’re the flat kind which are quick to cinch. However, because of the minimal tongue and the Flywire, the lacing pressure is felt through the thinness of the material.

Just put on this running shoes, I need a certain  time to adapt it  , because of the bounce cushionig , a huge deformation makes the rebound look a bit . The rhythm to adapt to the lack of sensitive force feedback, which makes me start to run a sense of bounce, but after a thousand kilometers, gradually adapt to this rhythm, run up and become relaxed and natural, because the rebound is so gentle, the knee is particularly comfortable .

Overall, Nike made a huge step forward in the process to compete with the adidas main model.  If Nike will fix some of the issues with that “Revolutionary” Air cushion with Adidas UltraBoost,I feel VaporMax  will be better then UltraBoost .

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